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A mum who was repeatedly offered abortions by doctors because her daughter had TWO rare conditions, has given birth to a healthy „miracle” baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** Doctors warned first-time mum Kimberley James, 24, her unborn baby would not survive after a 12-week scan showed she had swollen in the womb. She was diagnosed with hydrops fetalis, which affects 1,000 pregnancies every year, and the survival rate is just ten per cent. Four weeks later Kimberley was dealt another devastating blow when she was told her the tot also had cystic hygroma which affects one in 8,000 babies and causes defects. She was advised „at least three or four times” from different doctors that she should have a termination. But Kimberley, of Worcester, decided to trust her gut instinct and go ahead with her pregnancy. After a 13-hour labour, Kimberley and husband Nicholas, 24, welcomed 7lb 6oz Penelope at Worcestershire Royal Hospital on May 9. Incredibly, both Penelope’s life-threatening conditions had disappeared and she was given a completely clean bill of health by stunned doctors.

This is the heartwarming moment a musician from Denver performed a duet with his HUSKY

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tate Hegstrom, 26 filmed himself at his apartment building strumming his acoustic guitar and performing a rendition of „I’m yours” by Jason Mraz. If Tates incredible voice wasn’t enough he is soon joined by the howls of his Husky Kovu, 3. The duo proceed to perform the wholesome duet together even appearing to somewhat harmonise at the end. The pair had previously been featured in a viral video performing „Lean on me” by Bill Withers and are now back by popular demand after audiences worldwide fell in love with them.

A WW2 veteran has been presented with his war medals in an emotional ceremony after thieves stole his old ones

***EXCLUSIVE*** Denis Gregory, 93, from Sheffield, served in the Royal Navy from 1942-45. He was aboard the HMS Indefatigable aircraft carrier when it was hit by a Kamikaze pilot's plane, and he was involved in the fire team that put out the blaze to save the vessel. He was awarded four medals for his service on Friday May 29, a special ceremony was arranged for the Royal Navy to award him those medals again, to replace the ones that were stolen.

The ISS passes the moon carrying the two Dragon Crew members just hours after they made an historic journey

***EXCLUSIVE*** This amazing video and photo shows the sequence of the International Space Station gliding past the moon - carrying two NASA astronauts after they made an historic journey. The short video clip clearly shows the ISS soaring past the almost-full moon on Sunday night, just a few hours after astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley docked the SpaceX Dragon capsule. And photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza then turned the eight-second footage into a composite photo - showing the tiny space station at 17 different points of its journey across the moon.

Dad of Brit missing in Ibiza says TEN bodies have been found in searches for his son across the island

***EXCLUSIVE*** The father of a man who went missing in Ibiza has said the search has so far turned up TEN bodies - but none of them are his son. Mark Garland, 55, is desperately awaiting news of Ben Garland, 25, last seen riding a motorbike on the island during Storm Gloria. He had been working as a deckhand on a luxury yacht but vanished after heading out in torrid weather. Mark said searches by authorities had found a startling number of bodies across the island - many washed up on beaches or found in the water.

House worth £195,000 that was teetering on the edge of a cliff after a landslide completely collapses

***EXCLUSIVE*** A shell-shocked mother-of-five today returned to the place she used to call home, which fell 70 feet off a cliff overnight, leaving her family with just 'the clothes on our backs'. Dramatic images showed this morning how the idyllic bungalow in Eastchurch, Kent, was shattered after the ground underneath it gave way in the early hours. Emma Tullett, who was not insured because the home was deemed too close to the cliff face, held her head in her hands as she went to see the extent of the devastation. In a statement this afternoon, she said her family's lives had been 'turned upside down' by the disaster but thanked the community on the Isle of Sheppey, who have rallied to support them.

A wife who missed her husband's death by minutes found his final phone notes including how to pay the mortgage - and how much he loved her

***EXCLUSIVE*** Katie Coelho, 33, walked into the ICU seven minutes after Jonathan Coelho, 32, was pronounced dead of coronavirus. She regretted being unable to say goodbye then discovered he had penned an incredibly emotional goodbye in an 170-word phone note. Beneath instructions on how to pay the mortgage, Jonathan left messages for his wife and children - Braedyn, two, and Penelope, one.

These fantastic photos show a magnificent animal-themed topiary display which a green fingered woman has cultivated in her garden over the past 25 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dedicated Debbie Simpson, 59, has spent thousands of hours carving creatures, including a colony of nine foot tall rabbits, into her shrubs, trees and foliage. The result of her herculean effort is a marvellous display of horticulture and, arguably, one of the most impressive domestic topiary gardens in the entire country. Among the animals craved out of box plants and yew trees in her quaint East Yorkshire cottage garden are elephants, birds, dogs, ducks and swans.

