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A 6ft 7ins woman who was bullied throughout school because of her height has had the last laugh after being scouted as a MODEL

***EXCLUSIVE*** Naomi Lovell, 22, receives unwanted sexual attention on social media because of her striking stature, but is 'thrilled' to finally be channelling her physicality into something positive. From a young age, Naomi - who was already towering over her peers at 6ft 2in aged just 13 - has even had to get used to strangers staring and tapping her legs to 'check if she is on stilts'. She feels her height has stood in the way of her love life as 'society dictates that men are the taller in a couple' and she has never had a boyfriend. Her family, although taller slightly taller than average, are nowhere near her size: mum, Karen, 58, a retired midwife, is 5ft 7in, dad, Nigel, 51, a railway engineer, is 6ft 2in, with her sisters Bethan, 25, a student, is 5ft 10, and Amanda, 28, a warehouse worker, is 5ft 9in.

British scientists grow human ’embryo’ in lab using just stem cells

***EXCLUSIVE*** The human body’s blueprint has been studied for the first time. Cambridge University scientists have been able to study what is known as the ‘black box’ period of human development for the first time by recreating human embryos with stem cells. The findings could reveal the causes of birth defects and diseases, which originate during this period and are often linked to alcohol, medication, chemicals and infections. Lead researcher Professor Alfonso Martinez-Arias, of Cambridge’s Department of Genetics, said: “Our model produces part of the blueprint of a human.

A British dad has invented the world's first coronavirus pram -- designed to protect youngsters from the deadly disease

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British dad has invented the world's first coronavirus pram -- designed to protect youngsters from the deadly disease. Ian Whieldon, 56, announced his new pram design which involves a variety of unique features such as air filtering and temperature control. BabyBubble is currently at the protocol stage, but the company is confident it can bring the pram to the market in 3-6 months with the right investors on board. Ian, who was previously designing a form of prevention against the use of date rape drugs, explains why he decided to design these prams: „In today’s world there are countless environmental risks which threaten new-born babies’ health - Covid-19 is just the latest dange.”

Koala and wombat become best of friends while in isolation at Australian Zoo

Somersby, New South Wales, Australia: A koala and wombat have struck up an unlikely friendship during the coronavirus lockdown. Elsa the koala and Hope the wombat surprised zookeepers when they became inseparable during a temporary closure of the Australian Reptile Park through April and May. Elsa and Hope's friendship began when the wombat was allowed into the koala enclosure to enjoy new leaves left by the zoo supervisors...The marsupials were hand raised by keepers at the Australian Reptile Park which is about an hour north of Sydney. Curator Hayley Shute said: ''Hope is a little ray of sunshine and we just knew the two of them would enjoy getting to know each other.' ''It makes for one cute video that's for sure! It's a very special friendship these two have formed and I can't wait to see it continue to blossom.'' Staff at the park said they now refer to the koala and wombat as ''lockdown BFFs'' and are allowing them to see each other every day.

First look at Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile in ‘The Batman’

***EXCLUSIVE*** As filming on Matt Reeves‘ The Batman resumes, we now have images of the Batmobile concept model for the film. Courtesy of concept model maker Jeff Frost, the newly surfaced images reveals the menacing retro design of the vehicle. Straying from the futuristic themes of previous films, the Batmobile tied to Robert Pattinson‘s take on the superhero will fall in line with the aesthetic of earlier comics. The muscle car form builds on the shape of the Ford Mustang 1968 with striking lines and an aggressive front end.

The world's first "disease proof" jacket made from mostly copper - a metal which is able to kill bacteria and any viruses that come into contact with it

***EXCLUSIVE*** A futuristic clothing company has designed the first "disease-proof" jacket - created using over 11 KILOMETRES of COPPER. The Full Metal Jacket is the world's first commercial jacket made from mostly copper - a metal which is able to kill bacteria and any viruses that come into contact with it. Although an expensive material - with each jacket selling for a whopping £895 - clothing company Vollebak believe that copper is an "obvious" contender for the new, "disease-proof" jacket.

WWII aircraft and vehicles set to be sold in historic auction

A historic auction of one the most extensive curated offerings of World War II memorabilia is set to take place in the U.S. this weekend. Worldwide Auctioneers, responsible for the sale of some of the world’s finest collector vehicles, is gearing up to offer a range of authentic World War II artifacts, warbirds, vehicles, and militaria ever tendered in one place. Offered completely without reserve from the collections of the former National Military History Center and Hoosier Air Museum, it will sell alongside a selection of over 50 classic cars and an extensive assortment of fresh-to-market memorabilia at the Americana Festival Auction in Auburn, Indiana, on June 12th-13th. More than 1,500 lots are set to go under the hammer at no reserve during the two-day sale, with both live and online bidding available. Proceeds will benefit the J. Kruse Education Center, a dedicated 501(c)(3) organisation providing career pathway development to veterans and students. Among the many significant military offerings slated to sell at the Americana Festival Auction is a 1944 Dodge WC-57 Command Car, assigned to the 3rd Army motor pool during WWII and purpose-built for General Patton and his command. Also selling in Auburn are three outstanding vintage airplanes from the Hoosier Air Museum, including a 1946 Piper J-3 Cub used during World War II as the L-4 Grasshopper for reconnaissance, a 1944 Cessna UC-78 and a 1935 Speedbird, a one-off experimental aircraft with a two-seat, side-by-side arrangement.

Turkish conjoined twins to return after successful op in UK

Turkish conjoined twin brothers Yigit and Derman will set off on their journey back to Turkey after more than six months of medical operations and healing in the British capital London to separate them. The two-year-old twins, who were born with their heads joined to each other, will be taken back to Turkey early on Wednesday in an ambulance plane sent by the Turkish Health Ministry. Yigit and Derman, sons of Turkish couple Fatma and Omer Evrensel, were sent to London's Great Ormond Street Hospital for the rare operation by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and First Lady Emine Erdogan last December.

Woll-necked stork grabs a pair of toads

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stork gets more than it bargained for as it picks up two toads with its beak. The woolly-necked stork was hunting for its breakfast when it grabbed the red toads while they were mating in water. These shots were captured in the Zimanga Private Game Reserve in South Africa by amateur photographer Jacob Bahar, 55.

Bitter cucumber farm

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers clean and sort over 100,000 bitter cucumbers as they crouch on top of the fruit. Each crate contains around 20kg and the farmers move the healthiest looking ones to the top to entice prospective buyers. The fruit is popular across India and are also known as bitter melons. Photographer Abdul Momin captured the photographs in Bogra in Bangladesh.