Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

These adorable pictures show an unlikely animal family bonding - after a pony adopted three orphaned LAMBS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ten-year-old Heidi took on the care of the young trio following the death of their own mother - and even feeds them. The maternal mare is on loan to Becky Popham, who keeps her in a field in Somerset. She bought the baby sheep - Prince, Dewdrop and George, all four-week-olds - from a farmer and put them in with Heidi.

A postman has been bringing a smile to customers cooped up in quarantine by doing the rounds mimicking the lead singer of rock band KISS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gary Underdown, 32, has been delivering letters to people’s homes in Sheppey, Kent while donning Gene Simmons statement make-up and wig. His efforts did not go unnoticed as Gene retweeted a photo of the glam rock fan Gary on one of his rounds.

Inventors have come up with a machine - a 'car wash' for supermarket trolleys

***EXCLUSIVE*** Inventors have come up with a machine they say could help Britain combat a second coronavirus spike - a 'car wash' for supermarket trolleys. The innovative design - already reportedly being used at popular stores in other countries - apparently provides a way of rapidly cleaning shopping carts. Clean Trolley, the company behind the drive-thru contraption, claims it can wash 30 in under 30 seconds - and make them completely virus-free. It said that hundreds of machines a week are being sold in already Germany, and have been rolled out at supermarkets including Lidl and Aldi.