Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Amazon employee launches nationwide appeal to find her engagement ring - after she dropped it into a package which was sent to a customer

***EXCLUSIVE*** An Amazon employee has launched a nationwide appeal to find her engagement ring - after she dropped it into a package which was sent to a customer. Jasmine Paget, 18, couldn't believe it when she finished her shift working in the packaging department and realised her band was missing. She had only got engaged to fiance Josh Mannings, 20, a few months before on Valentine's Day this year and was devastated. The beloved ring is a silver band with a focus diamond and small diamonds around the main gem.

Mother is left stunned after daughters pick up McDonald's drive-thru order in 'Little Tikes' plastic cars - after agreeing they could have the treat if they collected it in their own vehicles

***EXCLUSIVE*** This hilarious video shows the moment two excited children got to pick up their first McDonalds in months - in "Little Tikes" toy cars that they 'drove' through the drive-thru. After finding out that McDonalds was reopening their drive-thru service, 13-year-old Danielle Martin begged her mum, Taz, to take her to their nearest branch of the fast food chain. Taz, 42, initially refused, telling her daughter the queues would be "ridiculous" - but Dannielle persisted, trying to come up with creative ways to get her hands on a Big Mac meal.

Fascinating paintings by British officer who documented his travels around the world, including a trip to visit Bounty mutineer John Adams' granddaughter, are discovered

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fascinating album of sketches made by British naval officer while exploring the world in the mid-19th century have been unearthed. Rear Admiral Marcus Lowther served on board HMS Portland which was primarily based in China and Hong Kong between 1842 and 1853. During his 11 years at sea, he also voyaged to the Pacific Islands before returning home via South and North America. One of the islands he stopped off at and sketched was the Pitcairn Islands, where some of the mutineers of the Bounty sought refuge. Lowther drew intimate portraits of the natives he encountered and also documented historic moments - notably the Battle of Malacca in 1845 and the capture of Brunei the following year.

A rare first edition copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is tipped to sell for a new British record of £120,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The hardback was one of only 500 copies printed on its initial run in 1997 which had spelling mistakes and print errors. Of the original editions, 300 went to libraries and schools and 200 went to private individuals including family and friends. This copy was gifted to her friends, whose names - James, Kate and Laura - appear on the first page alongside Rowling's autograph. It is being sold with auctioneers Lyon & Turnbull, of Edinburgh.

Photographer shares pictures for World Oceans Day

British guide, photographer, presenter and champion of endangered species Paul Goldstein shares some ocean-flavoured images. He says: „Every minute a lorry load of plastics is unceremoniously dumped into our oceans. There are a hundred things wrong with this but critically it is just not sustainable. Nor is the rise of the ocean's temperature or the melting of the ice caps. In the years I have travelled to the Arctic I have witnessed glaciers retreating, not metres but whole kilometres. Village-sized chunks of ice are breaking off the Antarctic shelf and this year the Indian Ocean's temperature rise caused a disastrous El Nino effect, not for the first time.' Normally we say we owe it to our children to protect this dominant percentage of our planet, but this is now. It needs action today, it can be tip-toed around no longer. It is a desperate situation that is ignored only by those who plunder the sea for profit. Who cannot be appalled by the vast shoals of floating, toxic and hazardous plastic that infect our oceans.' For any politician that continues to sit on the fence here, they must spend some time with marine scientists who will tell them of the catastrophic repercussions if the sea's temperature rises any further. It affects everything and everyone, but will they listen? Will they act? Do they even have a conscience Paul Goldstein is a writer, guide and photographer and a defender of persecuted species and places.

People suffering with damaged knees and hips could be treated with 3D-printed artificial cartilage that protects the joints, scientists hope

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brand new limbs and organs could be built from scratch after scientists created cartilage... on a 3D printer. The material mimics biological tissue - mirroring the humanised machines in sci-fi film I, Robot. Creating synthetic replacements that match its properties and behaviours was once thought impossible. But the precision of today's 3D printers has made it attainable - and now a US team has finally achieved the dream.

Kibera pandemic styling

In Kibera, the largest slum in Kenya's capital city of Nairobi and one of the largest slums in Africa, the biggest defenses against the spread of COVID-19, social distancing and frequent hand-washing, are nearly impossible. Slums are the next front line in the fight against the coronavirus. Donwilson Odhiambo, a ZUMA Press photographer from Nairobi has stumbled upon something very unique during the COVID-19 pandemic: the coronavirus hairstyle. ''This was something that no one has done in Kenya. No one has done it anywhere else.' Kibera resident Mable Etambo has been spreading awareness about the pandemic through her simple hairstyle: 'With the corona hairstyle we would like to tell people to keep distance, to wear masks wherever they go and to wash their hands regularly or use sanitizers to protect themselves.' Donwilson hopes the government can help ensure people from poor areas can get access to food during these difficult times. And like many around the world he hopes the pandemic ends soon.

Covidiot daytrippers try to hide their illegal roadside BBQ by covering their car in CAMOUFLAGE tarpaulin

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the bizarre moment a group of tourists tried to cover up their illegal roadside BBQ by hiding their car under a camouflaged tarpaulin. Police stumbled across the unusual spectacle in Studland, Dorset  morning after smelling their breakfast cooking. The front of the blue Ford was seen poking out the front of the green netting, while the rest of the car was hidden from view.

What the Dickens - single page of Charles Dickens' Pickwick Papers for sale at almost £100,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A single page original manuscript for Charles Dickens' Pickwick Papers has emerged for sale for almost £100,000. The 184-year-old handwritten document is one of only five from the manuscript for the author's first novel still in private hands. The convention of the time was that autographed leaves of serialised novels were nearly always destroyed once they were set in type. But Charles Hicks, a foreman-printer, salvaged 33 pages of the original Pickwick Papers manuscript in 1836.

Lyric sheet penned by John Lennon for the Beatles song 'I'm in Love'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A draft lyric sheet penned by John Lennon for the Beatles song 'I'm in Love' has emerged for sale at auction for £160,000. The handwritten words are scrawled out in blue ink and are almost identical to the lyrics sang in the final song. They date back to 1963 and were originally given to the owner during the recording of a hospital radio interview that year. The working lyrics have cancellations and additional annotations all written by Lennon with several lines underlined or crossed out.