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I’m 62 & blokes in their 20s use my Insta account like Tinder – so I tell them I’m old enough to be their mum

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman in her sixties who is constantly having to remind men that she is 'old enough to be their mum' after admirers in their TWENTIES treated her Instagram profile like a TINDER account. Model and fitness buff, Sheila Kiss (62) from Birmingham, UK, started her health and fitness lifestyle when she turned 30 after she had her second child, Shannon (33). She was always interested in keeping toned rather than skinny, so when she was in her forties, she joined a gym and began weightlifting. Since then she has been sticking to a routine of working out for two hours a day, six days a week. Over the years she has been sculpting her lean body even into her sixties, which has improved her flexibility. With a no-calorie counting and avoiding scales philosophy, Sheila, who is currently living in Bali, Indonesia, says she feels ?super strong?. She is now sharing her impressive abs and youthful physique with over 55,000 followers on Instagram. She admits that younger men from the age of 20 constantly confuse her page with Tinder as she receives a lot of dating requests.


A backpacker who found himself stranded on the idyllic Galapagos islands when the lockdown kicked in described a trip of a lifetime on a deserted island

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ian Melvin, 29, had a toss up between getting a repatriation flight back to Scotland or staying put in 'paradise' - where he has been having a dream holiday for ten weeks. The former TEFL teacher flew to South America last November after three years in China. On March 14 he travelled to the Galapagos, 500 miles west of Ecuador, and landed on Isla Santa Cruz.

A Brit has returned home after two months in lockdown spent as a real-life Castaway - on a deserted paradise island

***EXCLUSIVE*** Natalie Poole, 35, spent weeks on Kyun Pila Island in Myanmar after passing through the Thai border just 15 minutes before it was closed. She was the only Brit there alongside just four other people who were left stranded when their only boat back to the mainland was cancelled. She spent a total of 60 days there but is now back home in Ashburton, Devon, where she has got straight back to work on the family allotment.

Cheers To That: British woman has managed to build a bar in her back garden for less than she'd spend on a night out

***EXCLUSIVE*** ISLE OF WIGHT, UK: Cheers To That: This British woman has managed to build a bar in her back garden for less than she'd spend on a night out. On May 17, 2020, trainee teacher, Ashlea Butt (21) from Isle of Wight, UK, and her family impulsively decided to build their own bar and put an advert up on Facebook requesting if any friends had any pallets they could use. She was in luck when a stranger responded to her and sent her the thin boards for free and she got started on her DIY bar project. With the free pallets, paint, wood, ivy light string and accessories such as a leaf wall mount, cocktail shakers etc. she only spent Ł85 on the whole construction, which took just one week to complete. They managed to spend less on the whole project than Ashlea has spent on a big night out which was Ł130. With five of them in her family, they’ve all enjoyed a drink out in the garden during the sunny days of May. Even though new lockdown rules permit a group of up to six people to meet up as long as they are two metres apart, social distancing has remained very important to Ashlea, so she hasn’t yet invited her friends over to try out her bar. However, the reaction from people on social media has been positive and some have even tried to encourage her to make more and sell them.

Hotel staff have been hailed as unsung heroes for refusing to close during the lockdown - so they could give away free rooms to homeless people

***EXCLUSIVE*** More than 45 rough sleepers have been staying at upmarket Fownes Hotel since the coronavirus restrictions were put in place in March. The 60-room hotel, which normally charges guests up to £155-a-night, opted to stay open to provide shelter to people living on the streets in Worcester. A skeleton staff, including a chef and reception staff, have been working round the clock to look after their homeless guests. In a sign of gratitude, the guests are now doing odd-jobs around the hotel including building walls, weeding and cleaning the rooms. Eddie Boult, a former bricklayer, who built a wall and patio at the hotel, said: „I did it because I was bored but also as a thank you to the staff. They’ve really looked after me.”

Who needs Malibu? California-style mansion with stunning ocean views on Jersey for sale at £18m

***EXCLUSIVE*** Who needs Malibu?... A California-style cliff top mansion with stunning ocean views has gone on sale on the Channel Island of Jersey for £18m. The seven-bedroom house, which is built on granite cliffs and has views across the sea to France, has a six-car garage, an infinity pool overlooking the ocean and a bespoke wine-cave. The site was once home to the popular Jersey restaurant, Bistro Frere, which ran for more than 40 years. Now Carteret House has views of protected native woodland with a private, winding pathway leading down to a rocky cove.

