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A family with two young children are spending their lockdown in the Nepalese mountains - but still hoping to complete a trek to Everest base camp

***EXCLUSIVE*** Julie and Kris Smith set off on a round-the-world-trip ten months ago with their children Jacob, aged four, and Erihn, aged nine. The adventurous parents had planned a trip to Everest base camp until lockdown was introduced in Nepal on March 26, when they were in the mountain area of Pakhepani in the Solukhumbu region. They left Kathmandu on March 18, unaware that Nepal would be going into lockdown - but two days into the trek, when they arrived at a small little village, Ringmu, they found out flights and long distance transport was being cancelled.

A cancer sufferer who is being nursed by her daughter poses as Wonder Woman after each chemo session to keep her spirits up in isolation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Madeline McDermott, 17, takes pictures as her mother Leslie, 52, dressed up as the superhero while she undergoes gruelling treatment for breast cancer. Leslie is adding a piece of the costume after each chemotherapy appointment and by the end of her treatment she will wear the complete Wonder Woman attire including the Lasso of Truth, the indestructible bracelets and a tiara. The single mother said: „A good friend who went through chemo came over before COVID started and brought me some inspirational Wonder Woman underwear. She told me to wear them when I go for chemo. Madeline had an old Wonder Woman halloween costume and we decided every time I went for chemo I’d take a picture with the underwear and a piece of the costume. At the end of 16 weeks and eight chemo sessions, I’ll be fully Wonder Woman.” Madeline said she felt pride when she took photographs of her mother dressed as the superhero played most recently by Gal Gadot. „When I’m taking the pictures of her, I feel really proud as I know how much she is going through” she said. Leslie is battling the cancer amid a pandemic with the help of Madeline who cooks her meals, administers her injections and even cuts her hair. The mom, a project officer for the Canadian federal government, was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in December. She underwent a mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery in January and her chemotherapy began on March 10, just before Canada went into COVID-19 lockdown.

A French limousine, that possibly chauffeured the Queen and is the only one of its kind in the UK, is back on the road again after it was found rusting in a yard

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Citroen 1939 Traction Avant was rescued in 1985 by Steve Southgate, 71, after he found it rotting in some outbuildings of a property in Essex. The used car salesman, who runs the Oak Garage in Bilston, Wolverhampton, loaded the corroded remains onto a trailer and drove it to his home in Sutton Coldfield, West Mids. It began an arduous 35-year restoration project and that has finally finished just in time for VE Day, where Steve was able to take it out for a spin.

Meet the pigeon racer who is causing a real coop and is being hailed as its future star - aged NINE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Talented Elizabeth Cook has defied her tender age to soar to the top of her club's ranks. The third generation pigeon racer has already beaten several former national champions five times her age in her first year of competition. Elizabeth, who is one of the youngest competitive pigeon racers in Britain, saw off all-comers in the Bude Pigeon Racing club by ranking first overall.

A disabled woman has heaped praise on her canny canine who helps her with fetching the mail, doing the laundry and even horticultural work in the garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** Caroline Hall, 41, describes two-year-old Sailor as her 'little helper', as he is expertly trained to assist her with errands which she is unable to do following a stroke. Incredible footage shows the black Labrador filling and emptying the washing machine, picking up his owner's walking stick and helping in the garden by fetching tools. He was trained from birth by charity Dogs for Good before being placed with Caroline five months ago, who describes him as "the missing piece of my life jigsaw".

Hyper-rare Land Rover Defender from James Bond's Spectre to fetch half a million at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Bond fans will be delighted to know that one of only seven remaining examples of the Land Rover Defenders used in the filming of 2015's Spectre is now up for auction. The car itself is a Defender 110 SVX built by Land Rover and Bowler Motorsport specifically for production use in the massive blockbuster. Despite being designed for its stunting role, however, this particular car was only used to film a drive-by in the famous snow chase scene, so no actual damage was suffered by the car, keeping it in top condition with only 559 miles on the odometer. pricing estimated at $248,000 USD to $298,000 USD.

Bar Kochba Revolt coin discovered in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel: The Israel Antiquities Authority presents a rare bronze coin from the period of the Bar Kokhba Revolt, circa 132 CE, discovered in archaeological excavations in the William Davidson Archaeological Park beneath the Temple Mount. One side of the coin is decorated with a cluster of grapes and the inscription „Year Two of the Freedom of Israel” and the other features a palm tree and the inscription „Jerusalem”, the only Bar Kokhba Revolt era coin found in the area on which the word „Jerusalem” appears.

The great ad-demic! Vintage adverts reveal how businesses cashed in on the 1918 spanish flu pandemic - selling everything from bell telephones and turntables to a bored public in quarantine

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the vintage adverts which reveal the ways businesses tried to cash in on the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. The fascinating pictures reveal how the advertising world adapted to the last global pandemic. Images show how early twentieth advertisers touted the Bell telephone as the perfect way to stay connected during quarantine. Meanwhile other 1918 commercials promoted the turntable as the ultimate commodity to get through boring evenings spent at home to avoid catching the Spanish flu. Another ad peddles the bicycle as the ideal mode of transport to avoid the potential risk of infection from Spanish Flu on crowded trains and buses.

BMW launches new electric kiddie car

***EXCLUSIVE*** BMW has just released a new electric kiddie car as part of its 2020 lifestyle collection. Taking the form as a children's version of its powerful M8 GTE flagship, the toy car features a full racing paint job with decals appearing over its white surface. The kiddie M8 GTE electric car will be sold at European dealers in the coming months for a price of $295 USD.