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Stargaze from bed in these cozy glass cabins in the Icelandic countryside

Iceland: These tiny glass cabins located in remote Iceland take stargazing to the next level. Situated just outside of Reykjavik, OeOeD has nestled two luxurious glass cabins into the spectacular Nordic landscape. Thanks to a collaboration with Panorama Glass Lodge, visitors can rent out the cabins for a unique holiday stay. The front sleeping areas are wrapped in glass and invite guests to marvel at the surrounding environment while remaining cozy indoors. „OeOeD Iceland is a house of transparent glass that allows for next-level stargazing from the comfort of your home and bed” shares Andreas Tiik, CEO of OeOeD. The apocalyptic scenery is a dramatic match - add strong howling winds and the comfort of a warm, homely cabin and you get the perfect out-of-this-world hideaway. The rear of the cabin, which contains a sitting area, open kitchen, and bathroom, is clad in thermally modified ash. Its rich tones carry into the cabin, as the ash is used both in the flooring and some of the furniture. OeOeD aimed to make a cabin that is both comfortable and functional - an aspect that is important for such a small space located in a harsh environment. For instance, the roof windows are made of „warm glass” which works using electric currents and metal oxides applied to one side of the glass. This allows it to act as the cabin’s main heating, as well as melt ice and snow. Its anti-condensation properties mean that guests will always have a clear view of the sky when lounging in bed. The open flow of the interior gives a comfortable feel to the cabin, which was a deliberate choice by the designers.

Stunning portraits reveal Indian tribes including 'wife-swapping' Himalayan Drokpa people, Konyak 'head hunters' and Aghori gurus who smear human ashes on their skin

***EXCLUSIVE*** The last avatars of India have been captured by a photographer whose mission is to save these community members who embody their gods from DYING OUT. The incredible diversity in the photographs shows Indians from various tribes, including a woman from the Drokpas tribe looking out of a window wearing a uniquely-styled hair pin and long braided hair. Other images depict the solemn facial expressions of the Apatani, who live in the Ziro valley in the Lower Subasiri district of Arunachal Pradesh, India. The striking series, which is called The Last Avatar, was taken by photographer, Aman Chotani (31) from Delhi, India, who wants to educate people about their communities to save their groups from dying out. He has travelled to 10 Indian states to capture each image: Gujrat, Rajasthan, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Varanasi, Odisha, Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Karnataka.

A fashionable address! 17th Century mansion with 10 bedrooms, a pool and 28 acres of land that once belonged to controversial Gucci heir Paolo goes on sale for £2.75million

***EXCLUSIVE*** SURREY, UK: The 17th century mansion once home to Paolo Gucci who had his own father ARRESTED could be yours for a fashionable Ł2.95m. The country pile of Normans Rusper, is located close to the Surrey/West Sussex border and comes complete with a music room, family room, games room, kitchen, two utility rooms, lounge, study, 10 bedrooms, an outside pool, six bath and shower rooms, dressing rooms and a perfectly situated roof terrace. The 28-acre property was the 1980s home of the late-Paolo Gucci, a playboy, fashion tycoon and grandson of Guccio Gucci, founder of the designer brand. He was the former vice-president and managing director of both Gucci Shops Inc., and Gucci Parfums of America. Famous for his squabbles within the family, he once brought assault charges against his two brothers and provided the evidence to have his father arrested for tax evasion. He later went on to sell his interest in the company before being declared bankrupt in 1993. On October 10, 1995, he died of chronic hepatitis. The property is believed to date back to the 17th century and is currently on the market with House Partnership.

Police worker, 49, wins luxury six bedroom Grade II listed farmhouse worth £650,000 with an outdoor hot tub, gym and all the furniture after buying £2 raffle ticket

***EXCLUSIVE*** The prize draw, for Nigel and Jane Chaloner’s six-bedroom home at Grafton Farm – set in approximately three acres of land in Loppington, near Wem – has been held today Thursday 14 May 2020.  Mr and Mrs Chaloner are donating £120,000 from the proceeds of the draw to The Severn Hospice. The home was valued at £650,000.  They sold their full allocation of tickets for the house - 550,000 at £2 each, raising £1.1m in total.  Mrs Chaloner said that the family had been “bowled over by the positive response and generosity of spirit of everyone who has entered".

