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Knittingdale hospital! Great-great-grandmother, 91, raises money to help the NHS fight coronavirus with her own woolly replica

***EXCLUSIVE*** They are not the sort of stitches usually associated with hospitals. But 91-year-old Margaret Seaman is busy with her knitting needles to raise money for the NHS. The great-great-grandmother is making a woollen replica of the UK's Nightingale hospitals in a tribute to health workers. Mrs Seaman has been working until midnight every day on her project, which she has named the Knittingale Hospital and which is taking shape almost as fast as the temporary critical care centres set up to treat an influx of coronavirus patients. Although not yet finished, the Knittingale already has a clinic, adult and children's wards, an A&E department and a reception. Once completed, it will have four wards, an X-ray department and a coffee shop. Woollen figures of doctors, nurses and patients have been donated by a fellow knitting enthusiast. 

Lost and fur-ound! Cat who went missing more than 11 weeks ago is miraculously found over 250 MILES from his home leaving owner puzzled

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cat who went missing more than 11 weeks ago has miraculously been found - over 250 MILES away from its home where he is now stuck because of LOCKDOWN. Marshall the tomcat is having to wait to be returned from his new place in Kent to his owner Sam Spragg in Lancashire until he can safely be moved. Luckily, Marshall is having a nice old time down south where the lady who found him, Lynne Ashman, 49, and her 11-year-old son have taken him under their wing. Marshall often goes walkabout - staying out for a couple of nights at a time - but his latest adventure saw him travel the furthest ever from Darwen, Lancs., to Rochester, Kent. Owner Sam doesn't know how her six-year-old black and white domestic shorthair ended up so far away but suspects he may have had a helping hand from a courier van driver.

Dramatics pics show fearless diver using blood to lure 16ft hammerhead sharks off the Bahamas

***EXCLUSIVE*** BAHAMAS: Daredevil diver reveals how he uses BLOOD to attract sixteen-foot-long hammerheads and compares them to WILD dogs. Awesome images show brave divers feeding frozen fish to some very happy great hammerhead sharks. You can see right down the gullets of these gorgeous apex predators. One photo even shows a scuba diver caressing the skin of the shark, just inches away from putting their hand in its mouth. Director of communication and marketing and photographer, Kadu Pinheiro (46) from Săo Paulo, Brazil, took these shark shots off the island of Bimini, Bahamas. The snapper, who has over 4,000 followers on Instagram, uses a Nikon D500 with an Aquatica housing kit and Tokina 10-17mm lens.

A displaced Syrian man turns a cave into a masterpiece

Pictures taken in the town of Akrabat in the Idlib governorate in northern Syria show a Syrian man turning a cave he dug as a safe haven protecting himself and his family into a masterpiece after the military action stopped and the cave became a place where camp children gather to know how people lived in the past.

Thrifty blogger transforms her 'dark and dingy' kitchen and 'rundown' bathroom into chic and modern spaces using paint and stick-on tiles from B&M - costing just £370

***EXCLUSIVE*** PONTYCLUN, WALES: Blogger with over one-hundred-thousand followers stuns fans with incredible kitchen and bathroom makeover - that cost her under four-hundred-pounds. Instagram influencer, Charlotte Greedy (27) from Pontyclun, Wales, has amassed over 116,000 followers thanks to her savvy DIY hacks and tips. She recently completely transformed her kitchen and bathroom for just Ł374 - the new swish, grey look a far cry from that which came before. The dark and dingy bathroom of Charlotte’s three-bedroom semi-detached home is now unrecognisable - despite the transformation only costing Ł95. Charlotte purchased some vinyl flooring (Ł40) from B&M and fit it herself using some spray glue and a pen knife. She also purchased an under-sink storage unit (Ł40) and some white paint (Ł10). Charlotte completed the look with some accessories she already owned. The kitchen cost Charlotte just Ł279 - a fraction of what it would cost to fit a brand new kitchen. Charlotte did splurge on a new tiled floor (Ł100), but otherwise the transformation was very cost-effective. Charlotte purchased some stick-on tiles for the walls (Ł22 - gifted), two tins of paint (Ł64), new chrome plug-sockets (Ł23), a new light fitting (Ł25), and some cupboard handles (Ł45).

Remains of giant armoured fish dug up…in the Sahara

***EXCLUSIVE*** A giant armoured fish that roamed the prehistoric seas 380 million years ago has been dug up… in the Sahara. And it could hold the key to saving the world’s two biggest fish – the basking shark and the whale shark. Named Titanichtys, it too was a filter feeder – swimming slowly with jaws ajar and straining zooplankton instead of sucking water in. Basking sharks, so named because they often look like they are basking in the sun, and whale sharks do the same – today. Only closing their mouths to swallow, long comb like structures known as gill rakers trap and filter food particles. They can strain up to 2,000 tonnes of water an hour. The endangered creatures reach lengths of up to 40 and 60 feet, respectively. Baleen whales are among a number of marine animals that also use the technique. Now an enormous three foot head belonging to Titanichtys may improve conservation efforts, say British scientists. The remarkably preserved specimen dates back to the Late Devonian – 140 million years before the first dinosaurs roamed the earth. At the time the world’s biggest sand desert was covered by a deep ocean teeming with life.

Fighting tigers

***EXCLUSIVE*** An athletic young tiger springs high into the air as it play-fights with its sibling. The female Bengal tiger, which is only around 12 months old, puts her powerful hind legs to good use as she leaps high above her brother. The pair delighted an awestruck photographer as they emerged onto the jungle road and began playing under the watchful eye of their mother. Mihir Mahajan was able to capture the images in India's Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

Hundreds of trees float on lake for 40 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aerial photos show thousands of trees decimated in the eruption of Mount St Helens 40 years ago still floating in a lake at the volcano's base. Its eruption on May 18, 1980, was the the deadliest volcanic event in US history, killing 57 people and destroying 250 homes, 47 bridges and 185 miles of roads. Debris, including a dense forest on the mountain side, also engulfed the 4,000 year old Spirit Lake, totally covering it and killing millions of salmon there. Four decades on, the water is still full of tonnes of wood from that forest.