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Huntress who loves to pose with dead bears blasts her critics as ‘uneducated’ and says meat-eaters who attack her for killing animals are hypocrites

***EXCLUSIVE*** SERPUKHOV, RUSSIA: Unapologetic huntress who hunts and poses with DEAD BEARS calls trolls who slam her UNEDUCATED hypocrites. Hunting manager, Alexandra Tyutcheva (23) from Serpukhov, Russia, has been hunting since she was 18 years old. As a child, Alexandra would go fishing and camping with her father (53), and now the pair continue to join each other on outdoor pursuits. For Alexandra, hunting has become part of who she is. It’s a hobby she also practices outside of work and in fact, Alexandra is even writing her bachelor’s degree thesis on trophy hunting in Russia. Regularly sharing articles about sustainable hunting to her social media, Alexandra is keen to educate those who she believes misunderstand the practice. Online trolls have labelled Alexandra a „cruel killer”, and have told her, „I wish it was you lying there instead of the bear.” Some have even gone as far to threaten her future children – „they will pay for that.” Alexandra has hunted rams, deer, and bears but she is careful not to waste any part of the animal - removing the meat, and then drying out the skin and boiling the antlers and horn for taxidermy. She is unapologetic about her hobby and in addition to educating her naysayers, Alexandra hopes to inspire other hunters to embrace their passion.

Powerful photo shows a bride walking down the aisle with her father in an empty church - surrounded by pews that are filled with images of guests who were meant to be at her wedding

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: Couple unable to invite guests to their church wedding fill the pews with PICTURES of their loved ones faces. Pictures show the beautiful wedding of Parris and Emily Khachi (née Manashi), tinged with an element of eeriness as the absence of guests fills the huge Catholic church. A4 paper printouts of their guests unable to attend due to the coronavirus lockdown cover the church pews. The no-show guests were encouraged to send a photo of themselves in, which spread across 26 rows of seating. Their smiling but still faces in clear view, as the father-of-the-bride walks his daughter down the aisle. The photos were taken by Vicens Forns (54) from Fairfield, California, USA. The wedding photographer-by-trade armed with his Canon camera was one of 11 people at the ceremony in St. Ignatius Church, San Francisco, USA. Excluding himself, the priest, and the lucky couple, there were seven guests at the wedding in accordance with US social distancing guidelines. The church was kind enough to livestream the wedding, however, so extended family and friends did not fully miss out on their big day.

Girl, 8, diagnosed with rare cancer days 'after GP and A&E sent her home'

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eight-year-old girl has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer - days after her GP and A&E sent her home with antibiotics, claiming her condition was nothing to worry about. Aurora Pile-Gray now faces six months of agonising treatment at a specialist London hospital after she was eventually found to have Burkitt's Leukaemia, a fast-spreading cancer affecting the blood and bone marrow. The devastating diagnosis has sparked an outpouring of support, with the public raising over £12,000 to support Aurora's family in just under two days. Heartbroken mum Keisha said that her daughter started mentioning a pain in her chin in mid-April before her condition rapidly deteriorated.

Inside 1838 church converted into one of UK's most majestic homes worth £44m

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON: Fall From Grace: Luxurious London Church conversion has its price slashed by TWENTY-PER CENT after failing to attract buyers during the coronavirus property crisis - but it'll still cost you Ł44m. Selling a house in a post-pandemic world is already going to be a big ask but imagine the hard task of selling this London mansion that was once valued at Ł55m. The Ł11m price drop comes after the seven bedroom semi-detached house has been on the market for over a year. St Saviours House on Walton Street, Knightsbridge, comes with seven bathrooms, a sauna and up to five reception rooms. With 40-foot vaulted ceilings, a swimming pool and a state-of-the-art gym, this cosy periodic 12,102 sq. ft. property has prized space which is hard to come by in the capital. Luxury estate agents Knight Frank are offering a guide price of Ł44m for the conversion, which was previously a church for 160 years.

