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Hotel with no walls

***EXCLUSIVE*** SWISS ALPS, SWITZERLAND: You can't get closer to nature and luxury than this hotel with no walls for just Ł122 a night - and it even comes with a butler. Zero Real Estate, situated in seclusion in the Swiss Alps, are hotel suites that have no walls or windows and lie in the mountainscape. Concept artists, Frank and Patrik Riklin, alongside hotel expert, Daniel Charbonnier, created Zero Real Estate which includes three hotel suites and are all situated in the mountains. The Burst Suite has views of the Toggenburg Valley, the Schwendi Suite is situated above the sparkling Lake Schwendisee and the Stump Suite is set amongst ancient trees and very close to the hotel’s sauna and spa. Included in the price are a welcome gift, a breakfast basket, taxes, parking fees, non-alcoholic drinks and a personal butler service. The suites are furnished with a double bed and high-quality mattress as well as flashlights, insect screens, extra blankets, a smartphone power bank and umbrellas. If the weather is bad, you needn’t worry as an impressive alternative accommodation room is always available. Activities are available but you should ask your butler what to do - after all, they are native to the village you will stay in and are very knowledgeable of the region. Zero Real Estate’s suites are advertised by HostUnusual, a company dedicated to finding the world’s most extraordinary accommodation. One night starts at Ł245 a night, or Ł122.50 a night if the cost is split between the maximum two people.

Louis Vuitton capitalizes on poker surge with $24,000 luxury chip set

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adding to its range of luxurious lifestyle goods, Louis Vuitton has now released a Monogram Poker Case. Inspired by the classic Président attaché case, the set enables convenient carry of the beloved card game anywhere. The suitcase-style case is constructed of wood and features a classic Monogram base accented by natural cowhide leather trimmings. Price: 24.000 Dollars.

This air purifying face shield offers 360 degree protection around its wearer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Toronto-base Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) firm VYZR Technologies has just released one the the most protective face mask against pathogens. Under the Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) category, the BioVYZR provides a full anti-fog face shield with a wide angle view. There's also a built-in N95/N99 air purifying system at the back which filters out pathogens, allergens and pollutants. The packable BioVYZR can run 8-12 hours on a single charge via USB and weighs just 1.25 kg with the battery pack. Made with neoprene, marine vinyl and ripstop fabric, the entire set-up is also weatherproof thanks to sealed seams.

Pandemic Photography 2020

***EXCLUSIVE*** The most eye-catching photographs from „The British Photographic Assignment 2020: Covid-19” have been revealed. A haunting image captured by Wei Jian Chan featured two cyclists travelling through the empty streets of London with a sign reminding them that, „these days will pass”. In another photograph taken by Will Appleyard, several face masks – a now famiiliar feature of our everyday lives – hung from a washing line exploring our „new normal”. The British Photography Awards (BPA) have launched The British Photographic Assignment 2020: Covid-19. This project requires entrants to creatively reflect upon the current global pandemic - highlighting both British and British-based photography talent in the process. The project is free to enter and the most eye-catching entries will be on display at The Dorchester, Park Lane, London, on February 17, 2021, as a part of the BPA’s annual gala. The project has received over 210 entries so far.

The medieval house where bloodthirsty knights are said to have plotted Thomas Becket’s infamous murder is on the market for £1 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Conquest House in Canterbury city centre is plainly advertised online as a two-bed terraced home, but the 11th century building is far from average. Historians have long suspected the property played an integral role in the assasination of the former Archbishop of Canterbury in 1170 - one of England’s best-known murders. Now the Grade II-listed building is for sale after an eco-friendly greengrocers firm relocated, giving buyers a chance to own „slice of English history” according to the property agent.

Black soldiers matter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Heroic colourised pictures shows the black soldiers who fought bravely to defend America from WW2 to Vietnam. While putting their lives at risk for their nation, pictures show patriotic African-Americans as they hauled ammunition towards the Nazi-held lines, and trawled through the horrors of the Southeast Asian jungle. One striking image captured two wounded African-American soldiers as they were carried by both their black and white brother-in-arms in the Vietnam conflict. The photos were faithfully digitally colourised by artist, Royston Leonard (58) from Cardiff, UK.

Golden hour memories

***EXCLUSIVE*** ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK, NAMIBIA: A Namibian photographer has shared his most stunning pictures taken during Africa’s GOLDEN HOUR - after racial profiling following a move to the USA, forced him to QUIT photography. One photograph captured the silhouette of a 16-foot tall giraffe as it walked across the Namibian plains in the golden evening sun. In another image, two springboks locked antlers in front of the fading sunlight as the rays cast a white glow around their bodies. Photographer, Jason Kandume originally from Namibia, but who now lives in Illinois, USA, took these images whilst in Etosha National Park, Namibia. When the heat of the day would begin to die down, Jason would have just 60 minutes before the sun set to photograph the animals in this unique evening light. Since moving to the USA, photography is unfortunately a hobby that Jason feels he can no longer pursue. Crepuscular animals are those that become their most active at dawn or dusk. The word is derived from the Latin word meaning „twilight”. Lions, jaguars, and African wild dogs are amongst the species that fall under this category. On average, Namibia has 300 days of sunshine a year making it one of the sunniest countries in the world. In the warmer months, the average temperature is around 35 degrees-celsius during the day.

Thousands of fishermen return from night at sea

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of fishermen gather on a beach after a night fishing on the open ocean as locals flock around their brightly coloured buckets of squid, shrimp and crabs to buy the freshest seafood. The men only head out to sea during the summer months in the Nui Thanh district in Quang Nam, Vietnam. Photographer Khanh Phan, who captured the beautiful pictures of Tam Tien beach market with his drone, said: "This is a bustling, lively place - many boats leave from here to go out to sea.

Elephant has dust bath in 'perfect light'

***EXCLUSIVE*** An elephant creates his own cloud of dust as he showers himself in the dusk light. The Indian elephant was using the mud and dust by a river to cool down at the end of a hot day. Amateur photographer Trikansh Sharma managed to capture the moment during the last light of the day at Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, India's oldest national park.