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Harry Potter fanatic has transformed her home into Orlando Resort after coronavirus squandered plans to take her husband for his birthday

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Harry Potter fanatic spent £250 transforming her home into Orlando Resort after coronavirus squandered plans to take her husband for his birthday. Jen Bramwell, 32, 'got her creative hat on' as soon as lockdown was announced and she realised she could not jet off for husband Jon's 35th birthday as planned. For months the business analyst bought props and set design on eBay to build their own four-day 'Fauxlando' adventure involving roller coasters and quidditch.


Hi-tech new electronic glasses can monitor a person's brain waves and body movements - while also functioning as sunglasses and letting wearers play video games using just their eyes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Researchers from Korea University in Seoul have developed the groundbreaking new technology, which can provide more advanced information about a person's health than fit-bits and smart watches. Devices that measure electrical signals from the brain or eyes can be hugely helpful in diagnosing conditions like epilepsy and sleep disorders - as well as controlling computers. However actually accessing these measurements requires a steady physical contract between the sensor and the skin, which has previously proved difficult due to the rigidity of existing devices.

James Bond Aston Mmartin for $3.37 million USD

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Aston Martin DB5 is arguably one of the British marque's most well-known models, and now the car returns after a 55-year hiatus under the DB5 Goldfinger Continuation program. Aston Martin is producing 25 cars with help from the producers of the James Bond films. Aston Martin will paint all 25 units in „Silver Birch” honoring the original DB5 from the film with a four-liter inline-six engine that makes around 290 HP. Price: $3.37 million USD before taxes.

An adorable five-year-old is continuing to dress as different key workers for each „clap for carers” - including a bin man, fireman and Winston Churchill

***EXCLUSIVE*** Energetic Alfie Evans, five, wanted to thank his dad for his hard work as a prison officer during the coronavirus pandemic - even living in a motorhome outside the prison to protect his family. So Alfie, from Northampton, Northants., dressed as a prison officer for Thursday’s clap for carers on April 23. After a positive response from friends, family and neighbours, Alfie continued dressing up - as a doctor, Boris Johnson and Colonel Tom Moore. In May, he added Winston Churchill, a bin man and a fireman to that list.

Michael Jordan toy figure

***EXCLUSIVE*** In response to the reinvigorated buzz surrounding Michael Jordan, Medicom Toy is releasing a new figure dedicated to MJ and the 1992 US men's Olympic basketball team. The „Dream Team” collectible has surfaced following the airing of ESPN's recent Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance.