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Meet the rat with a passion for painting - who has used his paws to create masterpieces which have been sold worldwide for more than £1,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jess Indseth, 19, first noticed her pet rat, Gus, had an artistic flare when she let him play with her arts and crafts set. To nurture his talent, she bought non-toxic children's paints - allowing him to use his paws to paint on mini canvases - and she was thrilled at the colourful abstract results.  Jess - who also has rats Boo, Dot and Eve - posted Gus' artwork for sale on Etsy - for £20 a pop - and was inundated with orders. She has shipped Gus' creations across the world - as far as South Korea and New Zealand. The rodent has made an impressive £1,200 profit and plans to keep Gus' weekly painting sessions as she says he 'enjoys expressing himself'.

27-year-old girlfriend of millionaire Silly Bandz founder, who is TWICE her age, reveals how she earns thousands of dollars a week by counseling other people in age-gap relationships

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOUISIANA, USA: This millenial reveals the secret to how her millionaire OLDER boyfriend helped her earn three-thousand-pounds a month as an influencer. In November 2018, social media influencer, Sophia Spallino (27) from Louisiana, USA, was surprised when entrepreneur and Sillybandz owner, Robert Croak (54) from Ohio, USA, began following her on Instagram. So she messaged him. However, after a few days of messaging and getting to know each other, they connected and began FaceTiming each other every day for a month. Then when they decided to meet, Sophia travelled over 1,100 miles by plane for their first date. They have since become smitten with each other and are planning on getting married and having children. Sophia decided to share their love on Instagram with her 26,500 followers who have been supportive of her relationship. In October 2019, despite initially not seeing the hype of TikTok, Sophia was encouraged by Robert to set up a TikTok profile and share ?silly? videos of herself to increase their following. Sophia and Robert have since collaborated on various quirky videos; with one of her personas being a ?gold digger? who ?snatches a rich man? (Robert). She has since garnered over 84,000 followers, received 1.6 million likes and had over 10 million views. She admits that her popularity on TikTok has vastly improved their Sillybandz business, a bracelet band that is worth potentially over $20,000,000. In 2019, as her social media accounts gained popularity, she began to receive numerous messages from other couples in age gap relationships who were seeking advice. Robert encouraged her to turn this into a career as he felt it was cutting into their time together, so she began to research into coaching for couples in March 2020. She is now doing five to 10 sessions a week, where she charges Ł81.32 ($100) an hour and earning Ł3,256 ($4,000).

A mum who lost her young son in a devastating caravan blaze has revealed her other boy is making an incredible recovery - after being given a slim chance of survival

***EXCLUSIVE*** Three-year-old Zac Harvey tragically died after his brave dad was unable to pull him out of the inferno earlier this year. The fire ripped through the home of Shaun Harvey at around 5am during a weekend sleepover with his children. Although unable to save Zac, he managed to reach his other son Harley and rescue him.

Artist creates a quirky face mask every day during lockdown

Austria: Austrian artist Matthias Kretschmer has challenged himself to make an eye-catching face mask every day in lockdown. The creative says he did not want to put his brush down during the pandemic, but instead begin „to implement the current events and impressions of the Corona crisis in terms of design.” He began when masks become a requirement in supermarkets in his country on April 6. Kretschmer's says his masks are inspired by the daily events surrounding the crisis, as well as special days such as Easter. Matthias says: „It is a challenge for yourself to master the entire corona crisis seriously, but with a little humour. The many positive reactions to this still vague art project were motivation and incentive enough to develop the masquerade in a disciplined manner and to present a new mask every day.”

Man suffering from SIX-STONE tumour hanging from his face like a ‘trunk’ struggles to eat and lives in constant agony

Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia: A man in Medan, Andriadi Putra (34), has a large lump on his body from head to stomach. The lump has been around since Andriadi was small and gets bigger with age. Andriadi's father, Ismed Riyadi (58), talked about the lump on his body. He said the lump had been around since his son was born. Ismed (father) said there was no help from the government, and could not bring the child to seek treatment for financial reasons. He said at this time he also did not work anymore because of illness.

Cheers - bottle of Moet champagne which was bought to celebrate the end of World War One

***EXCLUSIVE*** An unopened bottle of Moet champagne which was bought to celebrate the end of World War One has sold for £400. The 1919 vintage Moet & Chandon Imperial still has its original cork, muselet and cap, although the foil has degraded over time. For reasons unknown, the family who bought the bubbly to mark the momentous occasion never got around to drinking it. A century later, it was auctioned off with William George, of Peterborough, Cambs.

