Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Walt Disney's land! Cartoon legend's Palm Springs 'Technicolor Dream House' where he spent the final years of his life goes on the market for $1m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A colourful home built for Walt Disney and his wife next to a golf course is about to sell for a record price. The quirky property in Palm Springs, California, was built for the famous entrepreneur and animator in 1962 and became known as his 'Technicolor Dream House'. The single-storey house, which still has some original features from Disney's time there, recently went on the market for £885,000 ($1.095m). It is now under offer (in escrow) and the new unnamed owner is expected to complete the sale on May 14.

Lord of the Rings fans can buy a country home with its own ‘Hobbit House’ for £2million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A period property in the Suffolk countryside is the perfect home for Lord of the Rings fans - as it comes with an incredible hobbit house hidden in a five-acre woodland setting. Owner Jan Lengyel built the quirky property into a mound of earth on his land, as part of a successful glamping business of three lodges and four pods that brought in £150,000 last year. The underground property is just 9ft tall, with an earthen roof, circular walls and doors and no 90-degree angles. The hobbit house and glamping business is now up for grabs along with Mr Lengyel's five-bedroom home for £2m with Winkworth.

Stellar Star Wars – Rare posters from the hit films sell for galactic prices

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extremely rare early Star Wars poster dubbed 'the holy grail' for collectors has sold at auction for a whopping £5,000. The much sought-after print dates back to 1976 and was the first Star Wars poster ever to be designed. Just 1,000 were made before other images were preferred, making it one of the most desirable pieces of memorabilia in the world.

Spectre-acular Land Rover used in the Bond film Spectre has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bespoke Land Rover used in the Bond film Spectre has emerged for sale at auction, with experts tipping it to fetch an eye-watering £240,000. The huge Land Rover Defender was one of ten custom vehicles built for the 007 movie in 2015. They were used during one of the film's most dramatic scenes when they were used by villains attempting to flee a snowy mountain range. Bond, in a helicopter, attempts to pursue a group of gunmen who have kidnapped Madeleine Swann - his love interest in the movie. The chase ends with 007 rescuing the girl and the two Land Rovers colliding in a dramatic high-speed crash.

Opera singer's performances to cheer up village during lockdown are so loud they can be heard THREE miles away

***EXCLUSIVE*** An opera singer whose European tour was curtailed by the coronavirus lockdown is making do with performing on his doorstep to cheer up his neighbours. Tenor John Hudson lives in Dorset's Piddle Valley whose natural acoustics help carry his booming voice up to three miles. Since the lockdown came into force John, 58, has been performing outside his home every Thursday at 6pm before the 'clap for carers'.

A cheery postman has been brightening the lockdown by donning a series of fancy dress outfits while on his rounds

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gary Waller, 51, ditched his uniform to dress as a fairy, penguin and Superman - and even sported a revealing Borat mankini. The married father-of-two, who has been in the job for 30 years, wanted to lift the spirits of the cooped up households he sees on his deliveries - much to the amusement of his customers.

A cricket-mad five-year-old has raised money for the NHS to thank them for saving his life - by playing 400 overs and 2,000 balls in ten days

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adorable Aneeshwar Kunchala spent two-and-a-half hours each day hitting 100 balls after receiving 230 balls from his parents. When Aneeshwar completed his 10-day challenge in his garden in Warrington, Cheshire, on Thursday (May 7), he had received 2,300 deliveries - racking up a mammoth 384 overs at the crease.

Unique silk purse that belonged to 17th-Century navy admiral who brought Charles II back from exile goes on sale for £200,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extremely rare 360 year old embroidered purse with links to Charles II has emerged for sale for over £180,000. ($225,000) The silk relic belonged to admiral Sir William Penn, who bought the monarch back to Britain from his exile in Holland in 1660. It shows an image of Penn standing beside a globe with his trusty dog Port, named after Port Royal in Jamaica which he captured five years earlier. Penn was asked by the King to return him to these shores after Oliver Cromwell's death in 1658 paved the way for his restoration. He was so indebted to him that he later granted the state of Sylvania in the United States to Penn's son, renaming it Pennsylvania. It is being sold by US-based embroidery dealer Stephen and Carol Huber.

Baptist Mission Hall that an artist transformed into a stunning studio and home

***EXCLUSIVE*** A former Baptist Mission Hall that an artist transformed into a stunning studio and home, on the market for £1.75m. Utopia House has a distinguished unusual black-painted façade and is being sold by artist, gilder and carver Anastasya Martynova, whose work has featured in Topshop Oxford Circus. The hall, in the hip enclave of Deptford, was built in 1906 in honour of Baptist and philanthropist, Joseph Mead, a director of biscuit maker Peek Frean who had a factory in nearby Bermondsey.

Eyes on everyday objects

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wacky Scots artist has been cheering people up during lockdown by turning everyday objects into friendly faces with the simple addition of a pair of stick-on googly eyes. David Gilliver, 40, has been „eyebombing” lampposts, bins, tree stumps and bollards on his daily walks with his five-year-old daughter Lea. The pair have helped cheer up residents who are in lockdown in the village of Gartcosh in North Lanarkshire, and his pictures have now gone viral.

Jackals locked in what looks like a fierce fight but is actually nothing more than a play fight between brothers

***EXCLUSIVE*** These brilliant images show two boisterous jackals up on their hind legs play-fighting with one and other. The rambunctious canines can be seen bearing their teeth as they grapple for superiority. Wildlife photographer Steve Roos captured the shots at the Zimanga game reserve in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal. Steve, 71, was located in a hide less than 100ft from the wild animals.