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Mother recreated famous movie and music scenes with her one-year-old daughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mother has used her one-year-old daughter to recreate famous movie scenes including Die Hard and Silence of the Lambs. Jessica Simpson, 32, spends hours making the perfect setting for her shots - including the air duct scene from Bruce Willis' Christmas blockbuster. She uses her daughter, Evie, who is twenty-months-old, to pose as the actors - and the versatile tot can pull off both Uma Thurman and Anthony Hopkins. Jessica, a business manager from Indian Queens, Cornwall, started it as a joke but her family and friends love it, regularly sending her messages asking for the next instalment.

World’s most expensive bed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Swedish luxury bed maker Hästens will launch its luxurious bed called Grand Vividus with world-renowned designer Ferris Rafauli. Owned by fans like Drake, the Grand Vividus sells for $400,000 USD and combines comfort, craftsmanship and luxury. Rafauli, who helped design the Canadian rapper's mansion in Toronto, took inspiration from Hästens's heritage and history as bed and saddle-makers to create a new mattress experience.

Collection of key worker woollen figure

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of lady crafters have created their own delightful woollen tributes to the nation's key workers. They have knitted and crocheted dozens of 12 inch tall figures of 'Covid-19 heroes' to celebrate their work and the 100th birthday of fund-raiser Col Tom Moore. So far members of the 130-strong Secret Society of Hertford Crafters (SSOHC) have created 55 figures.

Mum asked strangers on social media to send her daughter birthday cards - now she’s got more than 250

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum-of-five Roxie Lemar had four premature births, each arriving earlier - her youngest, Angel-Louise Lemar, was born at 26 weeks, weighing just 538 grams. Now the happy three-year-old lives with complex needs - all her feeding is done via a tube, and she is entirely oxygen dependent. Each year, the family treat her birthday as a celebration, and despite lockdown, Roxie wanted it to be no different.  She reached out on Facebook, asking strangers to send her daughter birthday cards - but she didn’t expect to receive more than 250.

Disney unveiled a wide selection of cloth face masks

***EXCLUSIVE*** As the U.S. continues its fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Disney unveiled a wide selection of cloth face masks that feature some of the entertainment most popular characters. Offered in packs of four with sizes in small, medium and large, Disney's cloth face masks follow the FDA's recommendations on non-surgical, non-industrial grade face masks. The selection has a design for everyone &x2014; fans of Star Wars can pick up Baby Yoda and R2-D2.

Video grab of a remarkable moment between a red-eared slider turtle and a young Caribbean manatee calf

***EXCLUSIVE*** Zookeepers and biologists of Royal Burgers' Zoo, Arnhem, the Netherlands, witness a remarkable event in the Caribbean manatee basin this week. A strikingly territorial red-eared slider which was successful in keeping two other turtles at distance some months ago, now tries to impress the young Caribbean manatee calf. The playful young mammal, being much larger than the fanatic reptile, is not impressed at all, which leads to charismatic footage of the interaction between the animals.

Luxury pool table for cool $250,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An American company specialized in creating luxury billiard and ping pong tables, 11 Raven is now offering a special version of its Stealth table built with 14-carat solid gold sheets and black Lucite panels on an aluminium frame, embellished with a series of precious crystals. The pool table comes with an interchangeable table-top allowing it to double as a ping pong table as well as a dining table. Aside from the massive $250,000 USD price, you've got to be a current Rolls-Royce owner.

Life of a herdsman at world's highest peak

Zhaxi and his family live in the plateau village Zangpu, which is the nearest administrative village to the world's highest peak Mount Qomolangma. Back to 2008, then 26-year-old Zhaxi, fell in love with Deden, a girl six years younger than him. Zhaxi decided to marry Deden while living apart from his original large family that owned a family asset of more than 200 yaks. Splitting from the family, Zhaxi only got seven yaks. For herdsmen like Zhaxi who mainly make a living by grazing yaks, owning less than ten yaks heralds a difficult time for future. Dwelling in a rented small house that could only fit a bed, Zhaxi and his wife barely made ends meet by merely grazing livestock. In order to support the family, Zhaxi applied for a loan to buy a truck to carry out transport business. For years, Zhaxi worked very hard and often drove around the clock to make money. Several years ago, the local government lent a helping hand to Zhaxi's family. In 2015, Zhaxi and his family had got a chance to move into a new house built by the local government for the low-income families in the village. The village also set up a cooperative to integrate local herdsmen's yaks so as to provide orderly yak services to mountain climbers. This service brings in more than 300,000 yuan (about 42,492 US dollars) of revenue to the village annually and pays dividend to herdsmen including Zhaxi. Thanks to his hard work and local poverty alleviation efforts, Zhaxi's family has shaken off poverty.

Flamingos flying over volcanic lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** A flock of flamingos fly across a strange, multi-coloured, volcanic lake. The mesmerising swirls are created by sediment and quartz crystals being stirred up in the water. The beautiful images were taken from a helicopter 500 ft above Lake Magadi in the Kenyan Rift Valley.

Goats brought back from safe island for the summer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A herd of around 500 goats are ferried back from an island they have been kept on during the winter months. The animals are transported via boat to deserted islands to keep them safe from wolves and thieves. The photographs were captured on the shores of Beyşehir Lake in the province of Konya in Turkey.

Worker hanging noodles to dry

***EXCLUSIVE*** A worker quality checks her noodles as they are hung out to dry. The noodles need to be dried to a certain point, but must not be over dried, otherwise they will not be right for consumption. The rice noodles are made from around 200-300Kg rice a day in the village of ChauSon, BacGiang province in Vietnam. The images were captured by Nguyen Phuc Thanh, 37, an IT worker from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Potatoe pickers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers are seen collecting potatoes from the fields in the village of Mogra in West Bengal, India. The workers who collect arround 60-70 bags of potatoes a day, carry the baskets of vegetables they have collected from the field to be sent off to market. Student Soumadip Das, 18, who lives locally said "I was photographing the workers collecting potatoes and when they lifted the baskets down from their head it looked like they had potatoes for heads."