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‘Trikini’ - a bikini with matching face mask - proves a hit after designers create it for a joke during lockdown

Italy, Falconar: During the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies decided to modify their production to meet their customer's necessities. Tiziana Scaramuzzo, the owner of a small artisan workshop, Elexa Beachware, based in Senigallia, centre Italy, began, almost for fun, to produce a bikini with a combined mask, that was after named trikini. As soon as their daughters posted the trikini on the social media, the photos went viral. Now she has requests from everywhere.

Couple transform their messy cupboard into a dream laundry room for just £60

***EXCLUSIVE*** ONBRIDGE, KENT, UK: CLUTTER BE GONE: Couple transform their messy CUPBOARD into a dream LAUNDRY ROOM for just SIXTY-POUNDS. Charlotte Osborne (35) from Tonbridge, Kent, UK, has always wanted a laundry room in the house but was prohibited by the layout of her four-bedroom home which she moved into in December 2017. Referring to the US sitcom Friends, Charlotte kept her tumble dryer in her „Monica cupboard” - host to all those cluttered odds and ends that can never find a home. Luckily for Charlotte, her DIY-savvy husband and engineer, Jamie (36), was on hand to help. Charlotte decided that with a bit of imagination, the space could be turned into the laundry room she had always wanted. In January 2020, the couple headed to B&Q and purchased several MDF boards totalling Ł60. They already had some tools, accessories, and leftover paint. Armed with everything they needed, they began the transformation. The finished area is unrecognisable - gone is the messy cupboard and in its place is a clean, clutter-free, and crisp-white laundry room. Using the MDF board, Jamie created a bespoke fit shelving unit around the tumble dryer. The project was completed in just under two weekends.

ReOpen California: Long Road Ahead

Tensions have risen in California as the statewide shutdown continues, with local leaders in rural and suburban areas calling for shelter-in-place restrictions to be lifted or eased as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak economic havoc. The state is entering its seventh full week under Gov. Gavin Newsom's mandatory stay-at-home order, issued March 19 as an effort to slow the spread of the virus by instituting social distancing. California was the first state in the U.S. to do so. Newsom announced during Monday's news conference that some California retail businesses Đ including clothing, bookstores, sporting good stores and florists Đ may begin to open on curbside pickup-only basis starting Friday. California has fared relatively well overall in the fight against COVID-19, the disease caused by the highly contagious virus, so far reporting modest death and infection figures, considering its population of about 40 million. Newsom and health experts have credited early action and strong adherence to social distancing guidelines in helping ward off surges of hospitalizations and fatalities. Still, more than 2,200 have died among nearly 54,000 lab-confirmed cases of the coronavirus, the California Department of Public Health said in a Sunday update. More than half of the state's death toll so far come from Los Angeles County, where more than 1,200 have died and more than 25,000 cases have been reported, according to the county's public health department. With Newsom's stay-at-home order came the closure of businesses considered nonessential. Unemployment hit record highs, as mass layoffs or furloughs commenced within days or weeks across a range of economic sectors. Some of those temporary business closures became permanent, as the state and U.S. now find themselves in a recession.

Kurt Cobain's MTV Unplugged guitar up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kurt Cobain played this 1959 Martin D-18E in what would become Nirvana’s most legendary performance and it forms part of the 'Music icons' auction at Julien's Auctions and takes place on June 19th and June 20th. In Nirvana’s most legendary performance, Cobain played the guitar in a live taping for the popular MTV Unplugged series on November 18, 1993. Approximately five months before his death.

Puppy love! Inseparable retrievers are captured snuggling under the same blanket and watching the sunset together in heartwarming photos

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: Pooch besties will make your heart melt in these ADORABLE snaps. These two golden retrievers looked almost human when they were captured hugging each other, going for burgers and sailing a boat. Another image shows a white fur Watson (5) and golden-brown coated Kiko (8) snuggling up together like peas-in-a-pod. Despite still being a puppy when he first met his adopted-brother in June 2015, Watson befriended the adult rescue dog Kiko and has not stopped hugging him since. The canines live with professional photographer Jennifer Medrano (26), from Spokane, USA. The Mexican-born doggy Mum is currently helping older dog Kiko through cancer, after a tumour led to a recent life-saving amputation for the tripawd - an heart-warming name for the three-legged boy.

Family struggle to keep up with the demands for food from a cuckoo chick

***EXCLUSIVE*** A meadow pipet struggles to find enough spiders, flies and grasshoppers to feed a large cuckoo it believes is its young. The cuckoo takes the food straight from the small birds' mouth as they perch together on a pine tree branch. Female cuckoos often lays their eggs in other birds' nests. Once hatched, the cuckoo fledgling pushes the other birds' young out of the nest. The pictures were captured in the forest covered landscape of the Veluwe in a small village called Uddel in Gelderland, Netherlands.