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A British family on a round the world sailing trip are 'trapped in paradise' on their £1million boat off a Caribbean island with no idea how they'll get home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Retired banker Karen and husband Jon Anderson left on their 56ft x 32ft catamaran with daughter Katerina, 13, in June 2019. They spent nearly a year sailing through the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic, arriving in the Grenadines in February - just before coronavirus tightened its grip on the globe. They are now trapped - unable to abandon their boat on the shore because it is hurricane season, but banned from docking anywhere outside the islands.

One of the UK's longest married couples has celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eric and Nancy Kingston were married on 1 June 1940. Britain's longest surviving married couple have celebrated 80 years together after first meeting in 1937 - on a blind date. Nancy and Eric Kingston became an item after her brother arranged a mystery rendez-vous on a village bridge. They hit it off straight away and tied the knot on June 1, 1940 - and are still going strong to this day. The pair celebrated their oak wedding anniversary with friends and family at their home near Wedmore, Somerset earlier this week.

A savvy couple had an outdoor wedding with a picnic, food truck and camels all for less than £3,500 - including a £28 wedding dress

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sharron, 32, and Chris Whyte, 36, didn’t want the traditional church wedding with the big white dress and a sit-down dinner. To save money, the lovebirds looked out for bargains and freebies - and Sharron’s wedding dress was an Ebay find costing £28. The rest of their decorations for their wedding on a Cornish camel farm in May 2019 were 'DIY' - or came from friends. They went vegan for the food - cutting the cost in more than half for meat vendors - and the groom's outfit was just £25 for a new jacket. The pair from Camborne, Cornwall, met on Tinder - Sharron messaged Chris because his profile said that he was 6’ 8”.

A Hermès Endless Road Birkin HAC handbag is set to sell for upwards of £30,000 at auction, in Birmingham

***EXCLUSIVE*** The beautifully-crafted handbag is in Fellows Auctioneers, Designer Collection auction, which is open for bidding and ends on Monday 8th June. It has an estimate of £22,000 - £28,000.

A lockdown shopaholic turns delivery boxes into CARS for her cat - including an ambulance and the Jurassic Park jeep

***EXCLUSIVE*** Like many during lockdown, Jen Price, 29, and her boyfriend marketing manager Niall Sullivan, 31, have entertained themselves with online shopping. After noticing their cat Toltex, 10, enjoyed playing inside them, they began to turn the leftover boxes into cars for him.  Jen has repurposed the boxes each time, making a tank, a Jurassic Park jeep and even an ambulance to thank key workers.

Bride who was too heavy to be carried over her wedding threshold at 18 stone reveals how she shed over HALF her body weight to fulfill her dream

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bride who was too heavy to be carried over the threshold has shed eight stone and finally realised her dream - 18 years after her wedding. When Steph Gill wed almost two decades ago weighing 18 stone, her husband John simply could not lift her into married life. After peaking at 22 stone, Steph had a gastric bypass and took up running and now weighs just 10 stone. To mark the couple's wedding anniversary, Steph donned her old wedding dress and John proudly carried her through their front door as family and friends watched on. The mum-of-two said: „Finally, after 18 years John was able to carry me over the threshold.”

Stunning country manor house where Prince Charles courted Diana and conducted his affair with Camilla goes up for sale for £3.75million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bolehyde Manor was previously home to the now Duchess of Cornwall while she was married to her first husband, Andrew Parker Bowles. Prince Charles was said to be a frequent visitor during, and even before, the deterioration of his first marriage to Lady Diana Spencer. But it was also a favoured destination when he was initially wooing the much-loved princess some years earlier.

The UK's first air pollution monitoring dog stars in a new book penned by her 14-year-old owner

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tom Hunt, who lives in Chesham, Bucks., has written an indoor air pollution survival guide, after testing the air inside his home during lockdown. Baggy the black Labrador, full name Bagheera, made international headlines earlier this year when Tom strapped an air pollution monitor to her collar and found out air pollution is much worse at dog-level than at the tops of lampposts, where the government officially measures it.

This is the heartwarming moment a "hero" frontline single worker was reunited with her two daughters after being NINE weeks apart

***EXCLUSIVE*** Frontline worker Suzanne Vaughan, 43, was separated from her two girls Bella, nine, and Hattie, seven, for nine long weeks before their reunion. Her two daughters Bella, 9, and Hettie, 7, had to say goodbye to their mummy on March 28 and moved in with their aunt Charlotte an hour away in Peterborough. But the adorable pair got the shock of their lives when she surprised them last Sunday (May 31). Sneaky Suzanne creeped up behind them and the three shared a tear-jerking cuddle for the first time in months. Suzanne, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, said: “I brought them to my sister’s home because I wanted to keep them safe, because I work at the hospital and was exposing myself to the virus each day.

