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The amazing shortlisted images in a worldwide architecture photography contest, from jaw-dropping bridges to fairy-tale castles and epic monuments

***EXCLUSIVE*** Build it - and the photographers, with their drones and digital SLRs, will come. These incredible pictures all made the top 50 in a contest called #Architecture2020, run by photo app Agora, which asked photographers to send in snaps of their favourite architectural wonders. In total 10,367 photos were submitted from snappers across the globe, with judges whittling them down to 50 finalists. After that, it was all down to Agora users, who were tasked with selecting the overall winner. And what a bountiful supply of top photography they had to choose from – jaw-dropping images of beautiful bridges in Vietnam and Bristol, mesmerising photos of incredible cityscapes in China and Spain and fairy-tale castles in Italy and Germany, to name but a few.

Coronavirus-hit mum gives birth to ‘magic’ IVF baby six weeks premature in a hospital BEREAVEMENT room

***EXCLUSIVE*** A first-time mum welcomed her „magic” IVF baby while she was suffering with coronavirus - and had to give birth in a BEREAVEMENT room used for stillbirths. Claire Trusson, 37, fell pregnant after having IVF following two years of struggling to start a family with her husband Murray Mitchell, 33. But just weeks before she was due, she started to experience 'cold' symptoms and went into isolation - until she started experiencing contractions. In hospital, medics had to put her in the most isolated room on the ward to keep her away from all others - which turned out to be the bereavement delivery room.

Dinosaur with star-like skull which lived 75million years ago named after David Bowie

***EXCLUSIVE*** A weird dinosaur with a parrot-like beak, bony frills and huge horns has been named after David Bowie. The creature roamed the badlands of Montana 75 million years ago and belonged to the ceratopsians - plant-eaters that included iconic Triceratops Stellasaurus - meaning 'Star lizard' - was as big as a bus, reaching more than 20ft long and weighing over two tons. Palaeontologist Jack Wilson said: "It's a homage to the late David Bowie's hit song 'Starman'.

A heartwrenching picture of Rohingya children queuing for food has won a prestigious international food photography competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Almost 9,000 images - divided between a dozen categories - from over 70 countries around the world were whittled down by judges for the annual Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year awards. The overall winning shot titled After Exodus by Bangladeshi photographer KM Asad, was taken in the vast Rohingya refugee camp which is home to more than one million people in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. It also won the Politics of Food category. Other category winners included luscious shots of prepared food, beehives out in the field, rustic wine sampling and stacked-up frozen fish taken on a mobile phone. Fisherman casting their nets on a lake for their morning catch in Myanmar by Zay Yar Lin bagged the Bringing Home the Harvest category, with a honeycomb surrounded by bees in China declared the winner for Xiaodong Sun in the Food in the Field.

Pensioner, 72, finishes three-month row across Atlantic Ocean after a bit of help

***EXCLUSIVE*** Graham Walters, 72, left Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, on January 25, and is due to arrive in English Harbour, Antigua, this morning (29/04) after rowing 2,600 miles. He knows little of the fight with coronavirus which has consumed the world's population, and has been 'relatively' safe and isolated on his one-person boat, Great Geary. Graham has faced his own battles during his 105 day journey - including suffering a major leak and injuring his knew when a massive wave knocked him off his feet.

Football mad dad finally finishes Panini sticker album 41 years after starting collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** A football mad dad has finally completed his Panini sticker book with help from his thoughtful daughter - 41 years after he first started it. John Moore, 52, was only 12 when he started collecting cards in the school playground and very nearly finished the annual. The Spurs fan had to collect 594 stickers of football players from the English first and second division and Scottish premier division from 1979 - but was 11 short. John, from Chigwell, Essex had forgotten about the project until he was looking through his old football memorabilia in the loft to show his daughter last month. When sports journalist Lauren, 22, saw he had a few cards missing, she decided to help him fill the book during lockdown. It took Lauren a month to track down all the missing cards online and she had to buy other people's cards who had been stuck down in their own books. Eventually she got them all together and surprised her dad with the sweet gesture last Saturday (25 April).

