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Slut-positive woman spends over SIXTY-THOUSAND-POUNDS becoming a BIMBO and she even undergoes DAILY HYPNOSIS to become DUMBER

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, USA: Escort, Sapphire Saint (27), from Los Angeles, California, USA, has had a unique career goal for most of her adult life; she has been working towards becoming a human sex doll. Sapphire had previously struggled to find the words to describe her aesthetic vision but after finding others who championed the blonde „bimbo” look online, things became much clearer. Sapphire’s £60,000 ($70,000) plastic-positive look is partly funded by her 76-year-old former sugar daddy and ex-husband, although it’s Sapphire’s lucrative career that pays for most of her surgeries. So far, Sapphire has undergone a nose job and an eye lift in addition to liposuction, filler and Botox procedures. She has also had three breast surgeries bringing her from an A cup to a busty 30H. Hypnosis is also a key part of Sapphire’s daily routine which otherwise consists of three to four hours of getting ready, followed by time spent creating social media content, shopping, partying, „looking hot” and having sex. Hypnosis allows Sapphire to dumb herself down turning her into the perfect „arm candy”. Sapphire’s ambitions don’t end there as the list of surgeries she plans to get in the future far outweigh those that have already been done. This list includes getting butt implants, cheek implants, a cat-eye lift, rhinoplasty, a Bratz-doll lip lift, permanently high-heeled Barbie-feet surgery, further breast surgeries, and rib removal for a permanent corseted look. Sapphire is no stranger to being the subject of controversy or slut-shaming. The escort has received negative comments from other women living in her neighbourhood as well as from those that follow her online. However, Sapphire is a firm believer that negativity only reveals the insecurities of those that spread it. Largely, Sapphire’s online fans adore her look as do her friends and family. Being deemed a „slut” or „fake plastic doll” is not an insult to Sapphire - quite the opposite in fact. She welcomes these comments as compliments. Sapphire hopes to inspire others to embrace the look that they are attracted to as she believes this is the key to being happy.

Inside a $5.5M floating mansion in Miami

***EXCLUSIVE*** MIAMI, USA: Live safe in one of these sustainable hurricane-proof floating villas that might also protect you from coronavirus - after demand rocketed during lockdown despite the £2.4m price tag. Exotic images show the lavish interior of an Arkup liveable yacht, based in Miami, USA, which boasts a spacious bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room and even an outside seating area where you can look out at the glorious view of the ocean. The incredible sailboat homes can be seen floating on the ocean away from the harbour, giving guests or owners the chance to take in the scenery. They were founded by Arkup owners and friends, Nicolas Derouin (44) from France, and Arnaud Luguet from The Netherlands, in September 2016. Nicolas believes that the sustainability and their ability to be safeguarded from wave action in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane means that these liveable yachts could protect the environment. Nicolas, who currently lives in Miami, admits that the coronavirus pandemic has improved their business as many people are keen to live this life during this time. A 75-foot floating villa can start from a price of £2,387,100 ($3,000,000) and currently available for sale in Miami at £4,379,375 ($5,500,000).

Social distancing cabins - eco friendly glamping in France

***EXCLUSIVE*** FRANCHE-COMTE, FRANCE: Distance yourself from everyone else in an off-grid, luxury French eco-resort for just £29 a night. Coucoo Grand Lacs, in the Franche-Comté region of France, is set over 200 acres and prides itself as one of France’s very first eco-resorts. Dedicated to reducing carbon footprint and protecting the natural beauty of the area surrounding it, the eco-resort has a variety of different holiday homes to lodge in. There are tree cabins, some of which are situated nine metres above the ground, which were built without the use of nails and screws and are the first of their kind to be built in France. These can be accessed by ladder, suspension bridge or stairs. In contrast, the resort also offers floating cabins which can be reached by boat or pontoon. Both types of accommodation are available in two sizes; a smaller size for two people or a larger size which sleeps six to seven people which makes it the perfect getaway for families and couples. Available as an upgrade, is the spa cabin which includes a chemical-free Nordic bath on the floating wooden terrace. Both cabins have a dining space, cosy beds, a dry toilet and a terrace. On site, there are six communal bathrooms in a nearby lodge with shower facilities. During the summer, there is a supervised swimming lake on-site but activities are available all year round. This eco-resort is completely off-grid with no Wi-Fi, electricity, or running water (they provide you with water every morning) so you can completely immerse yourself in the beauty of the Great Lakes. Coucoo Grand Lacs is advertised by HostUnusal, a company dedicated to finding the world’s most extraordinary accommodation. One night, with breakfast included, in a two-person hut starts at £130 a night, or £65 each if the cost is split between the two. For the larger accommodation, the cost starts at £205 per night, or £29.28, if the price is split between the maximum of seven people.