Fishermen have found a horn from the first animals ever recorded extinct - which experts believe might be over 5,000 years old

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fishermen have found a horn from the first animals ever recorded extinct - which experts believe might be over 5,000 years old.  Brothers Martin and Richard Morgan discovered the 70cm (27in) auroch's horn in the estuary of the River Severn. They were a species of large wild cattle that inhabited Asia, Europe, and North Africa and are the ancestor of domestic cattle.  Their horns were so large vikings drank ale from them and they were last recorded in the 17th century.

Stunned family find a WHITE albino blackbird living in their garden hedge

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family were "very excited" when they found a nest of cute baby blackbirds in their garden hedge - including an extremely rare ALBINO blackbird. The all-white fledging - which features tell-tale red eyes and legs - was glimpsed by Natasha Covell, 31, when it first popped out of the hedge in her front garden last Thursday. Natasha and kids Adam, 12, and Maisie, nine, had been feeding a family of blackbirds nesting in the hedge when the white one popped out - much to their surprise.

Villanelle’s beautiful Barcelona apartment from „Killing Eve” is available for rental stays

Barcelona, Spain: Forget checking into a hotel when you eventually book your next getaway, a stunning Spanish apartment that appears in Killing Eve is now available to rent via Airbnb. The property, which Villanelle lives in during season three, is called Casa Ramos - and is located in the stylish area of Gracia, Barcelona. Situated not far from Park G√ɬľell, the apartment boasts a reception hall, studio, dining and living-room, glass gallery, two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom nteriors fans will be won over by the architecture and decor, inspired by the Art Nouveau period. Casa Ramos was originally built for the Ramos family in 1906, and is every bit as opulent as it was then, but now with modern updates, including WiFi and contemporary furniture. The apartment also has access to a garden, private pool and a private balcony from which to watch the world go by. Casa Ramos has become a favourite of film-makers over the years - Alan Parker, Pedro Almodovar and Wim Wenders have all used it as part of their sets. It is available to hire from £297 per night, which includes the cleaning and service fees.

Firefighters rescue hapless ducklings who fell into a grid

***EXCLUSIVE*** This adorable picture shows two firefighters coming to the rescue of a mother duck and her four ducklings after they became trapped in a storm drain. The fire crew were called to the incident on Micklegate in York city centre at about 6.20am on Saturday. A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Crew were mobilised to assist a mother duck to release four ducklings from a drain using a halligan tool." The halligan tool is a crow-bar type implement used by firefighters and law enforcement to gain entry and break free.

A global campaign to help find a mate for a left-coiling snail called 'Jeremy' has enabled scientists to understand how mirror-image garden snails are formed

***EXCLUSIVE*** A global campaign to help find a mate for a one in a million snail has helped scientists understand how the rare creatures are formed. Jeremy, a left-coiling snail, had a mirror-image shell with genitals on the opposite side making it difficult for him to mate with normal snails. The lefty garden snail earned 'shellebrity' status when experts asked the public to help in matchmaking for him in 2016 using #snaillove. More than 1,000 news, radio, television and science articles highlighted the plight of Jeremy and a graphic novel featuring the lovelorn snail is now in development.

You can stay at the beautiful Italian villa featured in BBC's normal people

The beautiful villa featured in the acclaimed BBC series Normal People is available to rent. Located in Italy, the idyllic property is based in Sant'Oreste, Lazio, around 22 miles north of Rome. The 12-part series - which is based on Sally Rooney's 2018 novel - was filmed across three locations - Ireland, Sweden and Italy. In one episode, Connell and Marianne stay at a holiday home in Italy during a trip to the country with their friends. They stay at II Casale on Tenuta Verzano - and it can be rented on Airbnb. The two-bedroom villa can sleep up to six people at a time with a separate living area, dining room and kitchenette. The house has been in the same family for 150 years and also includes a private swimming pool and sprawling grounds. A night starts from £189, but between six guests will set you back just £31 per night. If you stay for a week, the owner even offers a 30 per cent discount. According to the listing, the property is an ''unspoiled old country house in the Roman countryside.''

A mysterious control panel from a nuclear power plant has gone under the hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Auctioneers Ramco say the panel was from a recently decommissioned UK nuclear power plant but would not reveal any exact details. The control panel, which fans of the hit HBO documentary „Chernobyl” might recognise, is around 50ft long. It features the iconic industrially gray metal colour throughout and massive dials typical of the 80s and 90s.

Last supper of an armoured dinosaur that died 110 million years ago is found fossilised in its guts revealing it grazed mainly on fern leaves

***EXCLUSIVE*** The last supper of an armoured dinosaur that died 110 million years ago has been discovered...fossilised in its guts. Shortly before being washed out to sea bone plated Borealopelta markmitchell had grazed on a variety of plants - mainly fern leaves. The huge beast, about 18 feet long and weighing up to one-and-a-half tons, was a picky eater - passing up more abundant conifers.