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Mum-of-two having a surrogate baby for a gay couple - despite have previously been sterilised

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a mum who was so adamant she’d have no more kids she got sterilised had a surrogate baby for a couple she didn't know. This video shows the heartwarming moment the intended parents thank mum-of-two Prizzilla Greer, 27, for their newborn son. Prizzilla and her husband Skylar Greer, 26, thought they were done having children after giving birth to Nixon, five and Lo, four.  During her second c-section in January 2016, doctors also performed a female sterilisation at her request.

A talented pregnant mum has gone viral after creating this incredible hand-painted mural on her unborn son's bedroom wall

***EXCLUSIVE*** A talented pregnant mum has gone viral after creating this incredible hand-painted mural on her unborn son's bedroom wall. Rebecca Jeffery, 28, painted a large moon and forest scene and posted pictures of her three day art project on social media. She decided to put the free time she had in lockdown to good use by decorating her unborn son's room ready for his arrival in September. After sharing her impressive freehand art online, she received 33,000 likes, and thousands of comments from people interested in hiring her for her decorating skills.

The females bucking the trend in the male-dominated arena of fighter pilots

Two female fighter pilots are bucking the trend in a male-dominated arena Historically, U.S. Air Force fighter pilots were male, but the future looks a lot different as more and more females join the ranks of these career fields and make history while they do it. Recently, Capt. Emily ''Banzai'' Thompson, an F-35A Lightning II pilot, deployed from the 388th Fighter Wing at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, made history as she flew in combat, making her the first female to do so in that airframe. And, starting with the 2020 air show season, Capt. Kristin „BEO” Wolfe, a second-generation fighter pilot and former F-22 pilot, will lead the new F-35A Lightning II demonstration.

Tourits captures picture illusion showing giraffe seemingly without a head

Uganda: A tourist captured this picture of a giraffe that looked like it didn’t have a head. Bristol-based Nathaniel Davies explains: „I was on a safari near Murchison Falls in Uganda as part of a volunteering trip there. Quite literally perfect location and timing, as the giraffe bent its neck to the side.”