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Giant Teddy Bears entertain their street during lockdown with their outdoor antics

Stockport, United Kingdom: Two life-sized teddy bears are hoping to bring smiles to the faces of local residents with their daily antics set up in their owner’s front garden. Ted and Ed, otherwise known as ''The Moor Bears,'' have gathered a following on social media after their owners have been positioning them in various fun positions every day since the start of the lockdown. Passers-by in Stockport, England have been able to see the bears doing the housework with an ironing board and vacuum cleaner, camping, chopping wood, mowing the lawn, or relaxing with a spa day or a good book. Ted and Ed were purchased by their owners six years ago at a Costco. Their owner has said how their community has been affected and saddened by the effects of the coronavirus. Their owner has found that they are interacting with neighbours more than they would normally. Neighbours say it's ''wonderful'' how the bears make everyone smile...''

A computer whiz saved his mountain biker brother's life after he tore open his thigh in a downhill horror smash - after learning life saving tips from YouTube videos

***EXCLUSIVE*** Studious Kian Walton, 15, quickly sprung into action to stem the blood flow from his elder sibling, Jake's wound after watching survival skills videos on the social media site. The brothers, from Halifax, West Yorks., are polar opposites with Jake, 18, loving adventure and danger and younger Kian loving nothing more than studying and spending hours in front of a computer. But his favourite pastime came in handy when Jake got into trouble after an impromptu cycle to picturesque viewpoint Ogden Water, Halifax, West Yorks on July 12 last year. As they were riding home, the uneven ground caused Jake to lose control of his BMX mountain bike and he was swept over his handlebars. His bike then fell on top of him, with one of the bars puncturing his thigh bone in his right leg.

A cute five-year-old boy dresses as a different key worker for every 'clap for carers'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cute five-year-old boy dresses as a different key worker for every 'clap for carers' including Boris Johnson - complete with homemade lectern.  Little Alfie Miller, five, wanted to thank key workers - including his prison-officer dad - for their hard work in an original way.  He used a fancy dress doctor‚Äôs outfit to thank medics one week, but has since gone further - dressing as Colonel Tom Moore, Boris Johnson and even a prison officer. His dad, who wishes to remain anonymous, is currently living in a motorhome in the prison car park to keep his family safe.

Creative siblings have built a go-kart out of an old bath to keep busy during the lockdown - complete with brakes and steering

***EXCLUSIVE*** Former Royal Navy engineer Aaron Hicks, 42, set his youngsters the task to keep them occupied during the coronavirus pandemic. Conor, 13, Ollie, 15, and Emily, aged six, have been test-driving the DIY go-kart in the streets near their home in Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute, and in their garden. The go-kart, named the Havelock Flyer Mk 6, was built using an old bathtub and materials salvaged from crashes at motorsports events at the Knockhill racing circuit in Fife.

A schoolboy has found a new playmate to keep him company during the lockdown - after rescuing a lost baby GOSLING from the side of the road

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rex Stilwell, 12, rescued the abandoned greylag goose from hungry buzzards three weeks ago - and the pair have become inseparable ever since. Rex has named the bird Winston, and has become like a surrogate 'mother' to the gosling, which has imprinted on him and follows him everywhere.

Heinz made a 'Ketchup Puzzle' with 570 red pieces

***EXCLUSIVE*** Touching on the current quarantine period, Heinz recently launched a contest for a 570-piece puzzle inspired by its famous ketchup. Continuing to push the limits of the beloved condiment, the H. J. Heinz Company put together a puzzle that is simply just red. On social media, Heinz notes that it's puzzle might be the slowest puzzle on Earth.

Inside Grafton Farm in Shropshire as it's raffled off for £2 a ticket

***EXCLUSIVE*** The prize draw, for Nigel and Jane Chaloner’s six-bedroom home at Grafton Farm - set in approximately three acres of land in Loppington, near Wem - will be held today Thursday 14 May 2020. Mr and Mrs Chaloner are donating £120,000 from the proceeds of the draw to The Severn Hospice. The home was valued at £650,000. They sold their full allocation of tickets for the house - 550,000 at £2 each, raising £1.1m in total. Mrs Chaloner said that the family had been „bowled over by the positive response and generosity of spirit of everyone who has entered.”