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Home Bouldering craze: a new viral trend has swept the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Many rock climbers, who are left stuck indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have started to set up obstacle courses and makeshift climbing walls in their homes. Some are even practising on the exterior of their houses, as fanatical climbers look to maintain their skills and keep fit in the global lockdown. Home Bouldering videos have taken the internet by storm, both in the UK and across the world.


A selfless five-year-old has hand delivered over 1,000 goody bags packed full of her own toys to key workers and children in lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sophia-Rose Fry delivered 1,103 goody bags over five weeks, at an incredible rate of 30 a day, consisting of 600 sensory toys, handmade key rings, sweet treats and balloon animals. The determined little girl, who started giving out bags on March 30, asked mum Abbie Dawson, 27, if she could deliver packages to houses with rainbow drawings displayed in windows in their neighbourhood. Sophia-Rose, who is currently under assessment for autism and normally struggles to leave the house, has amazed her mum by also taking the goody bags to local nurseries, schools, Lancashire police HQ and the North West Ambulance Service.

Photographer waits four years to get the perfect shot of ancient eerie woodland

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer has spent FOUR years getting the perfect shot of an ancient and eerie oakwood. Neil Burnell, 45, has been visiting Wistman’s Wood on Dartmoor, Devon, England for the last four years in a bid to capture perfect shots of the remote woodland. The resulting pictures are fantastical, dripping with atmosphere and intrigue. Gnarled branches curl their way through thick fog in the dense forest. Neil explains: „I remember visiting this woodland when I was a child and it seemed so magical. When I started getting more serious about photography I decided to go back and try and capture the woodland in a cinematic style and how I remember it all those years ago. It’s taken four long years of visiting and learning to capture a series I’m truly happy with as compositions can be tricky in such a claustrophobic wood.”

A pilot from Denmark pretends to be on a plane by using a washing machine as an aircraft window

***EXCLUSIVE*** This hilarious comedy video captures a pilots frustration at the world travel ban as she sets up her washing machine to look like a plane window. Naja Khankan a 27-year-old pilot from Denmark filmed the funny footage at her sisters house during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. The video simulates a plane journey showing a runway and a plane engine but pans back to reveal the window is a washing machine and shows a holiday ready Naja in an makeshift plane chair.

An adrenaline junkie BACK FLIPPING from a huge tree into a BASE jump

***EXCLUSIVE*** The vertigo inducing video shot in Magland, France shows Pablo Signoret performing a „Tweener backflip” over a daunting chasm before popping his parachute and completing the jump. The 21-year old Frenchman said: „I’m doing a tweener wich is a backflip where you throw your pilot chuteinbetween your legs during the rotation. I was super glad to jump there with him. This spot is special because you jump from a tree and it's thrilling!”