Blogger used a YouTube tutorial to transform her kitchen for less than two-hundred-pounds - and she only used FIVE items

***EXCLUSIVE*** AYRSHIRE, SCOTLAND: Legal assistant, Claire-Louise Colquhoun (23) from Ayrshire, Scotland, desperately wanted to modernise the drab, beige kitchen of her three-bedroom, mid-terraced home, yet she wanted to do so on a budget. The money-savvy millennial searched the internet for materials and DIY hacks and was able to complete the project in just one week for £181. Tips and tricks include smoothing any bubbles out of the vinyl wrap using a credit card and using a filing knife to make the wrap run flush to the wall tiles. Claire’s biggest purchase was her laminate flooring which cost £115. Unbelievably, the rest of the room was transformed simply using wallpaper (£28), paint primer (£10), cupboard paint (£20), and vinyl worktop covering (£8). Claire-Louise’s incredible kitchen transformation shows that you don’t need to spend lots of money to achieve a luxurious look. She credits her success with carrying out ample research into where to find budget-friendly alternative materials.

Gothic castle once owned by infamous business mogul, who used company money to buy the property before fleeing Britain to avoid paying tax, could now be yours for £2.85m

***EXCLUSIVE*** MACHYNLLETH, WALES, UK: Built in Regency Gothic style, Glandyfi Castle in Machynlleth, Wales, boasts 10 double bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a drawing room, dining room, library, sitting room, kitchen, an atrium living and dining room as well as a range of outbuildings including guest accommodation, a bedroom lodge and disused barns with the potential for conversion. The property’s most notable owner was Sir Bernard Docker, the exuberant businessman and chairman of Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) and The Daimler Company. Funded unknowingly by the assets of the BSA and Daimler, Docker’s extravagant purchase of the mock castle and its further refurbishment was one of the reasons Docker was removed from the board of the BSA and shunned from society with his socialite wife. The couple then moved to Jersey in the Channel Islands, known as a tax haven due to its 0% corporate and low personal income tax rate, where they became tax exiles. The Gothic castle is built of local Welsh slate and even through refurbishments, elements of architecture include the Gothic-style windows, towers and vaulted ceilings. The Grade II listed property, said to be the only Georgian country house in picturesque castellated style in Wales, was formerly a B&B after the current owners refurbished the castle throughout to create a modern and sleek interior design. The property has far-reaching views across the mountains of Snowdonia National Park and the Dovey Estuary made even better as the castle stands elevated on a wooded hillside. The incredible contemporary kitchen overlooks the glass-ceiling atrium of which the 31 acres of formal gardens can be viewed from. The property is currently on the market with Strutt & Parker for £5.5m.

Bullfrog defies the odds after scrapping its way out of becoming this metre-long heron's next meal

***EXCLUSIVE*** ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA: A bullfrog defies the odds after scrapping its way out of becoming this metre-long heron's next meal. One image captured the heron as it trapped the unsuspecting bullfrog in its bill after pulling it from the safety of some nearby vegetation. Another picture shows how the bullfrog used its legs to push off the neck of the heron as it desperately fought for its life. Photographer, Frank Haluska (35) from Orlando, Florida, USA, was just outside of the city in Christmas, Florida, when he stumbled upon this rare encounter. From 50-yards away, Frank watched on for two-minutes as a bullfrog defied the odds and escaped the mouth of a hungry egret - a large member of the heron family. Egrets are members of the heron family and this large bird can measure up to one-metre in length. Fish are the primary staple in an egret’s diet but they are also known to eat amphibians, mice, and reptiles. They often surprise their prey by standing still for a long period of time. When the prey is lulled into a false sense of security and within striking distance, the egret makes its move. The prey is usually then swallowed whole.

Instead of using a gas-guzzling car, these tourists rode horses around the Mara, where they chased over 20 giraffes

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENYA: These tourists had the time of their lives when they ended up chasing twenty giraffes on horseback during their safari holiday in Kenya. Thrilling footage has captured travellers as they rode horses and raced against giraffes at over 20 mph. Finance worker, Cecilia Ysenburg (35) from Vienna, Austria, went for a seven-day horse riding safari trip at the Maasai Mara Nature Reserve, Kenya.