Hundred million-year-old 'river monster' with a powerful fin-like tail is discovered in the Sahara

***EXCLUSIVE*** A real life Godzilla that hunted prey on land and in the sea was the most terrifying creature that ever lived, say scientists. The first ever evidence of a dinosaur which swam, lived and hunted underwater has been discovered in the now-barren wilderness of the Saharan desert. But 100 million years ago this region would have been a lush oasis interspersed with rivers and waterways teeming with life. And lurking beneath the surface, sitting atop the entire food chain, was a fearsome aquatic dinosaur.  The river monster — called Spinosaurus aegyptiacus — powered through the water with a fin-like tail and captured slippery prey with six-inch long conical teeth. Spinosaurus was a cross between T Rex, a Great White Shark and a crocodile. It had a paddle-like tail and a bony sail like structure on its back that propelled it through water at incredible speed. It weighed up to 20 tonnes and reached 50ft in length. Today, only some species of whale are bigger.

This adorable footage shows the moment a cat decided to give her best friend - an expectant ewe - a MASSAGE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scampi the cat grew up with Popcorn the sheep and often pops by for cuddles.  The mischievous moggy follows her owner, shepherdess Rachel Challoner, when she checks on the sheep in the field.

A grandfather nicknamed 'Gnomey' is raising money for charity by walking round his garden dressed as a gnome

***EXCLUSIVE*** A grandfather nicknamed 'Gnomey' is raising money for charity by walking round his garden dressed as a gnome. Alan Harper, 76, is 'shielding' during the lockdown due to having Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) - but is getting dressed up in a pointy red hat, a blue jacket and black wellies every day to resemble a garden gnome. His wife, Janet, 73, puts lipstick on his cheeks and nose and made the cone hat from scratch. Grandfather-of-one Alan is not allowed to leave his house or garden, in Crook of Devon in Kinross-shire, so is walking around his garden 20 times a day, for 20 days - totaling 40 miles.

Aurora borealis and stars above snow covered trees

***EXCLUSIVE*** Trees in a forest are completely covered in snow under a spectacular display of the Northern Lights. The natural phenomenon produced a beautiful green and blue sky above Riisitunturi National Park in Finland. Trees up to 15ft were covered by a white blanket of snow as temperatures at the national park plummeted to -20 degrees Celsius.

A little girl who couldn’t have a birthday party was overjoyed when she received a surprise video call from Cinderella and Moana

***EXCLUSIVE*** Maddie Stewart, three, was feeling bored under lockdown in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. But when she received a call from two of her idols, Cinderella and Disney’s Moana, she was so delighted she ran around the house yelling to her mom and dad, and playing the videos over and over. „We had a big party planned for her birthday, but obviously with COVID-19 that wasn’t possible” said Maddie’s mom Becky Stewart.

A lone explorer at waterfall

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lone explorer pauses to admire a piece of paradise - a waterfall near the Colombia River Gorge, an area famed for its stunning landscapes. The photograph was taken with a remote trigger set up on a camera by test pilot Gerald Macua, 49. Gerald said, "It's actually me in the photo to give a sense of scale. This is when the timer function of the camera becomes quite useful, or remote triggering through the phone app. The Pacific Northwest is known to be quite wet in winter and spring. This gives the area such a green and lush feel, with all the moss on the trees and the nice water flow in the spring when snow starts to melt on the mountains."

Cat with no ears finds loving home and is first to be adopted mid-lockdown

London, United Kingdom: A cat who had to have her ears removed is the first to be adopted from a London animal shelter since lockdown started. Tortoiseshell cat Missy was brought into Battersea Cats & Dogs home in London at the start of February when her owner’s circumstances changed. Shortly after arriving, staff noticed that the three-year-old cat often seemed unhappy and was frequently shaking her head. Battersea’s team of vets ran tests and discovered both her ears contained polyp masses and were severely infected. After exploring all options, vets made the decision to operate on Missy’s ear canals and remove the outside of her ears. Battersea has now started to re-home some of its dogs and cats following Government approved guidance, and Missy was finally able to go to her new home in Lambeth last week.

The discovery of the first near-complete skeleton of a gondwanatherian - a mammal from Madagascar reflects long-term insularity

***EXCLUSIVE*** The finding sheds light on early mammal evolution. The fossil record of mammals of the Mesozoic era (252 to 65 million years ago) from the southern supercontinent Gondwana is much smaller than that of the northern supercontinent Laurasia. One group of mammals known from Gondwana is Gondwanatheria, but these animals were previously represented only by isolated jaws and teeth, and a single skull.