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Italian architects design socially-distancing tram for Milan

An Italian design firm has created a tram that enables social distancing. Architect Arturo Tedeschi of A>T teamed up with fellow designer Lorenzo Pio Cocco to create Passerella. The vehicle was specifically designed for the city of Milan (one of worst hit by Italy’s COVID-19 epidemic) to cater for the changing habits of citizens post Coronavirus. With Milan's yellow tram a treasured symbol of public transportation, the project also makes particular reference to the iconic 1503 model by reinterpreting its style and proportions with novel technologies. The design by A>T features a dynamic display integrated into the vehicle body, which transmits advertising as well as graphically appealing tram-stop information. The interior is conceived as a fashion set where the corridor is turned into a runway (Passerella), surrounded by high-end materials and enveloping geometries. Seats are separated by plexiglass shields and are characterised by gilt arcs that serve both as formal signs and practical structures. The tram floor features a circle pattern that discreetly signals the safe distance for passengers to maintain. Even the vehicle’s roof (usually a „leftover area” filled with technical systems) has an important role in the overall design, since trams are also seen from Milan's balconies. The top is crossed by a set of dynamic stripes that refer to Italian futurism graphics, which emphasised the cult of velocity and transportation. At present the design is just a concept.

Doctors remove two foot long charger cable from Indian man's bladder

***EXCLUSIVE*** Footage showed the doctor, identified as Wallie Islam, removing a black cable from the man's stomach. The 30-year-old patient had come to the doctor complaining of abdominal pain and 'history of accidental ingestion of headphones'. The doctor told reporters that the patient's stool was examined and he failed to locate the headphone after an endoscopy was carried out. Even after conducting an operation, doctors could not find anything inside his gastrointestinal tract. This led to an X-ray, which showed the presence of the cable inside the patient's urinary bladder. The doctor said he had not seen anything like it in his 25 years of experience in surgery.

Chameleon catches a bug

***EXCLUSIVE*** A chameleon balances on a plant as it catches a bug with its long, sticky tongue. The tiny veiled chameleon balanced precariously on the thin flower as it attempted to catch the fruit fly almost 20cm away. Amateur photographer Ajar Setiadi took photos of the reptile in his garden in Bogor, Indonesia.

Workers harvest waterlilies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two women stand in shallow water collecting bright pink flowers of the waterlily plant. They spread the long plants out in a circle around themselves and let them float on the surface of the water as they harvested them. The pictures were captured in An Giang province, Vietnam, by amateur photographer Khanh Phan.

Battle of the birds! Photographer captures ruthless starlings fight over food

Upchurch, Kent, United Kingdom: A wildlife photographer has captured a series of images of starlings ferociously battling it out over food. Russell Taylor from Upchurch, Kent snapped the birds in his back garden. Once lockdown was announced Russell could no longer venture out to his favourite wildlife spots, so decided to focus his attention on his own doorstep. Because of the length of lockdown, Russell has been lucky enough to witness starlings arrive with their fledglings to raid his garden bird feeders, to them now being old enough to battle it out with their parents for food. ''You watch these once proud parents degenerate into nervous wrecks trying to satisfy their fledglings insatiable demand for food,” explains Russell. „And then, when the youngsters finally become independent, there is no blessed relief for these adults, as the bird feeder becomes an arena of every bird for themselves, parents, brothers, sisters... there is no pretence. There is only survival. The garden is now officially a Wild West saloon bar!''

Planets with DUSTY atmospheres could be harbouring alien life as they trap water and keep temperatures down, study suggests

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alien life may be common throughout the universe, researchers claim, saying it could be thriving on planets orbiting distance stars with a dusty atmosphere. Exoplanets outside the the solar system are less likely to be too hot or cold if they have a dusty atmosphere and are tidally locked, according to the study. They would look similar to the land depicted in David Lynch's 1984 sci-fi blockbuster Dune, or Luke Skywalker's home planet Tatooine in Star Wars. This discovery, by researchers from the University of Exeter, dramatically extends the number of planets able to host life - and expands the possible habitable zone. The dust in the atmosphere of planets orbiting near the inner edge of the habitable zone of red dwarf stars, collects in the atmosphere and stops water leaving.

Cygnets clean their fathers with their dad

***EXCLUSIVE*** These photographs show the sweet moment two young cygnets follow in their fathers footsteps and mimic him as he preens in a pond. The adorable shots were captured by Johann Schumacher in Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge in New York, USA. The cygnets - just a few weeks old - good in the water as they copied the adult male swan preening. Retired graphic designer Mr Schumacher said “It was a touching moment seeing these little creatures so eagerly trying to follow in their dad’s footsteps during their early morning preying lesson”.