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Engineer, 54, spends 18 years and £15,000 building a RAILWAY to his hillside house so he and his wife won't have to climb 50ft steps when they get older

***EXCLUSIVE*** A train buff concerned about his family's mobility in old age has built a 50ft RAILWAY up a hillside that leads to his home. Engineer Allan Pyne, 54, has spent most of his life working on railways, and so he turned to what he knew when he faced a problem at home. His house is perched on a steep hill - and noticed many neighbours moved when they became too old to tackle the steps to their front door. But Allan was determined to stay and has spent nearly 20 years creating his own railway to make that possible.

The vertical yacht skyscraper for New York City

***EXCLUSIVE*** A designer today revealed extraordinary plans for the world's-first skyscraper inspired by lavish super yachts. The 'Vertical Yacht' is perfect for playboy millionaires and boasts a spectacular ultra-slim exterior designed to 'push the boundaries' of architecture and art. At 1,500ft, the $2 billion (£1.6 billion) golden skyscraper will dominate a skyline and its creators claim it will 'probably be one of the most iconic buildings in the world in the future'. The attention-grabbing plans have been drawn up for Manhattan in New York, USA, where it would become the third tallest building in the city.

Bored staff at a plush country estate have killed the lockdown boredom by marrying a pair - of HORSES

***EXCLUSIVE*** Equine couple Lewis and Fern tied the knot after appearing to grow close during the coronavirus pandemic. Handlers said their relationship had blossomed into "genuine love" and it was the right time for the duo to wed.

Man stunned after finding a seven-inch GECKO in his toilet

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man got the surprise of his life when he went to use the downstairs toilet and found it was occupied - by a gecko. Andy Brown discovered the 7in (18cm) long reptile when he lifted the toilet lid at the family home in Keynsham, Bristol, on Tuesday morning. His wife Elaine said he put the lid "straight back down" and came upstairs to tell her: "Don't use the downstairs toilet, there's a lizard in it."

Chameleon catching a fly with its tongue

***EXCLUSIVE*** A chameleon balances on a plant as it catches a bug with its long and sticky tongue. The reptile used its tail to remain stable as it caught the small fly. The tiny animal was photographed in Bogor, Indonesia by amateur photographer Ajar Setiadi.

Customers queue for the drive thru as the first Burger King reopens

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scores of motorists descended on the first Burger King to be reopened in Britain since lockdown as they rushed to get their hands on fast food last night. Photographs of the Burger King showed huge queues of cars forming outside the chain to take advantage of its lockdown measures loosening. Staff could be seen handing out takeaways in PPE uniform and litter was also dropped on the site. The store in Havant, Hants, became the first to reopen since all fast food stores were shut due to the Covid-19 crisis.