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Woman who wants to be a real-life Bratz doll starts DIY lip fillers as salons close due to lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: Surgery addict refuses to let a pandemic delay her becoming a real-life BRATZ DOLL and has resorted to DIY FILLER that almost SUFFOCATED her. Injector and lash artist, Steffi Mulic (20) from Stockholm, Sweden, grew up loving the Bratz doll look and since her mum and aunt were both in the beauty and fashion industry, she was introduced in the cosmetic surgery world at the tender age of 13. Since then she began her journey to achieve the perfect Bratz doll look and has spent over Ł1,200 (15,000 Swedish krona) a month since she was 17 on lip injections to maintain her Bratz pout – totalling over Ł43,200 (540,000 Swedish krona). However, since the coronavirus lockdown, she’s had to cancel her appointments and she couldn’t continue on without her regular lip filler fix. So, she trained to inject her own lips and achieved her certificate on March 31, 2020. Since then she has been self-injecting once a week. On April 6, 2020, she was sleeping when she almost suffocated due to her swollen lips. But the incident didn’t scare her off from her goal and now even admits every time she can’t breathe, she ‘loves it’ as she feels it means that her goal of becoming a Bratz doll is getting closer. Once the coronavirus pandemic is over, Steffi plans to have two Brazilian butt lift surgeries (BBL), breast implants to increase her boob size, rib removal surgery, cheek fillers, permanent eye colour change to purple and a surgery to transform her feet identical to Barbie’s.

Dine And Distance: Dutch „greenhouse” restaurants allow social-distance dining

Amsterdam, Netherlands: A Dutch restaurant has come up with a way for people to dine in public during the coronavirus pandemic. Eten Restaurant, part of the Mediamatic Biotoop centre in Amsterdam, has tested greenhouse-like booths for customers to eat in, keeping them protected from contracting COVID-19 from other diners. The dining concept is called Serres Sepparees (Separate Greenhouses in English) and allows guests to enjoy a plant-based, four-course meal with a beautiful waterside view of the city. Those who are isolating in household groups.

Best friends can play together in lockdown thanks to mum adding a Perspex window to the garden fence

***EXCLUSIVE*** Watch the adorable moment these baby neighbours finally get to play with each other again thanks to their creative parents making a window in their fence. Siblings Arlo, 3, and Arabella, 2, had been struggling during lockdown with not being able to see anyone whilst stuck inside their home in Wakefield. Mum Amy Vickers, 27, decided to get creative to help her young children to still be able to play with friends without breaking lockdown. Her neighbour Becca also has a son, Leo, 3, and after chatting with her, Amy and her partner Danny, 30, made a hole in their communal fence and fixed a perspex window in place so the children could see each other once again.

Daredevil diver gets up close and personal with 1,000lb hammerhead sharks…and insists anyone can do it

***EXCLUSIVE*** BAHAMAS: Daredevil diver gets up close and personal with one-thousand-pound hammerhead sharks and says YOU can too. Incredible images show Alex sizing up the 20 feet sea creatures with his hands, taking a selfie with a school of sharks, and even getting up close and personal with their deadly jaws. A hammerhead shark even heads straight for the cameraman who shot the images on a Nikon camera with Aquatica Underwater Housing Kit. The shark-mad f-Instagrammer is photographer, Alex Kydd (29) from Melbourne, Australia. He shot the hammerheads in Bimini, Bahamas. He plunged to depths of 25 feet underwater for 45 minutes whilst on the trip with Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Centre in Alice Town, Bahamas.

A family built their dream shed in the garden to cope with the coronavirus lockdown - featuring a gym and a bar

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Glassons worked from morning until night for two weeks to finish the impressive structure - which is now complete with optics for drinking and weights for lifting. Dad Lyndon, 55, said he always wanted his own boozer but had never had the time to take on the challenge. But when the strict social distancing rules meant he was stuck in the house for hours on end he decided to begin building. His wife Cathy, 58, son Sam, 21, his partner Amy Williams, 21, daughter Laura, 21, and her partner Tom Woodburn, 21, all helped out and are now enjoying the fruits of their labour. The family plan to get their relatives and friends over to their house in Bishopsworth, Bristol for a party when the COVID-19 conditions allows it. They have even bought a special sign for the shed - naming it 'Glasson Bar'.

Gran, 78, 'cured' of chronic asthma after taking up the clarinet

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who suffered with chronic asthma for more than 50 years has finally found a remedy - playing the clarinet. With help from Blackpool Music School, the 78-year-old, who first started learning around a year ago, has found her condition has dramatically improved. Maxine, who lives in St Annes, has suffered from asthma since she was 27, but had become concerned as it seemed to be getting worse. She saw a doctor in the United States, where she lives for six months a year, who suggested the unusual remedy.

Moment two majestic tigers mirror each other’s movements in show of strength

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIA: These two three-hundred-pound tigers look like they are auditioning for the next season of STRICTLY in these hilarious snaps. The seven feet long beasts were ready to score tens across the board as they mirrored each other’s movements while balancing on their hind legs and touching paws. The tigress siblings do not break eye contact, despite the photographer being just 20 feet away. These strutting sisters - known as Arrowhead and Lightning by locals - were actually having a spar over dominance that lasted around ten seconds. The dazzling display was caught by head of operations Rahul Sachdev (41) from Pune, India. He snapped the photos at the Ranthambhore National Park, India on a Canon EOS-1D X, with a 100-400mm lens.

He-rex or she-rex? Scientists admit they can't tell male and female dinosaurs apart from fossils

***EXCLUSIVE*** Male and female dinosaurs looked the same, according to new research.  The idea elaborate neck frills and horns were used to attract mates is a myth, say British scientists.  Experts worldwide have debated our ability to identify the genders of the prehistoric beasts for decades.  But the study showed we cannot spot differences between the sexes - despite previous claims of success.  It sheds fresh light on Sophie, the world's most complete Stegosaurus found in Wyoming in 2003 and housed at London's Natural History Museum.  Despite its nickname, we don't know it was female - and probably never will.  The finding is based on an analysis of skulls from modern-day gharials, a critically endangered giant crocodile.