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Inside the cattle-worshipping African tribe that uses cow urine to wash their faces and bleach their hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating photographs show an African tribe where members use URINE to wash their faces and bleach their hair. Compelling images reveal the daily rituals of the cattle-worshipping Mundari tribe, including one that shows a young boy covered in ashes from fire with another smearing the dung of the Ankole Watusi cattle on the ground. Other photographs depict the large size of the cattle’s horns which can grow up to 72 inches in length, whilst another shows a boy washing himself with the animal?s urine. The incredible shots were taken in one of the cattle camps in South Sudan by travel photographer, Trevor Cole from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK.


A rare first edition of Harry Potter which was rescued from a SKIP by a school teacher has fetched a staggering £33,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was saved from being lost forever after a school library had a clear-out for an Ofsted inspection in 2008. The 65-year-old gran also plucked four other first edition Harry Potter books from among the bags of rubbish as she couldn't bear to see them go to waste. But she had no idea of what they worth - mainly because they were littered with misspellings and typos - and kept hold of the books for 12 years.

World's biggest virtual wave crashes against glass in giant optical illusion

Seoul, South Korea: A giant virtual wave crashes against a glass box in an epic art installation in South Korea. The vivid installation, which appears on Seoul's SMTown COEX building - South Korea's biggest digital billboard, is described as an ''anamorphic illusion''. Appearing for exactly one minute every hour, the simulation is so realistic it looks as if water is about to pour over the heads of people who pass through the busy commercial square. Titled ''WAVE,'' the project was designed by d'strict - a firm that specialises in using immersive technology to create public art. The project took four months to execute from start to finish, including three months of digital design work to make sure it achieved the desired effect. ''We want to create overwhelming experiences,'' said Jun Lee, Business Development Director at d'strict. ''Waves are beautiful and dynamic in themselves but we chose them as our subject because they evoke feelings of comfort - which is much needed now.'' Social media split on whether it was relaxing or stressful. One user compared it to the inside of a washing machine while another mused that it was like a ''self quarantined sea.''

Cadbury easter egg hunt is cancelled, so 15,000 chocolate eggs waiting

***EXCLUSIVE*** Claire Grant from the National Trust for Scotland with a pile of Easter eggs in the Drawing Room at the National Trust's Georgian House in Edinburgh, as the Trust are trying to find homes for more than 15,000 chocolate eggs that are left over from Easter egg hunts that were cancelled at their properties around the UK due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Lesbian couple marries drive-in movie theater amid lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, USA: Couple forced to cancel their mansion wedding organise a last minute drive-in ceremony and live-stream it on Facebook - to spread hope to people in lockdown. Photos show the loved up couple marry in perfect weather conditions at a vintage drive-in movie theatre, and drive off in a classic 1972 Jeepster commando car with their children. The video also shows the perfect moment they got married, which was also live-streamed online and has since been watched by over 18,000 people. Bri Houk (31), who works in dentistry, took the surname and married finance director of wealth services, Lindsey Leaverton (37), from Austin, USA. They tied the knot at Doc’s Drive-in theatre in Buda, USA on Tuesday April 28, 2020. Lindsey’s children from a previous relationship walked their step-mum, Bri, down the aisle. The twin daughters, Annabelle and Olivia (7), joined Bri’s sister, Shaye, as the only guests who could get close to the happy couple, as they are all in coronavirus lockdown together. The lovers who got engaged in August 2019, cancelled their wedding set at an idyllic 1920s mansion known as the Hotel Ella. They have also cancelled their honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico, due to the coronavirus.

Bride walks aisle of empty church with photos on pews instead of wedding guests

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: Couple unable to invite guests to their church wedding fill the pews with PICTURES of their loved ones faces. Pictures show the beautiful wedding of Parris and Emily Khachi (née Manashi), tinged with an element of eeriness as the absence of guests fills the huge Catholic church. A4 paper printouts of their guests unable to attend due to the coronavirus lockdown cover the church pews. The no-show guests were encouraged to send a photo of themselves in, which spread across 26 rows of seating. Their smiling but still faces in clear view, as the father-of-the-bride walks his daughter down the aisle. The photos were taken by Vicens Forns (54) from Fairfield, California, USA. The wedding photographer-by-trade armed with his Canon camera was one of 11 people at the ceremony in St. Ignatius Church, San Francisco, USA. Excluding himself, the priest, and the lucky couple, there were seven guests at the wedding in accordance with US social distancing guidelines. The church was kind enough to livestream the wedding, however, so extended family and friends did not fully miss out on their big day.

Special exhibition of Mandopop singer Jay Chou in Shanghai

An exhibition of covers of Taiwanese singer Jay Chou's albums, which are composed of over 50 thousand pieces of Oreo biscuits, is held at a metro stop in Shanghai, China.

Train-themed restaurant attracts attention in Liaoning

The inside decorations of the train-themed restaurant, bringing customers back to the old times, Shenyang city, northeast China's Liaoning province.

Collapsed baby deer brought back to life after being rescued from raging moor fire

Wroot, Doncaster, United Kingdom: A collapsed baby deer was brought back to life with an oxygen mask after being rescued from a raging moor fire by firefighters and the RSPCA. RSPCA inspector Daniel Bradshaw was called to moorland off Sand Lane, in Wroot, near Doncaster, on Wednesday afternoon (20 May) by fire crews who had been tackling the fire for three days. He said: „There were eight fire engines and crews on the scene from across Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire trying to tackle the blaze. When they were fighting the flames they came across this tiny roe deer kid curled up in the shrubs and pulled her to safety but she soon collapsed and stopped breathing so they put an oxygen mask over her nose. The fire was huge and the crews did an incredible job getting this terrified little kid to safety and helping her when she was struggling to breathe. I’m certain they brought her back to life and without their quick-thinking actions she may well have perished.”

Colourful rice fields

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colourful rice fields create a mesmerising landscape as they stretch across the slopes of a green valley. Silt mixes with the brown dirt to form different hues while the sun reflects off the shallow water. The beautiful images were captured in north west Vietnam at the height of the rice harvesting season.

Farmers lead their sheep

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers lead a huge flock of sheep through a sandy plain in the heat. The farmer, his wife and their son can be seen shepherding their livestock back home after visiting a lake. Aerial photographs taken by amateur photographer Nguyen Phuc Thanh show them leading the flock in An Hoa, Ninh Thuan province, Vietnam.

UK tennis courts reopen

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tennis players can be seen in action on the vivid purple tennis courts at Warsash Tennis Club in Warsash, Hants. Since the government eased lockdown restrictions and allowed certain recreational activities to recommence, players have been able to get back on the courts and have been 'served' their dose of tennis. Business has been rife for Warsash Tennis Club after starting up again due to the coronavirus pandemic, with droves of players descending onto the courts in recent days.