Incredibly rare Bartlam porcelain emerges for sale for £30k

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare porcelain tea bowl and saucer made by a trailblazing English potter have emerged for sale for £30,000. The delicate items are thought to be only the 11th piece of porcelain made by John Bartlam to appear on the market. The savvy seller picked up the rare porcelain from a London dealer who sold them thinking they had come from the Isleworth factory, a well-known British porcelain of the period. He paid a 'significant' sum for the tiny blue and white bowl and saucer as he had a hunch they were in fact made by Bartlam, who was responsible for the first pieces of porcelain fashioned in America 250 years ago.

A real Enigma - German encryption device used during WWII hashas sold for £124,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare Enigma machine which was used by the Germans during World War Two has sold for £124,000. The Type I machine has three rotors, each with 26 positions, to create 17,576 possible combinations for each letter. It was considered to be 'unbreakable', but the British codebreakers at Bletchley Park led by Alan Turing were famously able to decipher it. The encryption device sparked fervent bidding when it was auctioned off with German based Hermann Historica.

A light read... 300-year-old first edition Sir Isaac Newton book on 'opticks' goes on sale for £400,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Coverted cover... An extremely rare first edition book by Sir Isaac Newton has emerged for sale for £400,000. He presented this copy of 'Opticks: Or A Treatise of the Reflexions, Refractions, Inflexions and Colours of Light' to his Swiss friend and collaborator Nicolaus Fatio in 1704. The fascinating study of light which was the culmination of almost 40 years of research is considered to be one of his most important works. Newton, the pre-eminent figure of the late 17th century Scientific Revolution, and Fatio were so close that he gave him this book five days before it was unveiled to the Royal Society, of whom he was president. Only 180 copies of the book are known to exist, with only about six of these presentation copies from Newton. Still in its original leather bound condition, it is going under the hammer with London based Forum Auctions.

Artist highlights the beauty of mesmerizing mosques that encapsulate striking interiors

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographer Fatemeh Hosein Aghaei focusing on historic Iranian architecture—and specifically the province of Isfahan—the stunning photographs showcase rooms that are awash in dizzying motifs that extend from the floor to the ceiling.

Extraordinary story of British WWI captain's unlikely cult hero status in Russian Empire after fighting for the White Army during the civil war comes to light as his medals sell for £7,500

***EXCLUSIVE*** Captain William Richardson's Memorial Plaque and British War and Victory medals 1914-19. The medals and photo archive of a British war veteran who went on to become an unlikely hero of the Russian Empire have sold for £7,500. Captain William Richardson went native after he joined the Russian White Army in their civil war against the Bolsheviks in 1919. A fantastic photo archive of his shows him wearing a traditional Russian hat and big fur groat while sporting a beard. The British First World War hero was lauded by the anti-Communist Cossacks who decorated him for his outstanding service for their cause.

Waterfall with rainbow and northern lights

***EXCLUSIVE*** IS THIS HEAVEN? The incredible moment a rainbow appears at the foot of Godafoss waterfall with the aurora of the Northern Lights illuminating overhead in Iceland. The breathtaking scene was captured by 59 year-old Mauro Tronto. Computer scientist Mr Tronto drove across the country in search of the beautiful aurora, and hit the jackpot when a rainbow appeared at the ‘waterfall of the gods.

A running club has set its members a fun challenge for exercise during lockdown - to DRAW out pictures in their running routes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chelmsford Central Parkrun in Chelmsford, Essex, has had to cancel its weekly Saturday morning runs due to the coronavirus lockdown. But the running group's organisers have encouraged runners to stay motivated - by plotting out routes that will create a fun picture. And keen parkrunners have thrown themselves into the challenge - running routes that create a variety of animal shapes including dogs, tortoises, a whale, and a pig.

Touching letters from RAF airman to his lonely sweetheart reveal horrors of WWII and how he survived three crashes

***EXCLUSIVE*** A touching cache of over 100 love letters penned by a hero World War Two pilot to his soulmate has come to light. Flying Officer Jack Shelley, of 120 Squadron, wrote whenever he had a spare minute to his girlfriend Gladys Wright about his experiences in battle. In one of the letters he proposes to her, telling her 'what do you say to us getting married - I'm all for it'. He does not conceal any of his hardship as he reveals he has been involved in three crashes which left his face scarred.