Food from the kitchen look like pieces of artwork

***EXCLUSIVE*** Extreme close up shots of everyday kitchen foods look like amazing works of art.  Individual grains of salt and rice appear to be incredible multi-coloured gemstones when pictured using a macro lens. Photographer Roni Hendrawan, took the pictures in his kitchen in Bangka Belitung, Indonesia, using the specialist technique.

Incredible mansion with £1 million home cinema goes on sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Tudor-style manor in a celebrity hotspot with 'the best home cinema in the UK' is on sale for £8.25m. The grand home has an ultra high-end entertainment complex, including a £1m Steinway cinema, which was rated the Best Cinema in the UK and is a finalist in the 2020 worldwide Home Theatre of the Year award. After a £5m refurb Chalfont Manor is the perfect party pad with 12 bedrooms, 11 reception rooms, a swimming pool and a wine cellar. It is on the sought-after Nightingales Lane in the Buckinghamshire village of Chalfont St Giles. The area has been home to celebrities including Ozzy Osbourne, Armando Iannucci and former Oasis frontman, Noel Gallagher, who once lived in the same road as this manor.

Catch of the day! British expat photographer snaps bald eagle taking a fish from Alaskan seas

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALASKA, USA: A British photographer has captured the close relative of the recently reintroduced to England white-tailed eagle in all its glory. Incredible images capture this two metre wing-span bald eagle’s undeniable precision as it dives down to catch its dinner at speeds of up to 100-miles-per-hour. The 14-pound bird’s talons wrap tightly around the fish, and in another image, the bald eagle spreads its wide to fly away the meal successfully secured. Photographer, Alan Murphy (59) from London, UK, was in Alaska, USA, when he captured these stunning images. For the past ten years, Alan has spent eight days a year leading workshops in the Alaskan mountains educating others on how best to capture images of America’s national symbol. The bald eagle can dive at speeds of up to 100 miles-per-hour but travels at around 30 miles-per-hour in regular flight. The species can travel over 30 miles in a day and uses its sharp eyesight to spot its next catch. The bald eagle forms a species pair with the white-tailed eagle - the largest bird of prey in the UK. A species pair are anatomically and chemically similar, if not identical. The white-tailed eagle was recently reintroduced into the UK after becoming extinct in the country 240 years ago. Despite being America’s national symbol, the bald eagle was also facing extinction in the mid-twentieth-century but as Alan accounts, the numbers have dramatically increased since then.

Bagpipes carried over the top by Scottish piper at the Battle of the Somme before he was gunned down by the Germans come to light more than 100 years on

***EXCLUSIVE*** A set of bagpipes said to have been recovered from the fallen body of a hero piper at the Somme have sold for almost seven times the estimate. The poignant memento is believed to have belonged to Private William Alexander Scott who went 'over the top' on July 1, 1916 armed only with his bagpipes. His job was to provide morale to his fellow soldiers of the 21st Battalion Tyneside Scottish, Northumberland Fusiliers. The young piper made it all the way to the German front line before he was shot and killed still carrying his pipes on the first day of the Battle of the Somme. The traditional Scottish instrument was later recovered from the battlefield and returned to Pte Scott's family. The bagpipes were given an estimate of £800 but sold at auctioneers Lockdales of Ipswich, Suffolk, (Weds) for a whopping £5,594 to a buyer in Australia.

11-bedroom Queen Anne-style 15th century country manor with 30 acres of land could be yours for £5.5m

***EXCLUSIVE*** WEST SUSSEX, UK: This fifteenth century Queen Anne-style manor available for the first time in SIXTY-YEARS could be yours for just Ł5.5m. This outstanding Georgian country house, Maybanks Manor, is set in a prime position in a countryside in West Sussex and comes complete with six bath and shower rooms, a reception hall, drawing room, sitting room, dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, pantry, utility room, laundry room, wine store, WC, mini bar, two studies, 11 bedrooms, a cellar, a tennis court and a viewing tower that overlooks the Surrey Hills. The eclectic property consists of three different builds and the living space in the main house equates to nearly 10,000 sq. ft. which makes social distancing a walk in the park. The property can be purchased with its formal gardens, equating to around 30 acres, or up to 273 acres if the four separate lots are bought as a whole. Queen Anne style refers to the architecture of the property and was popular in Britain. The typical features include sash windows and stone quoins. The unique property is believed to date back to the late 18th century, though it is thought that there was likely a dwelling as far back as 1500, and is currently on the market with House Partnership for Ł5.5m.

