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One of the world's top free-style pilots has marked Captain Sir Tom Moore's new knighthood - by etching a smiley face in the sky above the war veteran's home

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of the world's top free-style pilots has marked Captain Sir Tom Moore's new knighthood - by etching a smiley face in the sky above the war veteran's home. Mark Jefferies, 61, took to the skies this morning (Weds) in his single-seat, Extra-330 aircraft, to draw a smiley face and the letter 'T' with the plane's vapour, in honour of the newly-knighted veteran fundraiser. And the 100-year-old, who will now be known as Captain Sir Tom Moore, had been made aware of Mark's fly-past - and stood outside his home in Marston Moretaine, Beds., looking up in delight. Captain Tom, as he has become affectionately known, has been recognised for his amazing efforts raising almost £33 million for the NHS by walking laps of his garden last month.

Suffering for their beauty: Stunning images of the Suri tribe who stretch their mouths using clay plates to achieve their incredible look

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating photographs depict the Suri tribe?s age-old tradition of inserting up to NINE-INCH clay plates in their MOUTHS. Striking pictures show the various Suri tribal women with pierced ears and mouths so wide they can fit up to four inch and six-to-nine-inch-wide clay plates in them respectively, whilst others reveal their quirky fashion statements of feathered hats and tiger-striped face paint. The close-knit ethic tribe group is also shown in a picture of four children lying in a circular position with their faces painted. The incredible shots were taken by travel photographer, Trevor Cole from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK, who was captivated by their community spirit.

Couple in lockdown together transform garden decking into outdoor home cinema

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple enjoying films under the stars amidst UK lockdown after building an OUTDOOR CINEMA in their garden for a quarter of the normal price could be showing us the future of cinema. As cinemas across the UK remained closed until further notice, senior event producer, Hannah Ferguson (29) from Chesham, UK, has been busying herself during the ongoing UK lockdown by undertaking a DIY project in the garden of her end-of-terrace three-bedroom home. Along with partner, Luke Whelan (33), the couple have transformed their garden decking into an incredible home cinema ? for just Ł1,500. In the summer of 2019, Hannah and Luke spent Ł1,100 on the wood needed to build the decking and pergola. It would cost someone between Ł5,000 and Ł7,000 to install a home cinema in the UK on average. Some have called for outdoor, possibly drive-through cinemas to be opened in the UK this summer. With the pandemic restricting us to our homes, the couple decided to further renovate the outdoor area in April 2020 to create a new social space they could spend some time in during lockdown. The projector and the screen cost just Ł150. The remaining lighting and electrics cost Ł250, which as an electrician, Luke was able to fit himself.

That's why it's called Iceland! Beautiful cave walls glisten within country's largest glacier

***EXCLUSIVE*** ICELAND: A globe-trotting Brit has captured the ultimate image of friendship while exploring inside a glacier with his pal. The breath-taking images show the adventurers picking their way past icicles, and circular ice caves so large they could step inside. Travel Photographer of the Year, James Rushforth (33) from Worcester, UK, took these dreamy shots in Vatnajökull, Iceland.

Bionic eye with sharper vision than a human one could give sight to millions in just five years, experts say

***EXCLUSIVE*** The world's first three-dimensional artificial 'eyeball' has been created - and is capable of sharper vision than the real thing, say scientists.  It converts images through tiny sensors that mirror a human's light detecting photoreceptor cells.  These are packed into a membrane of aluminium and tungsten shaped into a half sphere - mimicking a retina.  Named EC-EYE (electrochemical eye), the inch-wide device resembles the Cyclopean red peeper of sinister super-computer HAL in cult sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey.  But the prototype described in prestigious British journal Nature was built for good - rather than evil.  Its powers are already comparable to those of its biological counterpart - and will be improved.

Climate change will turn the Antarctic coast green, with algal blooms so vast they can be seen from space, new research has found

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scientists from the University of Cambridge created the first ever large-scale map of microscopic algae as they bloomed across the surface of snow along the coastline of Antarctica.Their findings suggest that 'green snow' is likely to spread further and faster as global temperatures increase. Researchers from Cambridge and the British Antarctic Survey combined satellite data with on-the-ground observations from over two summers spent at the South Pole detecting and measuring green snow algae.

A 105-year-old has become one of the oldest people in Britain to survive coronavirus - and went straight back to her knitting

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pat Aldridge beat the disease after just a FIVE day stay in hospital where she needed intermittent oxygen. Her carers described her as ‘remarkable’ and say she is of the 'resilient generation' with no real concept of how serious her condition was. And the day after her discharge, she was already taking part in quizzes, coffee mornings, knitting and going for her daily walk around the care home grounds.

Moment woman pulls own teeth out after lockdown leaves her dentist shut


***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman suffering with "immense" toothache tried to pull her tooth out with pliers having failed to get a dental appointment during lockdown. But Fay Rayward, who had asked friends on Facebook for help, only managed to make the tooth "wobbly".  Ms Rayward, of Telford, Shropshire, eventually had the tooth removed at an Urgent Dental Care hub (UDC) but said the current system was "not working".  The government said the hubs were helping those who needed urgent care.  Local practices were told to suspend routine services on 25 March, to slow the spread of coronavirus and to set up the local hubs.



Worker harvesting straw from river

***EXCLUSIVE*** A worker wades through a canal's murky water as he transports 80kg of straw. The farmer walks for nearly three hundred metres before depositing the cargo on the shore. The 1-metre-deep water is filled with small fish, crabs and shrimp. The locals in Tuy An, Phu Yen, Vietnam work for two or three hours every afternoon collecting straw in the river.

Traditional working farmers in Turkey

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers using traditional methods of farming cover their faces during the coronavirus pandemic in Eastern Anatolia Region, Turkey. Farmers ploughing a field with a pair of donkeys are having to continue to work through while wearing face masks for some protection. The streets have been a forbidden place for people to venture out during lockdown rules, but farmers have been grainted special permission to continue their daily duties.