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Woman, 29, who lives in a van reveals she hasn't been able to shower for more than TWO WEEKS after public wash spaces were shut down as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

***EXCLUSIVE*** KINGSTON, ONTARIO, CANADA: WOMAN living in a van admits she had to give up SHOWERING after pandemic closed down all public spaces. Freelance commercial photographer and videographer, Nikki Bigger (29) from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, first fell in love with van life when she moved to New Zealand in November 2015 where she lived in a van for two years before moving back to Canada when her visa ran out. During this time, Nikki fell in love with the freedom of van life and found the minimalistic lifestyle with less focus on materialistic belongings liberating. When Nikki returned to Canada in 2018, she spent a few years feeling uncertain of what the future would hold but knew she would be happier if she could live in a van full time and travel around her home country. So in, March 2019, Nikki bought a Ford Transit 250 van for Ł19,556 (34,000 CAD) which she was able to spread across monthly payments and after three months of planning she spent just 30 days and Ł9,203 (16,000 CAD) converting it into a permanent home on wheels complete with a beautiful fully functioning kitchen, bed, electricity and generous workspace, with the help of her family. Nikki lives in her van and is currently based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Nikki admits that her life has been impacted more than expected with gyms being closed so she can't have shower, and not being able to use outside space as much as she would like to. Nikki shares her van life adventures on Instagram where she has 23.4K followers, she explained how coronavirus has affected her and shared her advice to others who might be curious about van life.

Reefer madness: ridiculous anti-marijuana propaganda from the 1930s

***EXCLUSIVE*** CRAZY orgies, conversations with Satan and permanent INSANITY. These are the calamities that could befall CANNABIS users Ð according to anti-marijuana propaganda in the early 20th century. As the month of 4/20 comes to an end, shocking anti-marijuana adverts have surfaced with their zany claims of what can happen to weed smokers. 4/20 is synonymous with cannabis culture and the month of April, 2020 was supposed to be a celebration of the hemp plant across America and the rest of the world Ð before it was hugely curtailed due to the covid-19 pandemic. But outlandish posters from the early 20th century have re-emerged from a time when the U.S administration was actively demonising marijuana Ð a far cry from the relaxed attitude that the modern day United States holds.

Ten years of Beijing blockbusters, each is a top screensaver

Beijing, China: A photographer spent 10 years photographing the capital, each one a top screensaver. The imperial palace in Beijing is the imperial palace of the Ming and qing dynasties, formerly known as the Forbidden City. The Ming tombs are located at the foot of tianshou mountain, changping district, Beijing, covering an area of 120 square kilometers. The Ming tombs are located in a small basin surrounded by mountains on its east, west and north sides. Wanli Great Wall, but still our mutianyu Great Wall is the most beautiful. Throughout the year, there are different scenery, its rolling, like a dragon on the Chinese land. Presumably for some like travel friends, although have been to many places, but do not go to Beijing always have a regret. Almost everyone has a feeling about Beijing, almost everyone wants to go to Beijing for development, even if they can't, they want to have a visit. Located in the southern part of Beijing, the temple of heaven was the place where emperors of the Ming and qing dynasties offered sacrifices to the gods of heaven and earth and prayed for the harvest of grain. The temple of heaven consists of two altars, circular mound and prayer for grain. The old Summer Palace is located in the western suburbs of Beijing, adjacent to the Summer Palace. It is composed of the yuanming, changchun and qichun gardens. When it comes to fragrant hills, we all know the red leaves of fragrant hills.

Chongqing: bring you to experience a different bustling city and quiet countryside

Chongqing, China: Chongqing is a concentrated version of China, chongqing is very big, it is a big city + big countryside, chongqing hierarchy is reflected in several aspects. One is the three-dimensional topography of chongqing. The other is the urban culture of chongqing. Best but enjoy the city and rural prosperity leaves in chongqing, whether city or the countryside, are enjoying the happiness, when we looked around, day light light blue, cloud white white, clear water, mountain green city, here is the heaven, the foothills of the chongqing layer cascade folds, terrace is a mountain and repair, change from yamagata, elevation difference is with slow slope, the shape is not a very rules but also exquisite, beautiful place in the natural level. Chongqing, located in the hinterland of the three gorges reservoir area, is an important ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze river and shoulders the important mission of safeguarding the ecological environment of the three gorges reservoir area and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river. Chongqing municipality divides the whole city into core urban function area, urban function expansion area, new urban development area, northeast chongqing ecological conservation and development area and southeast chongqing ecological protection and development area.