Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

LA influencer who moved to Bali and amassed 236K followers by posting about her idyllic lifestyle is forced to abandon her dreams and move in with her parents amid COVID-19 pandemic

***EXCLUSIVE*** HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA: END OF AN ERA: Coronavirus could be the beginning of THE END for travel influencers after a woman who once took showers with ELEPHANTS and posted videos with EIGHTEEN-MILLION views is forced to put her dreams on hold and move back in with her PARENTS. Entrepreneur and marketing consultant, Kendall Fuhrman (24) from Huntington Beach, California, USA, landed a respectable job as a director of marketing immediately following her university graduation. However, just a few months later, the business-savvy millennial quit her job and headed to Bali, Indonesia. Since then, Kendall?s TikTok posts of her new Indonesian lifestyle have garnered over 18 million views. From swinging several hundred feet above Bali?s famous rice terraces, to showering with elephants, to swimming with dolphins ? Kendall?s Bali adventure is a far cry from her previous nine-to-five office job. That?s not all though. Kendall has also visited New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Hawaii, Santorini, Botswana, and Paris. Whilst her lifestyle may seem luxurious and the subject of intense envy, Kendall claims that isn?t the case at all. Rent on a villa costs Kendall just Ł243 ($300) a month. Alternatively, a night in a stunning hotel would set you back by just Ł16 ($20). Kendall?s newest business venture - Dreamer and Doers Club - aims to promote this kind of entrepreneurial thinking in other young women. However, Kendall is currently back home in California as the COVID-19 outbreak has put a halt on her new lifestyle. The Bali dream has temporarily ended but Kendall is using the downtime to relax, read, and develop her brand. Travelling may no longer be on the cards, but Kendall still hopes to inspire others through this new venture and age of influencing.

Puppy love! Inseparable retrievers are captured snuggling under the same blanket and watching the sunset together in heartwarming photos

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: POOCH BESTIES will make your heart melt in these ADORABLE snaps. These two golden retrievers looked almost human when they were captured hugging each other, going for burgers and sailing a boat. Another image shows a white fur Watson (5) and golden-brown coated Kiko (8) snuggling up together like peas-in-a-pod. Despite still being a puppy when he first met his adopted-brother in June 2015, Watson befriended the adult rescue dog Kiko and has not stopped hugging him since. The canines live with professional photographer Jennifer Medrano (26), from Spokane, USA. The Mexican-born doggy Mum is currently helping older dog Kiko through cancer, after a tumour led to a recent life-saving amputation for the tripawd - an heart-warming name for the three-legged boy.

Inside the cannibal Matses tribe in the Amazon who used eat their own dead relatives ‘to absorb their spirits’

***EXCLUSIVE*** PERU: PHOTOGRAPHER captures the tribe where women wear WHISKERS and members EAT deceased RELATIVES. Founder of Mzungu Expeditions travel bureau, Alexey Kolbov (38), from Moscow, Russia, was travelling along the Galves river, near Buen Peru Village, Peru, when he captured these incredible photographs of the Matses tribe. The women of this ancient Amazonian tribe are recognisable thanks to their unique whiskers and facial tattoos. Photographs taken by Alexey showcase these whiskers ? known as ?demuzh.? Thin fibres of palm leaf are inserted into the nose. Matses women can have up to ten of these on each side of the face and these adornments are considered beautiful. Other photographs show the faces of the Matses children covered in red paint ? thought to provide the wearer with strength. This unique look also prevents Matses tribespeople from being kidnapped by other tribes ? something that is common in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Alexey spent two days travelling to the remote village - spending around eight days with the Matses tribe ? and was made to feel incredibly welcome. Despite the occasional tourist visit, the Matses tribe have been able to largely maintain their traditional ways. They light their homes using kopar ? a form of tar. It is only ceremonial cannibalism which has fallen out of practice in the 21st century. This ancient ceremony allowed the tribe to absorb the spirits of their ancestors.

Inside the abandoned Florida water park once used to film Tarzan and Thunderball

***EXCLUSIVE*** EERIE images have revealed the abandoned remains of a water park where Hollywood classics such as Tarzan and Creature from the Black Lagoon were filmed. The haunting pictures show the huge slides with leaves now running down them rather than water, the empty pools where nature has taken over and kids play areas. Other striking shots show the turnstiles people would have once been going through, a lonely rubber ring floating on filthy water and brightly painted buildings. The eerie photographs were taken at Wild Waters Water Park in Silver Springs, Florida, by an urban explorer known as Abandoned Southeast.

