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A British baby has become the first in the world given a cannabis-derived medicine as part of a trial to help kids born with a brain condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Oscar Parodi was born with hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE) - a lack of oxygen or blood flow from the placenta to the baby. He was cooled to 33.5 degrees - which is standard treatment for babies with the condition, in a bid to limit brain damage and seizures. But his mum Chelsea Parodi, 17, also agreed he could have an intravenous dose of a cannabis-based drug, following his birth on March 11.

Adorable dog Eris shows off her incredible 12.2-INCH nose in remarkable photos - as her owner claims it may be the longest in the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIRGINIA: This dog could have the biggest nose in the world after measuring in at a whopping TWELVE INCHES. Adorable images show Eris (2), the large-nosed borzoi, frolicking in the garden, proudly posing for the camera whilst wearing a dandelion in her hair and playing with her toys. Other photos show the sheer length of her sizable schnoz which spans a whopping 12.2 inches, and a family portrait taken on her recent birthday. Eris has just celebrated her 2nd year on May 19, 2020. Jewellery store owner, Lily Kambourian (27) from Richmond, US, first adopted her on July 23, 2018. The Virginian uses an iPhone XR to post pics of her pooch on their Instagram account which is nearing almost 200,000 followers. Named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord, the canine's full title is jokingly 'Madam Eris Overbite, Queen of Snoots'.

World record for the longest ever knitted BUNTING

***EXCLUSIVE*** These stunning drone pictures show the new world record for the longest ever knitted BUNTING - made of 80,0000 flags and stretching nine MILES. The massive 14.27km stretch of bunting has doubled the existing Guinness World Record. It consists of 79,001 knitted flags created by contributors from across the world. The bunting was brought together by staff at the Devon County Show which was due to be held this week but was cancelled.

A takeaway owner has created a giant burger that’s the size of a large pizza and could feed up to ten people

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kebabistan owner Yunus Sevinik has created a bumper dish - a massive 14 inch burger. He says if someone can can eat it within 20 minutes they will win a ¬£1,000 food voucher to spend at the takeaway in Preston, Lancashire.  Although the challenge will be post lockdown he said he already has three contenders who want to take part.  Meanwhile the burger, which is the size of a very large pizza and costs ¬£35, is already proving popular with customers.  Yunus, who opened his Turkish takeaway two years ago, says he prides himself on making freshly made food using only quality ingredients. He estimates the bumper lamb burger, complete with cheese, salad, pickled cucumber and tomato, could feed up to 10 people.

A rare penny struck in Northern Ireland in the 17th Century has fetched a world record price at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare penny struck in Northern Ireland in the 17th Century has fetched a world record price at auction. It sold for £6,200 - more than 20 times its pre-sale estimate - in an online sale, despite expert predictions that it would fetch less than £300. The penny - from Carrickfergus in County Antrim - achieved a worldwide auction record for a 17th Century British trade token, and was bought by an American collector. Coins, medals and jewellery specialists Dix Noonan Webb also flogged an extremely rare 19th century copper halfcrown, dating from 1812, which depicts a seated woman and was struck in Sheffield.

Two bored funnymen have set up hilariously elaborate photoshoots of their favourite TV shows in their back garden - including GoggleBox and Tiger King

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jamie Honeybourne, 45, and husband Alan Gibbons, 48, have transformed their home into a movie set and converted kitchen utensils and furniture into props. What started out as a way to cope with lockdown boredom has quickly developed into a thought-out creative process which takes hours each day. The captivating couple have spent each day carefully planning the shoots - and have yet to miss a day since they started over 50 days ago. So far, they have recreated famous shows such as Corrie, the Breakfast Club, Mary Poppins and Dr Who in their own rib-tickling way. Jamie, from Scarborough, said: “The first 10 days of lockdown were a bit of a blur - we were anxious but didn’t do anything which I’m sure many people can relate to.