Couple from York spend just £40 transforming drab garden shed into impressive Tiki bar

***EXCLUSIVE*** YORK, UK: Lockdown Luau: Family transforms garden shed into a tiki-bar for just FORTY-POUNDS. Insurance expert, Shannon Woodward (27) from York, UK, has been heading to the garden of her mum’s four-bedroom semi-detached home during the UK pandemic lockdown, like so many other Brits. Stepdad, Jerry Kersey (60), had recently celebrated his 60th birthday and received a full-sized beer pump as a gift. Shannon’s mum, Gail Kersey (57) wasn’t too keen on the beer pump taking over the kitchen and so the trio set to work to create their very own garden tiki-bar out of their shed. The project cost just Ł40 in total - as Shannon and her family utilised lots of spare wood they already had lying around. Bamboo to complete the tiki look was purchased for Ł40, and DIY-savvy Jerry created the sophisticated bar stools himself. The family used some fairy lights and transferred their stocks inside to finish off.

Polar bear cubs use mum as a climbing frame before taking a tumble

***EXCLUSIVE*** A polar bear cub takes a tumble as it tries to use its mother as a climbing frame as she walks across the snow. The three month old cub was clinging to its mother's neck as it attempted to wrestle her to the floor. But it fell off onto the snow as its sibling played around under the adult bear's legs. The beautiful images were taken as the family made their way toward the Arctic Ocean to hunt for food.

Two peacocks fight

***EXCLUSIVE*** A peacock leaps into the air as it battles with a rival over territory on a foggy morning. The brightly coloured bird jumps almost six foot into the air before crashing down on its opponent. The fight was captured by amateur photographer Nilesh Patel, in Dudhwa National Park, India.

Freediving with whales

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIAN OCEAN: Photographer captures divers freediving with whales and claims they can read people like a book. Images show human scuba divers abstaining from using masks where possible, to deepen the emotional bond between human and whale. One female snorkeler get deeper, but abstains from wearing a wetsuit hood and full scuba gear to appear recognisable to the whale. With the meeting of minds culminating in an epic vertical shot that could be from a movie poster. Underwater photographer and wildlife trip organiser Mike Korostolev (38), from Moscow, Russia, was just 9 feet away from these beautiful sea creatures snapped across the Indian Ocean.

He bit me! Bear cub bites another whilst playfighting

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young bear cub howls as its sibling bites him on the arm during a play fight. The eight-month-old brown bears wrestle as their mother sits a few feet away eating blueberries. The 2ft tall animals happily started off playing together before one got a little carried away. These endearing images were taken in a remote corner of the Katmai National Park in Alaska.

A groundbreaking solution to blindness bypasses damaged eyes and delivers visual information directly to the brain allowing people to 'see'

***EXCLUSIVE*** For most adults who lose their vision, blindness results from damage to the eyes or optic nerve - while the brain remains intact. Researchers have long proposed a workaround involving the development of a device that would pass images from a camera straight to the brain, skipping the eyes in the process. In a new paper, published in journal Cell, a team of investigators from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston revealed that they are one step closer to that goal.

That's net something you see every day! Fishermen create mesmerising patterns as they trawl for anchovies

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brightly coloured fishing boat drops thousands of metres of green net into the ocean. The netting then transforms into an array of mesmerising shapes as it is hauled back on to the vessel. These local fishermen head out to sea every day trying to catch huge shoals of anchovies. The beautiful images were taken in An Hai, Tuy An, Phu Yen in Vietnam by photographer and banker Khanh Phan.

Novice Buddhist monks framed by oval windows

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two young novice monks stare out of the windows of a 200-year-old monastery. The 12-year-olds have been training for the past five years and are unable to see their families while they learn. They are taught to live a simple and meditative life with the hope of one day attaining enlightenment, or nirvana. They live in the Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung monastery in Nyaungshwe, on the shores on Inle Lake Lake in Myanmar.

Cows on the back of lorries

***EXCLUSIVE*** MOOving along. Cows being transported to market in the back of trucks to be sold to various slaughter houses in Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh. The cows are priced by weight with the average sale price being between £500 to £800 each. Abdul Momin, 29 from Bogra, Bangladesh captured the images by use of his drone.

Scarlet lake with seagulls flying over

***EXCLUSIVE*** A flock of seagulls swoop majestically over a scarlet coloured salt lake in Oman. The striking image was captured with a drone by profressional photographer Haitham Al Farsi. Haithan said, "The amount of algae in the water causes the lake to be this colour. Many species of bird fly over here during the migration season on their journey to africa."