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The weirdest celebrity hobbies

How do you spend your downtime when you’re a millionaire A-lister who seems to have it all? The answer is probably not what you’d expect. As revealing below, many celebrities — behind their glamorous public personas — like to unwind with strange hobbies. From frog hunting to spell casting, here are some of the weirdest examples.

Ed Sheeran gets a buzz out of beekeeping

Ed Sheeran — a man worth around £200m — has an unusual hobby: he gets a buzz out of beekeeping. The singer, who is Britain’s tenth highest-earning musician, has taken up the pastime so he can produce his own honey at his estate in Suffolk.

Mike Tyson: Pigeon Fancier

Former world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson — a man who made a career out of beating other men to a pulp — relaxes by caring for his flock of pigeons. The ear-biting bruiser has always loved the birds. His favourite pet as a child was a pigeon called Julius. After Julius died, a 10-year-old Mike Tyson saw a binman putting his feathery friend in with the rubbish before he could properly bury him. He was so overcome with grief that he punched the binman and knocked him out cold. After his retirement from the ring — and many more punches — Mike grew his collection of pigeons once more. Now he spends much of his free time training and racing his pets. He’s so obsessed with the art of pigeon racing that he reportedly attends a pigeon pageant in California every year, where fellow trainers show off their best and fastest birds. “Pigeons are the best,” he said. “Of all the animals I’ve had — tigers, lions, bears — none of them are even close to the same league as the birds.”

Mila Kunis: Hardcore Gamer

Of all the things you can imagine Mila Kunis doing to unwind after a long day on set, playing video games isn’t top of the list. But the truth is the actress has always loved games, particularly World of Warcraft — the nerdiest one out there. The star has confessed she used to spend hours at a time glued to her computer, slaying monsters and exploring dungeons alongside her then-boyfriend, Macaulay Culkin. She reportedly kicked her World of Warcraft habit after she found she was spending too much time online. However, her love of Warcraft is so well known that the game’s developers, Blizzard, added a character based on her in a 2016 expansion.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio: Pottery Geeks

But Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio’s idea of fun might not be the same as yours or mine. We reported last year that the stars of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood bonded over their shared love of — wait for it — pottery while they were filming the Tarantino epic. A source close to the pair said: “Brad’s got his own sculpting studio at his house and Leo loves coming over to use it. “Leo brings sandwiches over… and they spend their boys’ nights creating art until the early hours.”

Angelina Jolie: Knife Collector

Some people like to collect stamps. Some collect old coins. But Angelina Jolie wouldn’t dream of anything so tame… She collects knives instead. Angelina’s pastime made headlines back in 2008 when she admitted buying blunt-edged knives as gifts for her own son, who was seven at the time. “My mom took me to buy my first daggers when I was 11 or 12,” she said. “Each country has different knives and weapons, and that's why I started collecting them. I've done this since I was a little girl.” Today, her ever-expanding collection reportedly includes blades worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Taylor Swift: Snow Globe Maker

Taylor Swift is known for having a crafty side – and this passion of hers shines through in her unusual hobby: snow globe making. Having conquered the globe with her music, the singer (net worth: £300m) likes to unwind by making her own globes and then giving them to her friends and family. Every Christmas, Taylor settles down to craft a load of the festive ornaments, and in the past she’s even surprised her fans by gifting them some of her handmade creations.

Paris Hilton: Frog Hunter

Behind her glamorous public persona, Paris Hilton is an unlikely frog fanatic. The socialite likes to unwind by chasing the slimy amphibians with a net as they hop around her ranches in California and Nevada. “I love frog hunting,” she said. “I go at my ranches. "I catch frogs and put them in a bucket and then let them go.”

Azealia Banks: Spellcaster

Azealia Banks is obsessed with witchcraft, and when she’s not in the studio, you can bet that she’ll be causing chaos beside her cauldron. It sounds like something from a bad Harry Potter spin-off, but the American rapper — whose hit 212 topped the charts in 2012 — genuinely seems to believe she has magical powers. In 2016, she controversially gave her Instagram followers a glimpse of the room she uses for animal sacrifices — showing a closet apparently caked in the blood and feathers of the chickens she had been killing in there. “Real witches do real things,” she said, before filming herself giving her animal sacrifice chamber a deep clean.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Bingo Player

What game do you play next after you get so good at football that nobody can come near you? Bingo, obviously. Cristiano Ronaldo’s passion for bingo reportedly began when he was given a DVD version of the game for Christmas after his move to the UK in 2003. He’s been a fan of it ever since.

Rod Stewart: Train Fanatic

For a man known for hard partying and throwing TVs out of windows, it’s fair to say Sir Rod Stewart’s hobby isn’t very rock and roll. These days, the mellowed-out musician is obsessed with model trains, and reportedly has a huge collection of the geeky toys. Sir Rod has previously admitted he loves his trains so much that he even brings them on tour with him – often booking an extra hotel room so there’s ample space for him to set up his track. Meanwhile, the permanent train set which he keeps at his Beverly Hills home takes up 110 feet of space.