Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A creative dad has managed to make a full-time career out of playing with toys - as he photographs amazing scenes using just toy figures as his subjects

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mitchel Wu, 57, tells amazing stories in just single photographs, with the help of a whole host of familiar toys - from popular Disney and Lord of the Rings characters, to Hasbro's Power Rangers. His action-filled still images show Woody from Toy Story sliding down a bannister, with Buzz Lightyear 'hovering' beside him; and a group of Star Wars Stormtroopers enjoying a beer and a barbeque.

Meet Britain's youngest beekeeper - a Scottish lad who already looks after his own colony aged just FOUR

***EXCLUSIVE*** Oscar Coull first took an interest in the subject last year and now works with his parents and a local community group to nurture his passion. He keeps a diary to track his progress and make a note of his hard work - and even presents what he's learnt to his friends at playgroup. Little Oscar has got all of the gear, making sure to dress up in his protective suit and mask everytime he tends to the hive to stop himself getting stung. With the help of parents Nick and Emily, he is working towards a junior certification - which would officially recognise him as the nation's youngest beekeeper. Oscar is also looking forward to tasting his own honey for the first time later this year - taken from the 12,000-strong hive he has lovingly cared for.

Mexican "gladiators" fight with sewing machines against Corona

Mexico, Torreon: The Mexican wrestler "El hijo del Soberano" (The Son of the Sovereign) shows a face mask that he made in a small workshop against the corona virus. Since Mexican wrestlers are not allowed to fight in the Corona crisis, they have switched to the production of protective masks in the style of the colourful masks of the Lucha Libre - a Mexican version of wrestling.

An adorable feline has been cheering people up during lockdown and winning a multitude of social media fans thanks to his 'dopey' expressions

***EXCLUSIVE*** Quirky Ikiru, who often poses for photos with his tongue sticking out, has gained a huge following online. The three-year-old exotic shorthair has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram - with fans nicknaming him „the blep king”. Attentive owners Rich and Emma Ashby said they „pretty much fell in love with him” the first time they saw him. Rich, 45, and Emma, 41, decided to start the Instagram account two years ago after friends and family kept asking to see pictures of little Ikiru. Now he is making people around the world smile when they are stuck indoors because of coronavirus restrictions. Rich said: „It is great that he has resonated with so many people and just struck a chord.”

SafeTouch's innovative tool minimize human contact

***EXCLUSIVE*** As the world continues to combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, PLEASURES has teamed up with SafeTouch on a timely branded Hygiene Multi-Tool. SafeTouch's innovative tool was born through a series of conversations centered around the public spaces we share. With today's uncertain environment, the Hygiene Multi-Tool looks to minimize human contact and subsequently reducing the chance of spreading of harmful viruses, bacteria and germs. Priced at $28 USD, the SafeTouch x PLEASURES Hygiene Multi-Tool is available now on PLEASURES' website.

Mums up and down the country have been getting creative with the arts and crafts supplies during lockdown and have found an amazing hack for dyeing hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** By simply using cheap tissue paper and a splash of water, creative mothers have been dyeing their daughters hair in rainbow colours, giving them temporary 'mermaid hair'. Pouring boiling water over tissue paper into a bowl causes the colour to run and soaking hair in the water results in the colour transferring to the hair as a temporary dye. The homemade hair hack has been getting shared in Facebook groups and now little girls all across the UK have been sporting brightly coloured hair in lockdown. Emileigh Marley, 10, saw the tissue trick on a YouTube video and begged her mum Sam, 33, to try it out on her blonde locks at their home in Plymouth. Childcare worker Sam said: "I was very worried it would damage her hair, as her hair is so beautiful and light blonde but I researched it a lot online and read a lot of reviews to make sure it was safe and everything seemed positive so thought it was worth a try.