Ride on the wild side - This heron clearly has no fear as it takes a ride on the back of an alligator

***EXCLUSIVE*** EVERGLADES, FLORIDA, USA: This fearless heron was caught taking a ride on the back of a four-metre-long alligator. Hilarious footage captured the moment a one-kilogram dainty heron stood atop the back of a 500-kilogram American alligator as it took in the view and relaxed. Michael Aksionov (42) from Moscow, Russia, was in Everglades National Park, in Florida, USA, when he stumbled across this shocking sight. Just five-metres away, the two animals floated on by in a head-scratching rare moment. With another alligator lurking in the background, the heron?s bravery certainly can?t be faulted. American alligators are credited with fatally attacking 24 humans in Florida alone since 1973. They typically feed on fish, insects and crustaceans but they can also hunt larger animals such as birds, deer, and reptiles. A heron would?ve made for a hearty meal. The footage, which has gone viral online, has baffled viewers. Some praise the heron?s bravery whilst others are lost for words.

Aerial photography shows Blythe Intaglios

***EXCLUSIVE*** A series of aerial photos reveal mysterious human and animal figures which are thousands of years old and so vast they can only be viewed from the sky. The ancient Blythe Geoglyphs are a group of gigantic images drawn on the ground near Blythe, California in the Colorado Desert, which have now been fenced off for 50 years. The figures have been there from around 900BC and patterns and circles at the site suggest that worshippers may once have danced around them. Yet they were not discovered until 1932, when George Palmer, a pilot flying between Las Vegas and Blythe noticed the peculiar markings.

Lost in Austen - book of poetry and prose written and performed by Jane Austen's family

***EXCLUSIVE*** A charming book of poetry and prose written and performed by Jane Austen's family has emerged for sale for £12,000. Various family members including Austen's parents and siblings contributed their own verses to its pages between 1750 and 1788. They also came together each Christmas to stage family theatrical shows in the converted barn in the rectory at Steventon, Hants, the family home. In the winter of 1787, performances were held of Susannah Centlivre's 'The Wonder! A Woman Keeps a Secret', 'The Chances' by John Fletcher and Henry Fielding's 'Tom Thumb'.

A souped-up rally version of a humble Peugeot hatchback has sold at auction for nearly £350K

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rally legend... A souped-up rally version of a humble Peugeot hatchback has sold at auction for nearly £350,000. The T16 dates back to 1984 and was a high-performance off-road edition of the standard 205 seen up and down the country. It was built to compete in Group B rally events and as such is able to leave the standard car in its dust with ease.

Workers drying noodles

***EXCLUSIVE*** Women in colourful robes sit among thousands of bundles of noodles. The handmade threads are made out of rice and wheat flour and are cooked with milk and served during the holy month of Ramadan. The noodles are flipped every hour so that the strands do not become too crispy. Photographer Abdul Momin captured the beautiful images in Bogra in Bangladesh.

Buzzards surround crocodile

***EXCLUSIVE*** A flock of curious buzzards surround a lone alligator as he pokes his head above water by the shore in the Myakka river in Southwest Florida, USA. The spectacular ‘en passant’ moment was shot by Florida native Jane Lyons, who works as an artist. Jane commented “The alligator was attracted to a small piece of metal pipe on the shoreline and came to the edge of the water to investigate.” “The buzzards became curious as to what the alligator had seen and proceeded to surround him.” Realising how incredible the moment was unfolding infant of her, Jane said “I was standing about 10 yards away and quickly realised this was a once and a lifetime shot.”

Elephant pals in a constant tusk-le

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two elephants lock trunks as they tussle and play fight with each other. The two adult males were moving across the grasslands with their herd, but kept stopping to wrestle. The pictures were captured in the Masai Mara in Kenya by amateur photographer Phillip Chang. The 63-year-old, who was born and raised in China but now lives in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, said: "They were fighting for fun and did it for quite a long time.

Yawning tiger

***EXCLUSIVE*** This powerful but sleepy tiger erupts into an extraordinary yawn as he lays in the grass in the Bandipur National Park, India. Photographer Kiran Patthi said ‘This sleepy tiger was just lazing in the grass sunbathing. After a few minutes he turned towards the sun and let out the most almighty yawn!”