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London in lockdown: photographer captures eerie photos of desolate London

London, United Kingdom: These photos show Central London as it's never seen before, and may not be seen again in our lifetime. Photographer Wayne Howes has spent the past eight weeks scouring the city capturing a desolate London due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the picture series, which Howes is hoping to turn into a book as a reference for future generations, he has captured the vast emptiness that has become London during the Coronavirus outbreak. ''The collection of images has an eerie, almost post-apocalyptic feel about them' explains Howes. Large historic buildings still obviously dominate the streets of London, but the normal hustle and bustle of London life is conspicuously absent.” Images show popular tourist hot spots that would usually be bustling in the run up to summer now completely empty.

Catch of the day! British expat photographer snaps bald eagle taking a fish from Alaskan seas

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALASKA, USA: A British photographer has captured the close relative of the recently reintroduced to England white-tailed eagle in all its glory. Incredible images capture this two metre wing-span bald eagle’s undeniable precision as it dives down to catch its dinner at speeds of up to 100-miles-per-hour. The 14-pound bird’s talons wrap tightly around the fish, and in another image, the bald eagle spreads its wide to fly away the meal successfully secured. Photographer, Alan Murphy (59) from London, UK, was in Alaska, USA, when he captured these stunning images. For the past ten years, Alan has spent eight days a year leading workshops in the Alaskan mountains educating others on how best to capture images of America’s national symbol. The bald eagle can dive at speeds of up to 100 miles-per-hour but travels at around 30 miles-per-hour in regular flight. The species can travel over 30 miles in a day and uses its sharp eyesight to spot its next catch. The bald eagle forms a species pair with the white-tailed eagle - the largest bird of prey in the UK. A species pair are anatomically and chemically similar, if not identical. The white-tailed eagle was recently reintroduced into the UK after becoming extinct in the country 240 years ago. Despite being America’s national symbol, the bald eagle was also facing extinction in the mid-twentieth-century but as Alan accounts, the numbers have dramatically increased since then.

Vagabund Moto has unveiled its 3D printed V13 off-road beast

***EXCLUSIVE*** Departing from its usual focus on vintage BMW bikes, Austrian motorcycle custom workshop Vagabund Moto has reworked a 1991 Honda NX650 „Dominator” using 3D-printed components. Dubbed the V13, the custom piece took the team at Vagabund two years to develop, turning extensively to 3D modelling and printing to craft its bodywork including the fuel tank, rear end, air filter cover, indicator light bracket and the handlebar switch housings.

A new commercial for healthy fruit smoothies has been called too rude for TV

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dubbed „health food porn” by its makers, the 30-second advert has got censors hot under the collar, calling for it to be screened after dark. Accompanied with a jaunty whistling soundtrack, the commercial sees a medley of fruit seductively handled and ending with a jet of fruit smoothie erupting from a pouch. It begins with a shot of a pert pair of avocados, followed by an upright length of banana being stroked with a single female finger and a man plunging two fingers into a juicy orange.

Gallery of endangered species

For Endangered Species Day (15 May), British wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein has selected some of his poignant photographs to show species at risk. He has also used the day to emphasise the plight of persecuted animals during the pandemic.

A mural spanning the whole of the bar in a village pub has been discovered after laying hidden for nearly half a century

***EXCLUSIVE*** Landlords Andy Harrison and Tom Smith were stripping the wallpaper at the Cock Inn, in Hanbury, when they made the incredible discovery. The mural of landscape with lakes, a bridge and trees was hidden under the wallpaper and stretches all the way around the bar area. Now they are hoping to find an artist to restore it ready to greet customers when the pub reopens after lockdown. The original painting was done by George Cole in 1953 and his signature is still visible on the work. Manager Wendy Harrison, a mother-of-three, said: "It's amazing. My husband Andy remembers it from the 70s when he used to go in as a kid. It's all the way around the bar and was just underneath the wallpaper.”

Adorable 3-month-old bulldog puppy Bruno happily munching away on a banana

***EXCLUSIVE*** This adorable video shows a cute Bulldog puppy filmed eating a banana in slow motion. Filmed at his home in San Diego California, Bruno the 3 month old bulldog puppy can be seen happily tucking into a banana in a video that is guaranteed to melt your heart. Owner Kryzelle Esarza, 25 said: “The video was taken April 21, 2020 at our apartment, while he was eating banana I recorded it to document his timeline.”

Fashion designer Paul Smith launches coloured crayons

***EXCLUSIVE*** British fashion designer Paul Smith has long been a fan of Caran d'Ache; carrying the Swiss pen at all times to take notes. And for their third collection together, Smith has rendered an assortment of eight colored pencils in his signature „Artist Stripe”. Smith's devotion to polychromatic stripes is represented in a new collection of stationery presented in a portable metal pencil case. The Supracolorģ Soft water-soluble color pencils are ideal for both drawing and watercolor and cost $35. For their latest collaboration, Smith and Caran d'Ache also revisit the iconic 849 ballpoint pen cost $50.