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A woman fell in love and married a toyboy who is 37 years her junior - after they met online and she mistook him for somebody else

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gran-of-ten Isabell Dibble, 62, fell for Bayram Boussada, 26, a taxi driver, after he added her on Facebook in May 2019. The receptionist mistook him for a man she had met while on holiday in Tunisia, North Africa, and she initially declined his online friend request - thinking he was "too young" for her. However after they got chatting, she realised it was a different person altogether. Although Isabell was skeptical at first, the pair hit it off, and she flew over to meet him in Madeira, Tunisia, in October 2019, where he proposed.

Couple got matching tattoos of their October 2020 wedding date while 'tipsy' on holiday - only for their big day to be postponed by the pandemic

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bride and groom-to-be have been left disappointed after their wedding was cancelled - and even more so after they had the date permanently tattooed on their arms. Francis Donald, 26, proposed to Fionnuala Kearney, 24, in December 2017, and the couple started planning their wedding immediately. They set the date - October 16th 2020 - and Fionnuala got to work finding the perfect dress. The duo decided to make their plans more permanent on a holiday to Turkey in June 2019, when they strolled into a tattoo salon and had the roman numerals of the planned wedding date inked onto their arms. But they faced a hard decision when the venue, Hugh McCanns hotel in Newcastle, County Down, told them they would have to postpone their wedding until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. After working so hard on their big day, Fionnuala and Francis were devastated - but had the shock of their lives when they looked down at their arms and remembered their tattoos. The couple have amazingly decided to stay positive, moving their wedding date to April 2021, and have started to think of ideas about what they can do to keep the tattoos meaningful.

Terrifying moment young girl is dragged back from the edge as she peers over 400ft cliff at Sussex beauty spot

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the terrifying moment a curious little girl is dragged back from the edge of a 400ft cliff after she peers over. In a series of shocking photographs, the youngster was seen looking over the edge of a cliff in Birling Gap, near Eastbourne, today. An adult notices that the girl - who's hair is blowing in the strong wind - is just inches away from the sheer drop and rapidly pulls her back. Tourists have faced repeat warnings about the dangers of the East Sussex location, with its crumbling chalk cliffs frequently giving way in bad weather.

Great-gran becomes TikTok star with football and dance routine

***EXCLUSIVE*** A great-gran has gone viral with more than 30 MILLION fans across the world watching her hilarious footballing and dance videos on TikTok. Ruth Rudd, 88, has become an overnight internet sensation with her energetic performances. In one day, a video of her scoring a goal while wearing her granddaughter’s football kit, attracted more than 500,000 views. The retired legal secretary’S videos have now been viewed and shared more than 30 million times making her one of the fastest growing online stars this year.

The stunning winning images from a landscape photography contest that showcase the beauty of planet earth, from the USA to Norway

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning locations captured by the finalists of the 2020 Landscape Photography Competition showcase Earth’s beauty in this unique series of images. In Eric Melzer’s other-worldly „Solar Storm”, water ripples in eerily perfect formation around the Ivanpah Solar Station in California, USA. John Kimwell Laluma’s incredible „Density”, captures the courtyard of a Macau apartment building from a whole new point of view. Olivier Jarry-Lacombe takes to the skies to capture „Paradise Island” - an unusual Norwegian location. The Landscape Photography Competition is run by The Independent Photographer - an international network of photographers and photography enthusiasts that reaches over 1,000,000 visitors every year. The monthly competition offers up to Ł1,645 ($2,000) in cash prizes and is committed to helping emerging artists kick-start their professional careers. After sorting through entries from over 60 countries, photographer and judge, Thomas Heaton, whittled the selection down to the finalists and editor’s picks. Stephen King’s „Winter Wonderland”, took first place - his image capturing „an unexpected spring snowstorm in Hokkaido, Japan”. Christopher Baker took second place with his unique „Pyramid of Khafre” image taken in Giza Necropolis, Egypt. Joshua Cavalier rounded up the top three with his third-place image „Jinshanling, The Great Wall”, taken in the iconic Chinese location.

