Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A dad obsessed with World's Strongest Man thinks he might have the WORLD'S STRONGEST BABY after she learnt to stand at eight-weeks-old

***EXCLUSIVE*** Postman Tezra Finn-Johnston, 31, and girlfriend Emily Derrick, 23, first noticed their daughter’s strength when they left hospital and she was able to support her own head. When she was born on January 31 2020, she weighed just 5lbs 9oz - she was on the 5th percentile, meaning she weighed less than 5% of other babies her age. Now 15-weeks-old, Lula is able to stand unassisted, supporting her own weight.

A dad used 250,000 balls to turn his house into a GIANT BALL PIT - without his wife knowing

***EXCLUSIVE*** Joel Conder, 34, admits to being a child-at-heart, often pranking and playing with his daughters Kaci, 14, Grace, 12, Sophie, eight, and Chloe, two. But due to his asthma and Sophie’s weak immune system, the family decided to stay at home from the beginning of March. To recreate one of his daughters’ favourite outings at home, Joel hired 250,000 balls to transform their home into a giant ball pit on March 15. Although he didn't tell wife, Sarah Conder, 33, about his plan.  The dad-of-four from Surbiton, Surrey said: Some of the videos we want to do, I almost sometimes think, what would have been my childhood fantasy?

Virtual graffiti created by artists around the world after coronavirus disrupted its annual paint festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** World-leading artists created amazing virtual graffiti on an English town's walls after coronavirus disrupted its annual paint festival. Cheltenham Paint Festival is set for September but funding was pulled from several organisations this year to support people during lockdown. It means artists will only work on smaller walls but founder Andy Dice Davies gave online access to his huge library of the town's bigger walls for artists to virtually paint.

An adorable chicken and dog have become unlikely partners in crime after forming an inseparable bond during lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Animal lover Jennifer Read, 49, has rescued over 30 animals but none have taken to each other like best pals Florence the hen and Asha the labrador. The unusual pairing have become inseparable during lockdown after Florence fell ill with a water belly and they discovered she had a tumour six weeks ago. She was separated from her flock and began to spend more time with Asha who immediately became protective of her new pal. The three-year-old hen suddenly sprang back to life after being offered a scone and the cheeky chicken now spends all day „chilling” with her new best bud. Jennifer, from Goole, East Yorks., said: I never expected these two to become best friends but it’s been a highlight for me during lockdown.

A quarantined couple have made a DIY chute leading from their house to a tent in their front garden - so their cats can play outside during the pandemic

***EXCLUSIVE*** The two kitties, Archie and Toonie, can’t get enough of their new outdoor playpen. I was the mastermind behind the cat tent, said the cats' owner Anabel Maler, 30, of Iowa City. I came up with the idea but my husband put it all up for me. I’m more of an idea person. He’s the one who built it. They absolutely love it, added Anabel, who works as a music theory professor. They chase each other in and out of the tent all day and they lie in there sunbathing. Toonie likes to lie in the tunnel and sunbathe endlessly. We put a catnip plant in there at one point and they went absolutely wild. We’ve had it set up for about a month. We originally had just one tunnel and the tent, then we added another tunnel.

Cafe owner has spent £2,000 investing in 35 shower curtains and air purifiers while giving his Worcester-based business a lockdown makeover

***EXCLUSIVE*** A creative cafe owner has come up with an ingenious idea to protect customers from coronavirus - by hanging SHOWER curtains around tables. Francini Osorio has spent £2,000 investing in 35 shower curtains and air purifiers while giving his business a lockdown makeover.  He hopes the measures will help protect his customers from the spread of Covid-19 once he is allowed to reopen Francini Cafe De Colombia, in Worcester. The dad-of-three has placed the see-through shower curtains between each of the 16 tables at the premises, allowing diners to still see one another.

Strange cone-shaped hills on Mars were sculpted by water, according to new research

***EXCLUSIVE*** The mysterious mounds - dimpled with cup-like craters at the summit - were thought to comprise molten rock.  But groundbreaking experiments show they were actually formed by expulsions of mud from below ground.  When hot it flows "like lava" because of the Red Planet's low atmospheric pressure, say British scientists.  Up to 400 metres (1,312ft) tall, there are tens of thousands of the bright domes - and they could harbour evidence of life.

Be@Rbrick's latest Hello Kitty toy is coated in Swarovski crystals - retailing at $6,500 USD

***EXCLUSIVE*** Medicom Toy has added a glistening new BE@RBRICK to its line-up, delivering a sparkling Hello Kitty figurine as one of its latest offerings. The style is decked all around with Swarovski crystal embellishments for a super lavish take on the popular toy. Priced at $6,350 USD