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Katy Perry's wildest costumes through the years

If looks could kill (99% of germs, that is), Katy Perry would surely slay. The pop star recently filmed "American Idol" from home while wearing a "music sanitizer" outfit that proved just how dedicated she is to staying safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, her "clean couture" is far from the only wacky costume Perry's worn.

Perry planted the seed for her obsession with wild style early on, experimenting with out-there outfits like this watermelon romper from 2008.

By 2010, Perry moved away from fruit and towards nuts. Nutcrackers, that is.

Wonder if this 2010 getup got a frosty reception from the crowd?

This admission stub dress was just the ticket for the 2010 MTV EMAs red carpet.

Perry picked this record-shattering look for the 2011 VMAs.

This Flamin' Hot Cheeto 'fit from 2014 must have had Perry licking her fingers all night long.

Perry proved just how much of a "California Gurl" she is with this beach ball-themed look for the 2015 Super Bowl.

Her halftime performance also featured this look, which fans agreed was fire.

This basketball corset was a slam dunk at the 2017 VMAs.

Perry certainly knows how to light up a room. This Moschino chandelier dress raised eyebrows and electric bills at the 2019 Met Gala.

So lettuce celebrate Katy Perry's eccentric fashion choices. They've even been known to squash beef!