Video grab of the head cam footage of man BASE jumping off the top of a majestic waterfall in Interlaken, Switzerland

***EXCLUSIVE*** This beautiful video shows the moment a BASE jumper leapt from the top of a majestic waterfall in Interlaken Switzerland picturesque waterfall The stunning footage captured at the end of May shows ex Royal Marine Tim Howell hurling himself from the peak of a majestic waterfall in Interlaken Switzerland. After free falling for a few seconds Tim pops his parachute and his head cam shows the waterfall in all it’s glory and the rest of the spectacular views as he glides safely to the ground below

Cheetah brothers make dangerous river leap

Masaai Mara, Kenya: Making the leap! Five Cheetah brothers swim across the fast-flowing waters of the Talek River, in the Masaai Mara, Kenya. Wildlife photographer Arnfinn Johansen captured the scene as one agile big cat leapt into the croc-infested water to get to the hunting grounds on the other side. Arnfinn explains: „On this day we had been following the five Cheetah brothers, also known as the „Fast Five Tano Bora”, for a long time. They use to hunt on both sides of the Talek River, and now they wanted to cross. Normally the would cross the river by walking on stones, but this year it had been raining for a long time and because of the flooding it was very difficult for them and they were walking up and down the river for a long time to find a place to cross. Because of the high current it is really dangerous, and also the river is home for a numerous number of the Nile Crocodile who can be up to four meters long. Crocs are opportunistic, and a cheetah would be an easy meal for them. And that actually can happen. Not long ago another well-known cheetah drowned or got killed by the crocs when she was crossing the river, so really it is a big risk. After surveying the river for a long time, trying to find a place to cross, the five cheetah brothers finally decided to go for it. First the leader cheetah jumped into the river, and right after the two others followed. The two smallest cheetahs in the group waited a few seconds before they followed after too. They drifted with the current and swam as fast as they could. You really can see they do not like it. Happily, they all manage to the other side and survived, and when the leader cheetah shook his fur and tail, he made a hiss back to the river.” Arnfinn Johansen runs a special camp for nature photographers in the Maasai Mara called Oltepesi Tented Safari Camp.

Video shows man doing an array of mind bending basketball related trick shots

***EXCLUSIVE*** Watch as this amateur basketball player makes a series of mind blowing trick shots - while becoming a positive influence for the kids in his trailer park community. Herbert Arroyo, 53, of Orlando, Florida, began practicing his bball tricks at his mother’s poolside about six years ago. Now he’s using his talents to become a role model for the underprivileged children in his neighborhood. „The little kids love it. I teach them how to do tricks. It helps keep them out of trouble. They see me all the time. I’m the neighborhood basketball guy.”

Dog Ted and pony Drummer browse the menu outside Dashwoods Coffee

***EXCLUSIVE*** An unlikely pair have been spotted browsing the menu outside a village coffee shop - a dog riding a pony. Angela Francis, 47, snapped dog Ted and pony Drummer while they appeared to decide what to order. She is the owner of Dashwoods Coffee in Milton-under-Whychwood, Oxon., along with her daughter - and decided the bizarre scenarrio warranted a picture. She said: "I was at the coffee shop and saw the pair of them and thought it would make a good picture."

54-year-old coast guard boat seizes $18.7 million cocaine from go-fast vessel

Pacific Ocean: Announced Monday (1 June), a 54-year-old Coast Guard cutter seized approximately 1,090 pounds of suspected cocaine in mid-May with an estimated value of $18.7 million from a go-fast vessel in international waters of the Pacific Ocean off Central America. ..A maritime patrol aircraft spotted a suspected smuggling vessel and diverted the crew aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Confidence.

A 74-year-old Brit video game fan has forged an unlikely friendship with a 70-year-old gamer in the US - and even flown across the pond to meet him

***EXCLUSIVE*** Grand-dad Garry Bowhill-Mann has been playing video games for over 25 years and barely a day goes by when does not pass an hour or two on his Xbox. Some of RAF veteran Garry's favourite games are military or war games including the Assassins Creed series and The Division series - which is how he met Mike Nolan, 70.