Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

With holidays abroad not physically possible at the moment, a family has come up with their own way of taking a tour around the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** While in lockdown, mum Ceri Wright (41), her husband Pete (43) and children Gethin (7) and Imogen (9), decided to take a week-long holiday to five destinations - all while staying at their home in Coedpoeth in Wrexham in Wales. They have feasted on Frankfurters in Frankfurt, woken to a breakfast of croissants in France before walking along the Dordogne river, and eaten mezes and played traditional card games and backgammon in Greece. Ceri and Pete, who have been married for ten years, ended their day in France with a „date night” under fairy lights eating „moules” (mussels) and drinking French wine in their garden restaurant. Their week-long trip also took them to Italy and China, all by using just a little imagination and turning their home and garden into holiday scenes.

Mum in her fifties says staying super fit at the gym throughout chemotherapy saved her from cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA: This woman in her late fifties credits the GYM and her super-toned physique for beating cancer. Fitness fanatic, Tricia Totten (54) from Houston, Texas, USA, started her fitness journey in her early twenties, focussing initially on aerobic classes but soon fell in love with weightlifting. She managed to remain fitness-dedicated throughout her two pregnancies and as a new stay-at-home mum, she continued to squeeze in at least three days of training a week. With a toned physique and commitment to keep herself healthy, Tricia was shocked to be diagnosed with stage 1B ductal carcinoma breast cancer in March 2017. She underwent three phases; a partial mastectomy and reconstruction, 16 rounds of chemotherapy and 33 sessions of radiotherapy. Despite her tough recovery period, she was determined to continue her fitness routine and she says that the time she spent in the gym was a huge contributing factor to her beating cancer in December 2017.

An Italian artist turns dull hospital walls into magic kingdoms to help children combat their fears

***EXCLUSIVE*** ITALY: This artist is turning hospitals into underwater wonderlands to bring a smile to sick children. Stunning pictures show cancer units and other drab hospital walls transformed into baby blue seas abuzz with marine life. Another image shows the painter proudly posing behind a school of stingrays, armed with his trusty paintbrush. The heart-warming project, titled Ospedali Dipinti (Painted Hospitals), is by artist Silvio Irilli (50) from Chieri, Italy. He has painted in over 15 hospitals, and now plans to fundraise for the recently spruced up Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, Italy, which has been the most affected by COVID-19.

Austrian artist creates MORE quirky face masks in every day lockdown challenge

Austria: Austrian artist Matthias Kretschmer has created MORE masks in his challenge to create an eye-catching face mask every day in the lockdown period. The creative says he did not want to put his brush down during the pandemic, but instead begin „to implement the current events and impressions of the Corona crisis in terms of design.” Matthias says he began when masks became a requirement in supermarkets in Austria on April 6. However, he says the artistic project will end with the mask requirement in most public areas on June 15. Two weeks later, 70 masks will be presented for the first time at the exhibition in the BernARTgasse studio. Kretschmer says his masks are inspired by the daily events surrounding the crisis, including the controversial death of George Floyd in America.

Take a look around The Jungle – a Lincoln property with a lot of history

***EXCLUSIVE*** This unique nineteenth century home that used to house wild animals and comes almost covered in ivy could be yours for just under Ł2m. The Jungle house, located in Eagle, Lincolnshire, UK, dates back to the 1820s and spans across 10 acres of land with a stunning lake, along with well-maintained fenced paddocks extending to 25 acres. The property was built out of burnt brick in 1826, the windows are made from willow tree trunks and years ago it housed wild animals such as zebras. Half of the property is covered in ivy, which adds to the unique style of the property. The grade II listed 19th century country house encompasses accommodation of 14,000 sq. ft. and consists of its own spacious outdoor tennis court, indoor swimming pool and even its own sauna, making staying at home a leisurely task during lockdown. The house also boasts a snooker room, a 30-foot entertaining area and bar, along with a secondary kitchen, cast iron gates surrounding the property. Inside, the house includes a reception hall, split-level drawing room, dining room with a wine cellar, sitting room, breakfast kitchen with a pantry, home office, utility room, boot room and shower room, bedroom suite with en-suite, guest bedroom and a dressing room. The lavish house is available to buy with Savills for a cool Ł1,995,000.

Men swim through rubbish strewn waters to find plastic to sell

***EXCLUSIVE*** Men swim through waters strewn with tonnes of rubbish to find and collect plastic to sell. People risked serious injury by wading through the polluted lagoon which is completely covered by bottles, takeaway boxes and other harmful, single-use plastics. The photographs reveal the shocking state of plastic pollution in Ghana's capital, Accra, as rainfall causes plastic dumped in the city's waterways to flow into Korle Lagoon.

The real-life Scar: Lion whose eye was gouged out in a brutal battle resembles the ferocious villain in Disney's Lion King

***EXCLUSIVE*** BOTSWANA: EYE OF THE LION: A photographer has snapped a four-hundred-and-forty pound lion with a gouged out hole where his eye should be. A gruesome picture has captured a seven-year-old lion known as 'One Eye' looking towards the camera with a bloodied hole over his right eye. The snaps were taken by safari guide, Shaun Malan (39), a resident of Khwai, Botswana, which was also the location of this photography of the brave beast. The four-foot big cat would often relax and let Mr Malan come as close as ten feet away to take photos on his Nikon D4S with a 300mm lens.

Mass hippo gathering

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scores of hippos all cram into a small, muddy waterhole to cool off. Aerial photos show how around 100 of the animals squeezed into the pool to wallow and escape the sun in Tanzania. Amateur photographer Martin Sanchez captured the images while on safari in the country's Arusha region.

Mare has a bad hair day

***EXCLUSIVE*** A three week old foal looks on as it's mother struggles to get to her feet. The mare was throwing her neck and head forward to try and get momentum to get back on her feet, causing her mane to stick up. The pair of New Forest ponies were spotted in the Christchurch area of the New Forest, Dorset.

Sorting Indian Jujube

***EXCLUSIVE*** Teams of women work under the blazing sun sorting thousands of jujube fruit following a bumper harvest. They work from morning until dusk in 35 degree Celsius heat as theysift out any of the red dates which are rotten. Jujubes are used to produce jams, jellies and often eaten as a snack with coffee. The factory is located in Sariakandi Upazila, Bangladesh.

Kingfisher having caught gecko

***EXCLUSIVE*** This unfortunate gecko is suspended in midair as a hungry kingfisher catches its supper. The unusual scene was caught by amateur photographer Limor Bahar in Israel. Ms Bahar, 49, said “The white throat kingfisher was proudly exhibiting his kill before taking it to its youngling off camera”.

UK sunsets

***EXCLUSIVE*** HALSTEAD, UK: This British photographer has revealed some of the UK’s hidden beauty spots as they bask in the light of the setting sun. One image captured the golden sky over Elmswell, Suffolk, where it casted a heavenly glow over a field of red poppies. Another picture shows the sun setting over Southwold Pier, Suffolk, as the sun’s fading light silhouetted the beautiful historic pier built in 1900. Photographer, Aron Radford (49) from Halstead, UK, captured these stunning images during his travels through Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk. With just 60 minutes of optimum light a day before the sun sets, Aron uses tide levels and Google Earth to source out ideal locations in advance. With the majority of holidays abroad cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the attention of many Brits has turned to the UK’s own beauty spots. Thousands of people have already chosen to visit some of the UK’s most popular beaches amidst the lifting of lockdown restrictions. Through his photography, Aron aims to highlight the beauty of spots not often considered to be so.