Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A couple have spent the last 18 months travelling the world on the cheap - by dog sitting people's pets and staying at their homes free of charge

***EXCLUSIVE*** Laura Fisher, 36, and Barry McNeice, 35, have traversed North America, Southeast Asia, Australasia and Scandinavia since taking on the unusual job. On their travels the pair have looked after a total 25 dogs, 20 cats and even a herd of miniature ponies during stays at 23 homes around the world. They got in touch with people who needed animal sitters via a website called Trusted Housesitters, which provides the service for a fee. The agreement is beneficial to both sides, as sitters get free accommodation and homeowners get their pets looked after without having to pay a penny. It meant that Laura and Barry, who did save up before quitting their jobs and jetting off, could travel for much longer than they otherwise would have. Laura said: "It's the kind of thing that sounds too good to be true but we were genuinely able to travel the world by looking after animals. "Barry and I both adore animals and love travelling, so to be able to combine the two in the way we have has been incredible.


A heroic teenager has been hailed as a „guardian angel” after jumping into a canal to save a toddler from drowning

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ryley Ferguson, 15, was on his daily walk with his two dogs last Sunday (3/5) when he spotted little Reggie falling into a canal while he was on his own. The quick-thinking teenager threw his shoes and coat off and dived in to save the 15-month-old toddler who was sinking to the bottom of the canal in Knottingley, West Yorks.

Mattel launches Star Wars-themed Barbie collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** This year's Star Wars Day celebration sees an unexpected collaboration with Mattel's Barbie line of iconic dolls. The Barbies take on six main characters spanning from the original films to the more recent releases: R2-D2, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, C-3P0, the Stormtrooper, and Rey. Currently for pre-order, each of the collectible Barbies will retail for $100 USD, with the exception of the Chewbacca version which retails for $150 USD due to its additional faux-fur ensemble.

A British diver has been blowing bubbles under the sea - and snapping the breathtaking results

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mark Tilley has pictured the wide vortex rings he and friends created during their diving expeditions in places like the Cayman Islands, Mexico and Hawaii. The air-filled rings appear to levitate in the water as they are photoed drifting away from the diver.

An American bride and British groom who were forced to cancel their wedding in the UK due to coronavirus tied the knot on ZOOM instead

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dr Iyabo Okuwobi, 49, and Neil Webzell, 57, wed in a socially distant ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, while 100 guests from around the world watched on the popular video conferencing app. The couple decided to go ahead with their wedding even as most of the world went into lockdown and turned it into a virtual event. The zoom wedding lasted an hour and ten minutes with friends and family raising a glass to the newlyweds after watching them exchange vows online.

A 'fit and healthy' mum who had just achieved a beginners pole dancing qualification had to learn how to walk again two months later after suffering THREE brain aneurysms

***EXCLUSIVE*** Janine Keightley, 50, underwent life saving surgery for more than six hours after collapsing while sorting out furniture in her daughter’s house on 14 April. Doctors found that fitness conscious Janine had three aneurysms - and two had burst causing a dangerous bleed on the brain. An aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel which can cause excessive damage if they rupture. Three weeks after her urgent surgery, Janine is learning to walk again in hospital and often forgets how to speak. Self employed cleaner Janine from Keadby, Lincs., had recently lost two and a half stone after deciding to get healthier once turning 50.

Hundreds of Anglo-Saxon objects which shed light on life in England 1,500 years ago could fetch a five-figure sum at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Unearthed from farmland in Lincolnshire nearly 60 years ago, the objects include a rare, gilt great square-headed brooch which may be unique as well as cruciform brooches, pots, knives, a spear head with attachment for a pennant and silver bracteates (pendants) incorporating runic characters from the early Teutonic alphabet. More than 250 items recovered during excavations between 1962-1979 of a Pagan Anglo-Saxon site dating back to AD 425-600 will be sold together with documented records. The collection in its entirety will go under the hammer at Hansons Auctioneers on May 6 with a guide price of £30,000.

A man whose life was saved after the public raised £400k for lifesaving cancer treatment has celebrated the birth - of TWINS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mike Brandon was given just weeks to live in 2016 after learning that he had leukemia, which had aggressively spread through his body. Left with few options, he discovered experimental treatment was available in the USA - at a cost of £400,000. This prompted wife Kate to launch an appeal and set up a fundraising page in a bid to find the cash.

This adorable set of photos show endangered baby black rhino Apollo going about its daily routine under the care

***EXCLUSIVE*** Taking Charge of your day - this is the adorable footage of the daily routine of a baby rhino that is guaranteed to make you smile. Apollo is an adorable yet critically endangered baby black rhino who came into the care of The Sheldrick Wildlife trust after his mother Amoy was found by rangers in the Tsavo West National Park, Kenya having died of naturally occurring Anthrax in September 2019. Apollo is now being cared for at the Trus’s Kaluku Field HQ close to Apollo’s place of rescue and potential reintegration sites, the Trust will continue to care for him until he is old enough to return to the wild in a protected area. Apollo lives with rangers attending to his every need providing personalised mud baths and comforting horn rubs. Pint-sized Apollo is not short of love or affection and is fast learning about his wild environment during his daily „bush school” wanders.

Bandit the ferret is taking the Marathon challenge

***EXCLUSIVE*** Many of us would struggle to run a marathon - even if we split it up into a few miles a day. So imagine how much harder it would be if your belly was only a couple of inches above the ground. Bandit the ferret is taking the challenge in his (tiny) stride. He may be only eight months-old, but the family pet can out-run most of us and is raising hundreds of pounds for The Children’s Book Project - a charity helping children to learn at home. Fitted with a snug harness and lead, the furry fundraiser is completing up to three miles a day through Oxford’s Shotover woods, close to his owners’ family home in The Ridings.