Photographer spends four years capturing guys with better beards than us

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRILLIANT BEARDS! Globetrotting photographer spends FOUR YEARS tracking down the world’s ORIGINAL HIPSTERS. From 2015 to 2019, photographer, Roberto Pazzi (46), from Milan, Italy, travelled across the globe to create this eclectic series of portraits capturing some of the world’s first hipsters. One photograph shows an impressively wide moustache. Another depicts a beard that has been dyed orange. These extraordinary beards made a statement long before it was trendy to do so. Roberto was intrigued by the connotations of the beard. Now a millennial fashion statement, the beard is traditionally associated with elders, philosophers, and artists. In this unique series of photographs, Roberto sought to tell a story through facial hair alone. Originally from Italy, Roberto now resides in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. However, the travel enthusiast’s globetrotting search for unique facial hair has taken him to Iran, Nepal, and India.

I always struggled to lose weight…until I shed 7st by dancing around the house

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who weighed a whopping 10st at the age of 10 has finally beaten the bulge by DANCING herself slim. Fed up of being the 'fat friend' and mortified by her prom picture, Trinity Wills, 20, vowed to slim down and took to dancing to shimmy and shake away the pounds. Trinity was double the average weight for a child of her age at 10 - and her size spiralled further out of control as she got older. It wasn't long before Trinity was tipping the scales at 17st  2lbs and struggling to squeeze into a size 22.

Wouldn’t mind spending lockdown in here! Stunning mansion boasting its own cinema, bowling alley, two swimming pools, tennis court, gym and spa goes on sale for £30m

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHIDDINGFOLD, SURREY, UK: NEVER GET BORED in lockdown with this THIRTY-MILLION-POUND mansion – complete with its own bowling alley, cinema and gym. You’d never complain about being in lockdown again in this perfect property as its leisure facilities include a double height party room, games room, two-lane bowling alley, home cinema, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, steam room and sauna, tennis court, gym and spa treatment room – all to keep you occupied through self-isolation. The property, which is called Sydenhurst, in Chiddingfold, Surrey, UK, is currently on the market with House Partnership for Ł30 million and includes nine luxury bedroom suites. You certainly wouldn’t struggle keeping two metres apart in this beautiful home as it spans nearly 27,000 sq. ft. Despite its size, washing your hands frequently won’t be a problem either as you’re never too far away from one of the mansion’s 20 bathrooms and en-suites. As soon as you step foot inside this imposing build, you get a feel for the size. A grand staircase rising from ornate marble flooring greets you as you walk in, with doors from the entrance reception hall to the dining room, drawing room, study, library, feature wine cellar, and a bespoke open-plan family kitchen all adjoining. Near to the village of Chiddingfold, about 40 miles from London, the massive mansion’s gorgeous grounds feature two self-contained cottages suitable for staff, garaging, parkland, a lake, and planning for stables – just in case you travelled by horse as the four garage spots were already full.

Residents catch crocodiles that eat humans in Indonesia

Siak, Riau, Indonesia: Residents cut the stomach of the crocodile by finding pieces of a fisherman's body at eluk Lanus Village, Siak, Riau Province, Indonesia. A fisherman on Saturday on April 25, 2020 reportedly went missing after looking for shrimp in the Siak river, then residents searched for lost fishermen and found a foot cut not far from a crocodile. Residents capture the buay and open its stomach which contains humans.

Life on board Titanic's sister vessel revealed: Unseen pictures from the colossal 48,000-tonne hospital ship HMHS Britannic before she hit a mine in the Aegean Sea becoming the largest vessel to be sunk in WWI

***EXCLUSIVE*** THE FATE of the Titanic’s sister the HMHS Britannic hospital ship which was the largest vessel sunk in WW1 has been revealed in a new book. Fascinating never-before-seen pictures show crew, including nurses, aboard the doomed hospital ship right up until her final voyage – which killed 30 people. Amazingly, of the 1,065 on board, 1,035 were rescued from the water and the whopping 48,158 tonne ship went down in history as the largest ship lost in the First World War - and the largest ocean liner ever sunk. Other pictures show the ocean liner under construction, as well as just after her launch – and the ship while in service, right up until she sank and shots of the wreckage. The colossal ship, with a capacity of 3,309 people, sank on November 21, 1916 after hitting a mine near Kea in the Aegean Sea. The third and final ship in her class, the HMHS Britannic often sits in the shadow of her two, more famous, fleet mates; the RMS Olympic and the RMS Titanic but was built for the same purpose – as a transatlantic passenger liner. Instead, Britannic embarked on her maiden voyage in 1915 as a hospital ship and became instrumental in saving the lives of thousands of injured and sick troops and helped bring them back to Britain from the Mediterranean. The shots are included in Simon Mills’ new book The Unseen Britannic: The Ship in Rare Illustrations, a bringing together of previously unseen material, including stunning colour images of Britannic’s wreck in the Aegean Sea. It is published by The History Press Ltd. The book also tells the tales of the crew members that would have been aboard the vessel when it was operating as a hospital ship. One of them would have been Captain Charles Alfred Bartlett who, at the age of 43, would have been one of the most experienced skippers working for the White Star Line – the company that owned the HMHS Britannic. Captain Bartlett also oversaw the fitting out of the Titanic.