Man gets £2,000 hair transplant after woman on dating app snubs him for ‘going bald’

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man who was crushed after being rejected by a girl for having a receding hairline is full of confidence after paying for a hair transplant. Stuart Scott, 25, first noticed his hair was receding on his temples in his late teens and grew self conscious, rarely going out on nights out with his friends as a result. It all came to a head in December 2017 when a girl that Stuart had been messaging on dating website Plenty of Fish told him she wasn't interested because he looked like he was 'going bald'. Crushed, Stuart from Romford, Essex booked a hair transplant and forked over £2,000 for the procedure at a hair clinic in Brentwood, Essex just three months later.

Adidas washable facemask

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adidas is continuing its efforts to battle the Coronavirus (COVID-19) with the release of the washable Face Cover. The Face Cover follows adidas and Carbon's 3D-printed face shields from early April 2020. The two brands are producing over 18,000 units a week and uses the same material co-created for adidas' 4D midsoles. Price: 15 Dollars.

3D dough sculpture of riverside scene at qingming festival is lifelike

Shenyang, China: People enjoy a 3D dough sculpture of ''riverside scene at the qingming festival'' at the qiquan kneading art museum in shenyang, liaoning province. The painting ''riverside scene at qingming festival'' by yu qiquan used more than 200 jin of flour to create more than 500 characters, more than 50 animals, and houses and buildings, etc., reproducing the original appearance of ''riverside scene at qingming festival'' in three dimensions. It is placed on the base of rosewood which is 6 meters long and 50 centimeters wide. The facial figurines in ''riverside scene at qingming festival'' are 2-2.5 cm tall, with facial features, whiskers, hair buns and even facial expressions clearly visible. The facial expressions of each character are lifelike.

Video grab from the awesome footage of kitesurfer climbing a coconut tree with his trusty kite surfboard before sailing into the crystal clear tropical waters below

***EXCLUSIVE*** This amazing footage shows a talented kitesurfer launching himself from a coconut tree. The amazing video shows Jeremie Tronet climbing a coconut tree with his trusty kite surfboard before sailing into the crystal clear tropical waters below. The footage was shot on the island of Mayreau in St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean in mid May 2020.

Bedside alarm clock with coffe machine

***EXCLUSIVE*** London-based design house Joy Resolve has released The Barisieur Immersion Edition, a bedside alarm clock-brewing hybrid that's programmed to brew the perfect cup of loose leaf tea or fresh coffee. The Barisieur Immersion Edition retails for 421 Dollars.

The Wild Swimming Yorkshire Man

***EXCLUSIVE*** "Water has a tremendous power," says Johnny Hartnell, who is rapidly gathering followers on social media as he shares images of his adventures in the Yorkshire Dales.  "I can't describe the magical pull of the water. Even just sitting by a river, or a lake, can make us feel better. "There are big studies into mental health and water, and it really does work. "We are just so lucky to have such fantastic bodies of water to play in here," he adds. "When you're in the water, looking at the sky, the world seems twice as big." The latest figures from Sport England, covering 2018, show more than 4.1m people swam in the nation's lakes, lochs, rivers and seas, with the number regularly swimming in wild waters nearly doubling in a year.

Masses of locusts flocking India

***EXCLUSIVE*** As swarms of locust invade several districts in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, Jhansi district resorted to killing the insects by the usage of chemicals in an attempt to neutralize the attacks. These swarms from Iran made way to northern India’s Rajasthan through Pakistan, creating havoc as they spread to surrounding states. In visuals, shot on May 25, before countervailing, swarms of desert locust can be seen buzzing in hundreds of thousands. According to District Magistrate, Andra Vamsi, the swarms around Jhansi were populated between 40 to 90 lakh (4-9 million), in a radius of under two kilometres (1.2 miles), and almost half of those have been sprayed dead by collective efforts of the Agriculture Department and District Administration.

Starving dinosaurs may have resorted to cannibalism when food was scarce, study finds

***EXCLUSIVE*** T Rex and other Jurassic dinosaurs turned to cannibalism when food was scarce, according to new research. An analysis of 2,368 bones from a dinosaur graveyard in Colorado has found about a third bore the bites of meat eating theropods. The bulk of the damage left by the serrated edges of the beasts' razor sharp teeth were made by Allosaurus, a cousin of T Rex that was as big as a bus.