Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A very modern flapper girl! She's just nine years old, but already Elizabeth Cook is a champion pigeon racer... beating her top-breeder dad in the process

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cooing, strutting, pecking, warbling and mating very energetically in a series of home-made wooden and mesh pens in a back garden in Devon, are 76 pigeons cared for by a small girl called Elizabeth Cook. She feeds them, talks to them, lets them sit on her head, shoulders, arms and hands and chats on, and on, to them. ‘Here boy, come boy, good boy. Hey, watch those claws!’ Every morning after breakfast, she lets them out, watches them soar in mad circles for an hour or so, then blows her whistle to call them back to gorge on a power breakfast of special speed-enhancing grain. Every afternoon when she’s finished her school work, she does the same. Meanwhile, she checks any nests, cuddles the chicks and monitors the health of all 76 birds — she knows every bird by sight and ring number. She examines their stools under a microscope if they’re looking hunched and unhappy, discusses breeding options like a pro, trains them and studies the weather forecast but, most of all, just spends time with the birds.

Quirky collection of rare and unusual cars is set to go under the hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A quirky collection of rare and unusual cars is set to go under the hammer for more than £300,000. The group of 16 classic motors range from hand-built replica racing cars to barely used family saloons. They are currently owned by an esteemed British collector but have now been consigned to sale with Silverstone Auctions of Ashorne, Warwicks.

Massive Game of Thrones embroidery

***EXCLUSIVE*** A giant Game of Thrones embroidery which was commissioned to promote the popular fantasy TV show has sold for £3,000. The unique 10ft by 10ft piece, titled 'The Hardhome Embroidery', took 140 people over 30,000 hours to stitch together. It depicts a battle between the White Walker army and the people of the Wildling town of Hardhome. The Night King is the central figure, with his eyes illuminated by LED lights.

A cache of amusing letters penned by Hollywood dancing icon Fred Astaire

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cache of amusing letters penned by Hollywood dancing icon Fred Astaire to a British actor friend have come to light. The legendary performer struck up a friendship with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang star Lionel Jeffries in the early 1960s when they appeared together in the film The Notorious Landlady. They regularly corresponded for the following 26 years until Astaire's death in 1987. Astaire, who was in his 60s when they first met, filled his letters with self-deprecating humour about his advancing years. He jokes that he is 'an old b*****d' and makes light of his receding hair, also referring to himself as a 'lousy actor'. The collection of 10 handwritten letters is now being sold by Jeffries' descendants with auctioneer Dominic Winter, of Cirencester, Gloucs.

Have Nessie for a neighbour - Restored 19th century farmstead just minutes from Loch Ness

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beautifully-restored 19th century farmstead just minutes from Loch Ness with stunning Highland views is on the market for £675,000. The Steading is in the ancient village of Dores and has been lovingly restored and transformed to create a stylish yet cosy home. The house is just a few minutes' walk from the beach at Dores and on a clear day from the shore you can see all the way to the opposite end of the iconic loch - 25 miles away at Fort Augustus - which would be a perfect spot to hunt for its famous monster. The Steading would be an ideal property for someone looking for a peaceful, rural retreat in the Scottish Highlands, or could be a good investment property to rent out to holidaymakers.

Dog tired - Zoe the cockapoo jumps up on her owner's back

***EXCLUSIVE*** Easy Riders - Nick and Zoe using the Bournemouth beach bike path with fellow cyclists. Cyclist Nick Faure lets his pet dog cool off during a walk in the hot sun - by resting on his shoulders while he peddles along. Zoe the cockapoo has taken to jumping up on her owner's back to save her legs during their daily walk and cycle along the promenade in Bournemouth, Dorset. And with temperatures of over 20C, Zoe is spending most of her outing in the lofted position to let the wind blow through her curly fur.

Letter by Sir Winston Churchill in which he commended the bravery of an RAF pilot

***EXCLUSIVE*** A letter by Sir Winston Churchill in which he commended the bravery of an RAF pilot in the wake of the Farnborough Air Show disaster has sold for over £8,000. The message praised Squadron Leader Neville Duke for his stoicism in taking to the skies hours after a catastrophic crash killed 31 people in 1952. One of those who died was his close friend John Derry who had been flying a prototype de Havilland DH aircraft which disintegrated in mid-air and crashed into the crowd. Despite the tragedy the air show was allowed to continue and Sqn Ldr Duke took to the skies a short time later in a supersonic prototype jet.

Georgian house with one of the finest private gardens in England with maze & croquet lawn

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beautiful Georgian country home with stunning views over Northumberland is on the market for £2.5m. Glanton Pyke has only been owned by three families in its 270-year history and was requisitioned and used as an officers' mess during the Second World War. Strutt & Parker, who are selling the property, say it is one of the finest houses in Northumberland and it has a beautiful listed walled garden in its 18 acres. The property, which is nine miles from the market town of Alnwick with its famous castle, has breathtaking views over the Whittingham Vale and Thrunton Woods described as "spellbinding" by the agents.