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Calvin Klein co-founder lists $100million 'once-in-a-lifetime' equine-style mega mansion where championship thoroughbred racehorses are raised on its 740-acre New York estate

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: Fashion icon’s mega mansion complete with world class equestrian facilities could be yours for just Ł80m. Photos of the jaw-dropping property, built by the co-founder of Calvin Klein and perfected over the last four decades, showcase the ultimate two-storey library; the sensational façade of the four-level colonial plantation-style manor; and stunning views over the property’s enormous 740-acre grounds. More striking shots depict Stonewall Farm’s top-of-the-range equestrian facilities and the land dedicated to raising championship thoroughbred racehorses.

Africa's golden hour: Stunning images of the African savannah at sunset show lions and giraffes silhouetted against the sky

***EXCLUSIVE*** NAIROBI, KENYA: Photographer spends seventeen hours at a time capturing the inhabitants of the savanna plains during Africa's stunning GOLDEN HOUR. In one spectacular image, a lioness and her cub can be seen wandering in the dusky evening light. In another, the silhouette of a male lion is defined by the setting sun. A further image shows the sun’s heavenly orange rays beaming down onto a lone tree. Photographer, Clement Kiragu (39) from Nairobi, Kenya, has an infinity for capturing the magic of Africa’s golden hour - the hours preceding sunset (5-to-6pm) and following sunrise (6-to-7am). Over several years, Clement made numerous trips to Amboseli National Park and Maasai Mara National Park - setting out at 5am to fully utilise the fleeting golden light. Lions in particular are primarily nocturnal or crepuscular - and so they become active at sunrise and sunset. They can spend up to 20-hours a day resting to avoid the heat of the day. Africa receives more than 30 million tourists a year and the continent is the world’s number one destination for safaris. With the number of visitors increasing, Clement hopes that his images will highlight the importance of wildlife conservation.

What did VE Day look like? Amazing colour pictures show Britain celebrate the end of World War Two 75 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colourised pictures celebrate the 75th anniversary of Britain's triumph over the Nazi's. Images show Winston Churchill being swarmed by a sea of joyous Brits, a street party taking place in Manchester and a group of 30 Londoners crammed onto a Royal Armed Forces (RAF) lorry posing with victory symbols and smiles. Another picture shows a group of 300 schoolchildren posing at a 'v' for victory shaped table. The term VE Day was first coined as early as September 1944, to honour the eventual date of the end of Second World War in Europe.

Royal Mail killjoys have banned a postman from wearing a fancy dress costume showing a dog biting his bum - because it’s „insensitive”

***EXCLUSIVE*** Michael Nelhams, 51, dons a different outfit every day to cheer up residents on his daily rounds. But he was ordered to stop wearing a pair of inflatable trousers with a dog biting the rear after Royal Mail received a complaint. Royal Mail said more than 2,000 posties are attacked by dogs each year and staff should show „sensitivity” when choosing fancy dress outfits. The popular postie, who has two daughters, four step-children and eight grandchildren, said: „I’m still going out in fancy dress, (but) not wearing the dog-biting-bum costume.”

A big-hearted team of care home staff have made the ultimate sacrifice by leaving their own homes and families behind to go on lockdown with their elderly residents

***EXCLUSIVE*** The staff at Anchor House care home, in Doncaster, Yorkshire, have moved into the premises to ensure that their vulnerable residents have the support they need during the coronavirus pandemic.  Care home manager Karen Greaves, 58, called a meeting of all staff on 20th March and asked for volunteers to go into lockdown with the 21 residents - whose ages range from 68 to 100.  Out of 22 regular staff, eight volunteered to stay behind, including: manager, Karen Greaves, 58, assistant deputy manager, Susan Waugh, 49, and other assistant deputy manager, Sandra Shinn, 51, and her carer husband, Mark Shinn, 51 - and other carers, Kim Compton, 56, Debbie James, 37, Claire Donoghue, 46, and Lucy Clifford, 33.

Designers amend model picture to show 'beautiful' eyes around the world

These are the most beautiful eyes in the world - as seen by designers in different countries. UK online supplier of contact lenses, Contactlenses.co.uk, explain: „We reached out to 95 Designers around the World with one and only one instruction: Make the eyes of our subject 'beautiful' using your personal perception of beauty.”

A pet canary has become an internet star with its moptop hair - including a rainbow makeover which would make a fitting tribute to the NHS

***EXCLUSIVE*** The bird - called Barry - has become a massive hit thanks to its distinctive fringe. Barry's Beatles-esque do has earned him more than 6,000 followers and over 300,000 likes on Instagram. His fans follow owner Georgie Shute so they can see the latest poses the funny bird strikes.

This hilarious footage shows villagers' making a fool of themselves after local put up sign saying: ''You are now entering the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Silly Walks''

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Ruffell, 37, is a self confessed Python fan and decided he'd bring some humour to the village where he lives. He put up a sign in front of his house saying: "You are now entering the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Silly Walks, commence silly walking immediately."

Fox cub needs rescuing after getting his head stuck in a vase

Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom: A fox cub found himself outfoxed by a vase after getting his head stuck inside the ceramic pot. RSPCA animal collection officer Joe White was called to Dengayne, Basildon, England after a resident found the distressed cub stuck fast in a ceramic vase. He said: „The woman found the poor cub distressed and disorientated in her garden with this large, heavy pot stuck on his head. She was worried that he couldn’t breathe so she smashed the end of the vase and called us for help. The poor thing was exhausted as the pot was very heavy and we have no idea how long he’d been carrying it around for. I rushed him to the wonderful team at South Essex Wildlife Hospital and we managed to wriggle the little fox free. From the looks of it, he had pushed his head into the vase and couldn’t pull his head back out because his ears are so big!”

IKEA’s FRAKTA shopping bag turned into a wearable face mask

***EXCLUSIVE*** Beijing-based designer/artist Zhijun Wang has transformed IKEA’s beloved FRAKTA shopping bag into a wearable face mask. With the help of his partner Yutong Duan, Wang has become well known in recent years for making masks out of sneakers and other products.