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Stunned couple ordered to remove ‘offensive’ Michael Jackson scarecrow from their front garden by cops after complaint

***EXCLUSIVE*** Homeowners claim „world’s gone mad” after police visit - because they put up a Michael Jackson SCARECROW. Residents of a Hull estate say „the world’s gone mad” after police received a complaint regarding a Michael Jackson scarecrow outside their house. Stephen and Teresa Sayner, of Compass Road, put the effigy of the controversial pop star, outside their house last week as part of a community „scarecrow walk”.

Horrifying photos show burns caused by hogweed ‘that’s thriving in hot weather’

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain's most dangerous plant is thriving in lockdown - with warm weather causing a spike in the „toxic” plant which can cause blindness and permanent scarring. The vicious weed’s harmful sap can have devastating effects if it comes into contact with human skin, causing painful burns and blisters, and life-changing scars. The recent hot weather has created ideal conditions for hogweed to grow across Britain - with lockdown making it increasingly difficult to keep under control. Restrictions have left staff at Complete Weed Control, which tackles giant hogweed across the UK, unable to treat the dangerous plant.

Kitten ‘savaged and killed’ by big cat dubbed the Beast of Billionaires’ Row

***EXCLUSIVE*** A big cat on the loose around "Billionaire's Row" savaged a kitten and may be staying alive by feeding on tycoons’ pets, claimed a local animal lover. She believes the animal has been terrorising the wealthy north London neighbourhood for EIGHT MONTHS, and probably killed her kitten. But police, who deployed armed officers and a helicopter to try and track down the big cat earlier this week, have scaled down their search, saying it poses „no danger” to the public. Kate Blackmore, who lives in nearby Highgate, suspects the Savannah hybrid is a stray that likely exhausted the owner with its „hyperactive” personality. Kate, 35, Who owns two Bengal cats, believes the big beast is likely to be staying in derelict mansions on The Bishops Avenue in north London. Ms Blackmore, a PA, says she is "1,000 per cent convinced" it is the same big cat that made headlines last September for "terrorising" a Hampstead mum. She said she is certain the Savannah had killed her kitten as well as three pigeons that were left in her garden.

Pizza from the vending machine

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bavaria, Augsburg: A customer reaches for a Pizza Margherita which is ejected from a vending machine after about three minutes of baking time. The machines use state-of-the-art robotics technology to prepare each order with fresh ingredients, flash freeze to preserve and then cook to order in three minutes. In the wardrobe-sized box with oven, about 80 pizzas in two varieties are stored. Each machine features three Italian-style, 10-inch, thin-crust pizza options.

Wreckage of WW2 fighter plane which crash-landed shortly after take-off unearthed by shifting sands on beach

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of dog walkers stumbled across the wreckage of a rare WWII RAF fighter plane hidden on a beach where it had been buried under the sand for 76 YEARS. Debi Hartley, 51, was on a casual walk with her partner Graham Holden, 54, and their dog Bonnie when they made the „one in a million” discovery. The carcass of the airplane revealed itself on an undisclosed patch on Cleethorpes beach, with its wings protruding through the shifting sands. The RAF confirmed that the wreckage is one of their Bristol Beaufighter, believed to be aircraft serial number JM333 of 254 Squadron RAF.

Chipmunk sniffs a flower before eating it

***EXCLUSIVE*** An adorable little chipmunk reaches up and smells a flower. He pulls down on the petal to smell the daisy before taking a hesitant bite. The heart-warming pictures of the Siberian chipmunk were captured in Tilburg in the Netherlands. The photos were captured by amateur photographer and architect Albert Beukhof.

Bear reclines back on the sand for a nap

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brown bear lies down and relaxes on a beach. The large female collapsed onto her back before rolling over and taking a nap. The photographs were taken in the huge four million acre expanse of Lake Clark National Park in Alaska, USA.

Watermelon harvesting

***EXCLUSIVE*** A worker sits on an open top truck filled with thousands of watermelons. The men pass the huge fruit down from the car and relax on top of their huge harvest. The unique pictures were captured in Singra Upazila, Natore, Bangladesh.

Bird hangs upside down

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hide And Hang... A parrot plays hide and seek from it's mate by hanging down from underneath a branch it is perched on. The brown-hooded parrots were spotted in Costa Rica, close to fruit feeder for tucans which they were using as a food source, by photographer Petr Simon, 46. Petr from Cerveny Kostelec, Czech Republic said, "It looked like the pair were playing a game." After hanging from the branch for a short while the birds flew off to feed.

Zebra crossing

***EXCLUSIVE*** It's a zebra crossing... Three zebras cross a lake in single file through some early morning mist. The trio walked through the lake in Amboseli National Park in Kenya, Africa while reflecting on the surface of the water which was agitated by their passing. Linda Lester, 61, from Canton, Georgia in the USA said: "This was just so funny. I'm not sure if he was asking them to move or just yawning. Photography is not a profession for me but a passion."