Heroics of Charge of the Light Brigade sergeant who dragged a wounded comrade to safety despite being gravely injured himself come to light as his medals are sold for over £14,000

The medals of a hero of the doomed Charge of the Light Brigade who dragged a wounded comrade to safety have sold for over £14,000. Sergeant Henry Wickham, of the 13th Light Dragoons, helped his fellow soldier back to British lines despite being severely injured himself from a lance blow. His selfless act during the Battle of Balaclava on October 25, 1854, was immortalised in Lady Butler's painting 'The Return'. Lord Raglan, overall commander of the British forces at Balaclava, had intended to send the Light Brigade to pursue a separate, retreating Russian battery. But due to a breakdown in communications, the unit headed off on the near-suicidal mission – attacked from all sides by artillery, infantry and cavalry. The charge resulted in the deaths of 110 British men with a further 161 wounded. Sgt Wickham's medals sparked a bidding war when they were sold by a private collector with London-based auctioneer Spink & Son.

Robo-dog! Paralysed former canine crime fighter Vinnie is given a new lease of life as he is fitted with a set of WHEELS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Retired police dog Vinnie, 8, shows off his new wheels on a trip to the park in Poole, Dorset. A retired police dog with a debilitating medical condition has been given a new lease of life after getting a set of wheels. Vinnie, a seven year old German shepherd, served the force with distinction for five years before a spinal cord disease led to the paralysis of his hind limbs. He was forced to retire from Dorset Police and has since been welcomed into a loving family home who have nursed him while his health worsened. Now Vinnie has got a specialist dog wheelchair, he is able to run along the beach, fetch sticks and chase squirrels. Dave Harfield, 48, a digital analyst from Poole, Dorset, has spent over £500 on getting him a wheelchair to transform his 'quality of life'.

Toucans share banana piece lady and the tamp style

***EXCLUSIVE*** TOU-CAN SHARE.  A toucan feeds its young a piece of banana while they perch on a branch.  The mother bird breaks off a piece of the fruit, smashes it up and passes it to her youngster, who then tosses it in the air before swallowing it. They were photographed nearly 50ft above the ground in Boca Tapada, Costa Rica, by photographer Renee Doyle, who said: "It is quite an experience to listen to the toucans singing whilst hiding in the rainforest."

Oh yes it Liz! Programme for a royal pantomime starring a teenage Queen Elizabeth II

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare programme for a Royal pantomime starring a teenage Queen Elizabeth II has come to light after 77 years. Princess Elizabeth performed with her younger sister Margaret in Aladdin, entertaining fellow Royals, members of the armed forces and local school children at Windsor Castle. Elizabeth, then aged 17, took the lead role as Aladdin while a 13-year-old Margaret played the laundry boy's girlfriend, Princess Roxana. The future Queen made her appearance on stage by bursting out of a laundry basket and performing a tap dance. One of the audience members was Prince Philip of Greece whose eye was said to have been caught by Elizabeth. The programme, that is now being auctioned, cost 1 shilling to buy and on the back is hand-written the cast list including Elizabeth and Margaret, as well as the order of scenes.

Bougies lit at vineyard on a frosty May night

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Grange Hampshire estate in Alresford lit ‘bougies’, large paraffin candles which give off enough heat to create air movement which prevents a frost pocket forming in the early hours this morning. They were lit up the countryside at 4am this morning to stop the frost which causes the buds of the vine to die.

Heron is reflected in the water

***EXCLUSIVE*** A heron is reflected in the clear water of a pond as it plunges its head beneath the surface.  The bird was hunting for fish in the shallows in the early misty hours of the morning. It spent around two hours hunting in water near Bourne in Lincolnshire.

Bat swoops down to drink from pond

***EXCLUSIVE*** A waterdrop can be seen hanging from the mouth of a bat as it swoops in to drink from a pond this weekend. The whiskered bat made several swoops on the pond as it drank and caught insects, flying close to the surface as it was spotted in the daytime. The bat was feeding on gnats, non biting midges, and small mayflies which have started to emerge from Josephine Wheeler's garden pond in Carmarthen, Wales. Josephine, 41, a writer of books and radio producer said "I only put the pond in this year so this is the first year I have seen them." "It was so close it almost flew into me a few times, but I guess it knew something was there and swerved around."