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iSphere: bubble-like homemade helmet could make coronavirus commuting safer

Germany: Could this bubble-like device be the answer to getting the coronavirus-ravaged economy started again? The brainchild of German art collective Plastique Fantastique, the idea for the iSphere was conceived following the news that from April 27th 2020, it is mandatory to cover mouth and nose in public transports in Berlin. Marco Canevacci and Yena Young, Plastique Fantastique directors, explain: „The iSphere is an open-source project that everybody can produce, develop and improve. We taped two transparent hollow hemispheres together and cut a hole that fits our heads. The whole procedure took approx. 30 minutes and the costs for the material are around €20. Additional gadgets can give a unique touch to any iSphere: it can have a sunshade, a mirrored layer, an integrated microphone, a speaker, a ventilator, or a snorkel. „The Coronavirus is changing our relation to each other and affecting our perception of reality. This virus is very democratic: it spreads over the borders, has no preference for gender, social, cultural, or economic status. In this time of lockdown, we wonder about the mutation of our social life and the effects of the deprivation of physical touch.” The iconic design is inspired by the science fiction comics of the 50s and the creations of the utopian movements of the 60s. The iSphere is a funny and serious object that stimulates how to approach this exceptional situation.

Wedding at the drive-in

05 May 2020, North Rhine-Westphalia, Duesseldorf: The bridal couples sit on stage with Düsseldorf's Lord Mayor Thomas Geisel (SPD) at their wedding ceremony in the drive-in cinema. Three couples are saying yes to each other in the drive-in cinema. Their guests can listen to the ceremony on the car radio. The couple got married all in red and white - in honour of the 125th anniversary of the football club Fortuna Düsseldorf.

This air purifying face-shield creates a bubble of safety around its wearer

As countries around the world grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, Toronto-based VYZR Technologies has released an innovative type of Personal Protective Equipment that shields the wearer's face and filters their air. „We’re in the grips of a fiery debate over whether COVID-19 is transmitted only by large droplets, or through airborne aerosols as well” says Yezin Al-Qaysi, a Co-Founder at VYZR Technologies. Until a scientific consensus crystallises, we'll need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that can effectively prevent airborne transmission of COVID-19. That’s why we made the BioVYZR.” With its space-age aesthetic, the BioVYZR 1.0 is a stark departure from other types of Powered Air Purifying Respirators.

Stunning drone pictures reveal a couple’s spectacular “four seasons” garden bursting with colour

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tony and Marie Newton have spent their time in lockdown, the last 37 years and more than £15,000 transforming their back garden and flowerbeds into a beautiful oasis.  Their garden in Walsall, West Mids., is nicknamed "four seasons" on account of its year-round appeal.  Exploding with vibrant colours, the third of an acre plot is crammed with 450 azalea, 120 Japanese maples, 15 juniper blue stars.  The green-fingered couple, who have four grown-up children and four grandchildren, spend two hours a day lovingly maintaining the plants and bushes.

A couple who met after a letter to a lonely sailor ended up in the wrong hands have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jack and Shirley Godley were brought together in 1957 when Shirley answered a pen pal advertisement in the paper by a seaman looking for friendship. However, Shirley's letter was passed over to Jack when the original seaman, stationed on first class at HMS Ganges in Ipswich with Jack, was unable to keep up with his correspondence. Unbelievably Shirley, just 15 at the time, lived just five minutes away from Jack, then 19, in Sheffield, South Yorks. After that first letter, the pair carried on writing to one another and were able to meet in person a year later when Jack was home on leave. Now the loved up couple, who got married after three years of letter writing, have celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary together while stuck in lockdown. Jack, now 82, was serving as a Seaman when the letter from Shirley Kerrigan, now 78, was given to him from a shipmate whose name the pair have sadly forgotten.

A mum created the ultimate safari experience in her back garden to keep her children entertained during the lockdown - complete with a makeshift monkey, giraffe and elephant

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum created the ultimate safari experience in her back garden to keep her children entertained during the lockdown - complete with a makeshift monkey, giraffe and elephant. Gemma Smith, 30, spent nearly two weeks crafting the incredible creatures after family trips to Chester Zoo and West Midlands Safari were cancelled due the coronavirus outbreak. The mum-of-two used old household items to create the animals - including garden wire and paper mache for the elephant, and an old plastic tube for the giraffe's neck. Along with the help of her three-year-old daughter, Evie, the pair also upcycled some plastic plates left over from a birthday party to make tiger faces.

A football fan has painstakingly recreated a model of his team's stadium - using bits and pieces from around the house

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jason Christopher, 52, had planned to build the 'ground' in retirement - but found that lockdown had unexpectedly given him the time to complete the project. A lifelong supporter of Cheltenham Town, he has spent the last few weeks building the side's home on Whaddon Road, Glos. Jason loved the tabletop game Subbuteo as a boy and promised himself that one day he would make a model of his favourite team's stadium. He still follows the Robins' progress but now lives in Portsmouth, Hants. - meaning he had to study photographs from the internet to get the details of the structure correct. Jason said: "I’m really pleased with it, especially as I’ve been making a lot of it from bits of rubbish.

These amazing pictures may look like close-up photos of hands contorted into odd shapes - but they are actually hyper-realistic oil PAINTINGS of posed hands on canvas

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hands are notoriously said to be the most complicated part of human anatomy to draw - but they are seemingly no match for Spanish artist, Javier Arizabalo Garcia. His incredibly life-like hand pictures are painted with brushstrokes so fine and precise, they appear invisible to the eye - giving the paintings their realistic quality.

This is the amazing footage of a talented surfing dog who is the undefeated dog surfing world champion

***EXCLUSIVE*** Owner Homer Henard first met Skyler, a now 10 year-old red Queensland heeler when she came aboard his boat in Santa Cruz, California when she was just a puppy and quickly became her best friend and surfing coach. Homer immediately noticed that „Skyler Valentine Henard” had an interest in surfing, she had great balance and was excited about being on the board! He took her out on a calm day and they rode some waves together to the beach, her trust and love for her owner grew with every wave they rode together.

Owl did you get there? Tawny owl rescued from inside fireplace after falling down chimney

Ewelme, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom: A tawny owl felt like a right twit-twoo after getting stuck inside a fireplace. RSPCA inspector Lauren Bailey was called to a home in Ewelme, Oxfordshire, on Saturday 25 April after a family heard noises coming from their chimney. She said: „The family had been hearing noises from the chimney and fireplace for a few days but had no idea there was a bird trapped inside until he fell all the way to the bottom. The first they realised was when they saw him peering out through the fireguard - he had his feet up against the grill like he was waving and asking for help!” Lauren, wearing PPE and following social distancing guidance, went to the home and managed to remove the grill and catch the bird. The RSPCA advises fitting a special chimney cowl to prevent birds from flying or falling down the chimney.