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'Ginormous challenge': boy with cerebral palsy completes marathon

***EXCLUSIVE*** A nine-year-old boy with cerebral palsy - nicknamed 'Captain Tobias' by supporters - has completed his 'ginormous challenge' to walk a marathon using a walker to cheers from crowds of well-wishers. Tobias Weller was described as 'incredible' and 'an inspiration' by celebrities and sports stars, who sent him messages of support ahead of the final leg of his journey, which began in March. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the schoolboy was 'really struggling' to walk 50m with his walker, but over the past few months he has increased his ability hugely.The young fundraiser has raised more than £47,000 for Sheffield Children's Hospital and Paces School by completing the 26.2 miles - or 42,195 metres - over 70 days on the street outside his home. 

An eleven-year-old Star Wars fan who had all four limbs amputated and a bionic arm fitted has learned how to write - with the WRONG hand

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eleven -year-old Star Wars fan who had all four limbs amputated and a bionic arm fitted has learned how to write - with the WRONG hand. Determined Kye Vincent had his left arm fitted with a R2-D2 bionic arm earlier this year after he lost all four limbs to meningitis. But that hasn't deterred the right-handed lad who has used lockdown to learn to write with his other hand.  The Star Wars fanatic says he has taken full advantage of the lockdown and has spent every other day writing and drawing.

A popular albino ferret who was stolen from his hutch, has been reunited with his owner after she made a desperate plea on Facebook to find him

***EXCLUSIVE*** One-year-old Bruce was swiped from owner Chloe Pickwell’s back garden in Mansfield, Notts., leaving her heartbroken. He was eventually found, however, after Chloe, 21, took to social media to appeal to locals to help find her beloved pet. Many came forward saying they had seen the adorable animal around the town before a man called Chloe to tell her he‚Äôd found Bruce.

Meet the real-life Little Miss Bump - a ten-year-old girl suffering from a rare disorder which causes her bones to grow BUMPS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Seren Wernham-Harmer was diagnosed with hereditary multiple exostoses (HME). It is a genetic condition that affects the nerves and muscles, causing deformities in joints - which show as „bumps” in the bones. Her three-year-old sister Beau has also been diagnosed and the siblings have been in and out of hospital for most of their lives, with Seren preparing for her seventh operation to shave the bumps down in October.

A home stay facility striking resemblance to a hobbit's village

Chongqing, China: A row of cement pipes creates a unique home stay facility resembling a ''hobbit village'' in chongqing, China. The home is inspired by the hobbit village in the Lord of the rings, where ''homeless people often live in sewers that provide shelter from the rain and wind. The site saw that the indoor pipe b&b is about 2.4 meters in diameter and 4 meters in length. Each cement tube is equipped with a bed for up to 3 people to rest. Although the internal space is not wide, it can be said that everything is available. If there were a kind of ''hotel'' like a pipe, would you like to experience one night.

Two members of the Jamaican 'Cool Runnings' bobsleigh team are keeping fit in lockdown - by pushing a car around their hometown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shanwayne Stephens, 29, and Nimory Turgott, 27, are both members of Jamaica's bobsled team who are isolating with each other in the UK. The duo have come up with a unusual fitness regime which includes pushing a car belonging to Shawayne's fiancee Amy around. Locals in Peterborough, Cambs, have been left stunned after spotting the lycra-clad pair charging around the city.

14 puppies, one of the biggest litters by a labrador

***EXCLUSIVE*** A six-year-old labrador has given birth to a staggering 14 puppies - believed to be one of the biggest ever litters for its breed. Proud mum Bella delivered an amazing number of puppies at last month leaving owner Hazel Hedges lost for words. Hazel, 31, and a registered dog breeder, had expected black labrador Bella to produce a litter of around six to eight puppies.

Sibling rivalries

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young fox cub lies pinned to the ground as its brother bites its tail. The squabbling youngsters were play-fighting when one of them took things too far. Musician and amateur photographer Hilary Bralove captured the pictures of the two month old cubs outside their den in Northern Colorado. 

Hundreds of aircraft parked up at Californian airports

***EXCLUSIVE*** Extraordinary aerial photos show the impact of lockdown on travel as hundreds of 'furloughed'passenger jets are lined up just metres away from each other on a long runway. Delta and Southwest Airliners parked their unused Boeings and Airbuses in these arid airports due to the low humidity and dry air in the region. The images of scores of aeroplanes were pictured at two separate airports, San Bernardino and Victorville in California, USA, where they have been grounded since the coronavirus lockdown in March.

Noodle drying

***EXCLUSIVE*** The factory in which the food is stored is capable of producing a staggering two tonnes of the noodles each day. Rice and wheat flour are combined with hot water before being poured into a machine which then turns the mixture into the long thin threads. Each noodle thread is at least 6ft long and they take almost two days to dry in Dupchanchia Upazila, Bangladesh.

Barnacles on whales look like rocky landscape

***EXCLUSIVE*** Barnacles stuck to the back of a grey whale look like a rocky, otherworldly landscape.  The enormous 12 metre long sea creature is covered in hundreds of the tiny crustaceans. The arthropods grip to the whale's skin as the mammal crashes through the nutrient rich waters of Baja Magdalena, Mexico.