Triumph unveils a Bond-inspired motorcycle to celebrate its cameo in ‘No Time to Die’

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Bond is no stranger to high-speed chases, whether it's on four wheels or two. Gearing up for his mission in the upcoming installment No Time to Die, Daniel Craig's Bond will be fighting off bad guys in none other than British motorcycle maker Triumph’s Scrambler 1200, and in celebration of this „iconic British partnership” the company has released a limited edition with special Bond detailing. The limited edition gets an exclusive Bond-themed makeover, with a branded lower side panel finisher reading „007” a leather seat with „BOND EDITION”, priced at 18 500 Dollars.

Giant sharks swim terrifyingly close to photographer in incredible pics taken in Mexico

***EXCLUSIVE*** A London photographer stands just INCHES away from these great white sharks - and admits they often accidentally come for him and his camera. Lured towards the camera, these jaw-dropping photographs capture great white sharks looking every bit the apex predators they are. In one image, a 2200-pound shark breaks through the surface of the sea - its Jaws-like teeth preparing to latch on to the bait. In another, a shark swims directly towards the camera - the nearby divers piquing its interest. Photographer, Euan Rannachan (35) from London, UK, captured these incredible images in Guadalupe, Mexico, whilst leading diving tours with his company, www.beashark.team. Having watched Jaws as a child, Euan soon became fascinated with sharks. He now regularly spends up to six hours diving with these impressive creatures becoming the daredevil he dreamed of becoming as a child. In one instance, Euan was just inches away from an astounding 20-foot-long great white shark. Euan takes many of his photographs off the Coast of Guadalupe Island - the most westerly point in Mexico. Around 200-miles off the shore of the island lies an old volcano which happens to be a popular migration stop for seals. Many researchers believe that sharks are drawn to the island as a last supper of sorts before mating season. There is very little information on great white sharks’ behaviour and biology. Despite their fame, they are incredibly under-researched. With the species’ conservation status listed as vulnerable, Euan is helping researchers by donating his images.

A mum-of-two has had to have facial reconstruction using a bone from her LEG - after a rare tumour ate away her jawbone

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gill Wood, 47, felt a lump behind her molar in March 2019 which led to some pain and tingling in her jaw. Although her dentist initially said it was just an abscess and nothing to worry about, the tumour was discovered in her lower jawbone in August 2019. Unfortunately for Gill though, it had „eaten its way” through her jawbone, meaning she had to go through a lengthy 13-hour operation to have it removed and her jaw reconstructed. Surgeons at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, had no choice but to use bone, artery, ligament and soft tissue from Gill’s leg for the complex procedure, leaving her with some impressive scars and a „slightly wonky smile”. Gill, a primary school teacher, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, said: "I was terrified, but I had to keep telling myself I’d get through it.”

A D-Day hero's incredible collection of secret escape items including an explosive lump of COAL has been sold for £17,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Buyers from around the world tuned into an online auction to bid for the gadgets on Friday (22/5), which included a string vest abseil kit. The collection was amassed by Arthur Muggeridge, who served with the Royal Artillery and landed on the beach in Normandy on June 6, 1944. Now sadly passed away, the ex-soldier amassed an impressive haul of military artefacts - which now belong to a series of happy bidders. assortment was sold by East Bristol Auctions in a virtual event, held online due to the coronavirus lockdown. The highest price was for a watch camera - which sold for an impressive £2,200. A string vest abseil kit went for £100 while a pipe hiding a dagger was sold for £520. A set of dominoes hiding a map was sold for £800 - and the lump of exploding coal for £170. Auctioneer Andrew Stowe said: "It's a fantastic result - and unsurprising given the interest we had.”

A little girl who was told she would never walk has taken her first steps during lockdown - and is now on a mission to keep going

***EXCLUSIVE*** Holly Reid, five, was born with cerebral palsy and spent the first eight months of her life in hospital. But last week, her delighted parents captured footage of her walking for the first time after she held herself up on the sofa and started „cruising” along. Now her parents Stephanie and Dan Reid, 38, are helping her complete 100 laps of the sofa to raise money for her special school - and she has already made over £8,000.

Colourised pictures show how Britain enjoyed beach holidays in 1890

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colourised images of Britain's beaches during the nineteenth century have emerged as British holidays look likely to become the new norm once more. Gorgeous scenic seaside views from the year 1890 have been brought to life in colour showing a crowd of people paddling in the sea off the coast of the Isle of Man, the soothing atmosphere of Worthing beach and the busy crowd near the Blackpool tower. Other incredible photographs show the sands washing up by the shore of Yarmouth beach and the children’s corner in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. The exotic landscapes were taken in the late nineteenth century, when tourism was rife and before the days of cancelled flights due to coronavirus. Blackpool rose to prominence as a major centre of tourism in England when a railway was built in the 1840s connecting it to the industrialised regions of Northern England. In 1881, Blackpool was a booming resort with a population of 14,000 and a promenade boasting piers, fortune-tellers, public houses, trams, donkey rides, fish-and-chip shops and theatres. By 1901, the population of the town was 47,000 and by this time it was labelled as ?the archetypal British seaside resort’, with its population surging to 147,000 by 1951. On May 13, 2020, it was announced that holidays are likely to stay cancelled despite new rules of lockdown due to COVID-19. However, the government has revealed that as of July 4, hotels and holiday homes in the UK could reopen, meaning that despite the bleak outlook, many glorious UK beaches could well be the only chance any of us have of a holiday.

Rolls-Royce sells a handbuilt toy Cullinan SUV for $17,100

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rolls-Royce looks to celebrate the success of its ultra-luxury Cullinan SUV with the creation of a 1:8-scale model car. Taking over 450 hours to make, each model Cullinan sees over 1000 pieces and captures the likeness of the real vehicle on a whole different level. The entire 37&x201d; x 16.5&x201d; x 14&x201d; model features working doors, luggage compartment, hood, and has a number of USB-powered LED lights. Priced from 17,100 to 27,360 Dollars depending on the options.

Mariachis in Mexico ask for "rescue"

Mexico, Mexiko-Stadt: Jaime Navarro carries his guitar in his hand. "Never in my life have I been through such a difficult situation," the mariachi tells. Mexico's mariachis are in trouble because the anti-corona measures are depriving them of their livelihood.

Colourful fish look like they are wearing flowing dresses

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning photos show the spectacular colours and flowing dress-like tails of the Betta fish. The 'Siamese fighting fish' are known to be extremely aggressive despite their beautiful appearance. Their tails will flare and become even longer when the notoriously violent fighters compete against other males in the same territory The unique images were captured in the freshwater trenches of a river in Karawang in West Java, Indonesia.

Porsche design launches limited all-black 911 GT3 soundbar

***EXCLUSIVE*** Porsche Design has just revealed a new version to its collectible 911 GT3 soundbar. Originally released in stainless steel, the speaker takes the original rear silencer and tailpipe cover off the Porsche 911 GT3 and fits it with a subwoofer Helmholtz resonator extension. This all-black edition is limited to 911 models oriced at 4 250 Dollars.

Bird makes nest on empty bike

***EXCLUSIVE*** A blackbird shelters its newly-hatched chicks after making a nest in an unusual spot - on a bicycle. The bird took advantage of public bikes not being used due to lockdown restrictions and used one to create a home for its four chicks. Photographs show the nest wedged next to a child seat above the rear wheel and balancing on the seat stays. Amateur photographer Albert Beukhof, 44, took these shots at the Hoge Veluwe National Park near Arnhem, Holland, which is famous for its free, white bikes.

Corn drying

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers strip kernels from sweetcorn cobs before raking them out to dry in the sun. Abdul Momin pictured the workers in the village of Sherpur Upazila in Bangladesh while temperatures reach mid-thirties (degrees centigrade). He said, "The workers are their from sunrise until sunset. They flip the kernels every 30 minutes so that both side of the corn dry equally." "They need eight to ten hours a day over the course of two to three days to fully dry each batch out fully. The workers are only paid around £2.50 per day for all their hard work in the heat" "Due to the workers being very poor, they are having to continue to work even amidst national lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic."

Incense worker

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bunches of incense sticks create a beautiful display of colour as they are laid out to dry. A worker carefully laid out dozens of the vibrant bundles on the ground closely together. Aerial shots of the incense factory in Quang Phu Cau, Hanoi, Vietnam, show the sticks creating a sea of red and brown.