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The Naked Cowboy won’t let Covid-19 derail his 20-year career

It used to take Robert Burck (a.k.a. the Naked Cowboy) an hour and a half to get from his home in Queens to Times Square, where he has been performing in his skivvies for 20 years. In the age of COVID-19 and social-distancing, he can clock into work, metaphorically, in just 13 minutes. Despite the fact that millions of New Yorkers are currently sheltered at home in an effort to “flatten the curve,” the Naked Cowboy perseveres. The 49-year-old aspiring actor/singer/political candidate started performing in Times Square sporting only a cowboy hat, boots, tighty-whities and a guitar decades ago — and he’s not letting COVID-19 stop that. He has made one concession, though, and added a red, white and blue facemask to his costume. “I made the decision probably 25 years ago that I’d be the most celebrated entertainer of all time — that I would be the number-one icon representing New York for all time to inspire, impact and motivate,” he tells. “I haven’t missed one day in 20 years, six months and 28 days — unless I was traveling to be the Naked Cowboy in another city where the opportunity was bigger. My decision to stay in Times Square during corona is no different than going out there every single day when it’s 19 degrees or there’s a blizzard or a rainstorm or a heatwave — doesn’t matter.”

Spanish 'nomad' couple spends lockdown in mobile home

ALAVERA DE LA REINA: Carlos Miro Mancebo and his wife Charo Conde Baruque pose for photos in their mobile home parked in an industrial estate in the town of Talavera de la Reina in central Spain, April 25, 2020. Spanish travelers, Carlos Miro Mancebo and his wife Charo Conde Baruque, have spent almost two months since Spain was placed under lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus in their mobile home parked in an industrial estate in the town of Talavera de la Reina in central Spain.

Artist puts PPE face masks on flowers

Brittany, France: A mysterious artist has adorned flowers with facemasks. French creative Monsieur Plant says the work, called „Nature Needs Your Protection” is a reminder for us all to look after the environment. Fashioning the tiny PPE items himself by hand, the artist then gently attached them to a selection of flowers in Brittany. Monsieur Plant has said his work also pays tribute to „all those humans who fight daily to save lives at the expense of their own.” He explains: „Isn't this the moment when humanity must become aware of the values essential to our life, to respect our mother earth, reconnect with ourselves, take the time to think about respecting others, sharing, self-sufficiency with a conscious and reasoned consumption, relearn at the beginning of spring to watch nature flourish around you and see how great it is and deserves respect. Today real luxury is no longer money but time.”