Woman transforms her bathroom for less than £400 after her professional refit was cancelled due to lockdown - saving her more than £1,500

***EXCLUSIVE*** ESSEX, UK: Woman transforms her bathroom for less than four-hundred-pounds after her professional refit was cancelled because of lockdown - and she claims she's saved THOUSANDS. Blogger, Hayley Rubery (29) from Essex, UK, has been using the free-time the UK lockdown has provided her wisely. In June 2020, Hayley was scheduled to have a complete refit of her bathroom costing several thousand pounds. With this now cancelled due to the pandemic, DIY-savvy Hayley has upcycled her bathroom for a budget price of Ł375 - still managing to bring her dream vision to life in her Ł350,000 three-bedroom home. Hayley was able to use some leftover Dulux paint and created a parquet counter for her cupboard using wood from the garden. She spent Ł36 on vinyl flooring from EBay, Ł29 on tile paint, Ł4 on some new handles, Ł9 on a toilet roll holder, Ł14 on a towel holder, and Ł15.99 on a rattan sheet for her cupboard upcycling project. A few larger purchases were also needed to complete the project including a Ł99 shower screen, Ł100 shower system, Ł40 sink tap, and a Ł29 toilet seat - but this still saved Hayley thousands of pounds.

He should have legged it! Unlucky zebra's limb sticks out of crocodile's mouth after getting torn to pieces as it crossed a river

***EXCLUSIVE*** MASAI MARA, KENYA: Jaw-dropping images show the moment a crocodile happily devoured a zebra drum stick just like it was visiting KFC. The herd of zebras can be seen waiting on the riverbank for the right time to cross the Mara River, before one brave 850-pound zebra decided to take the lead. Sadly for this would-be leader, pictures show how the crocodiles were waiting to devour them. Another photo shows a nearby hippo watching on - with the wise reptiles choosing to leave this hefty 40,000 pound animal alone. Photographer, Nimit Virdi (32) from Wellington, India, was on a game drive in the Masai Mara National Park, Kenya, when he witnessed this incredible sight. According to Nimit, there must have been over 1,000 zebras and the inquisitive photographer watched for two hours as they headed down to the water for a quick drink before dashing back up to the safety of the bank. Eventually, one brave zebra decided to jump in - leading the herd into the river. Over 10 Nile crocodiles quickly descended upon the waters and within a matter of minutes, the zebra had been torn apart - with several other fatalities following in due course. The 850-pound zebras were no match for the 1,200-pound crocodiles who can travel through water at 35 kilometres-per-hour. Sensing the nearby prey, Nimit recalls how quickly the crocodiles descended upon the river. Nile crocodiles each have 68 teeth - plenty to seek into their prey - and can eat up to half their body weight.

Woman transforms cupboard under the stairs into luxury bedroom for her dog

***EXCLUSIVE*** NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND: Doggy DIY: Woman transforms CUPBOARD under the STAIRS into a luxury BEDROOM for her DOG for just THIRTY-SIX-POUNDS. Textile design graduate, Paige Lloyd-Clarke (24), from Nottingham, England, has long considered her dog’s cage to be an eyesore. The proud pet-mum has always wanted to give her Boston terrier, Winston (3), his own bedroom and with the UK currently in lockdown, Paige has had plenty of time to do so. Having moved into her Ł105,000 two-bedroom home in November 2019, Paige decided in April 2020 that her barely-used under-stairs storage cupboard would make the perfect room for Winston. She spent just Ł35.95 on the project purchasing some adhesive floor tiles (Ł27), a new cushion (Ł4.95) and Ł4 in delivery costs. To complete the 10 square-foot room, Paige gathered some leftover items from around her house including paint, picture frames, and artificial leaves cut from Ikea plants. Husband, Martin (28), turned an old pallet into a bed and drew some artwork of the couple’s pets to decorate the walls. The finished room is unrecognisable and needless to say, Winston loves his new bedroom - immediately venturing inside upon completion for a celebratory nap. The couple have even found cat, Sherlock (3), enjoying the doggy den.