Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Traveller ‘humiliated’ by KFC after being refused service at drive-thru in horse and cart

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man has hit out at KFC after he was refused service for trying to buy a Bargain Bucket at a drive-through while operating a HORSE AND CART. Ravenous Ian Bell, 55, trotted up to the window last week only for a manager to come out and say he would have to leave for the health and safety of other customers. The bewildered singleton says his beloved steed Jon Jon is "good as gold" and made the argument, "horse and carts were around long before motor cars", adding, "I don't get it". Photos show Ian and Jon Jon, a seven-year-old Irish Cob, pitched up outside the KFC restaurant in Carlisle, Cumbria. Ian said: "I had queued up behind some cars and was about to order a Bargain Bucket when all of a sudden this manager came out and said 'you're not allowed through'.

Owlet dances in joy for it's dinner

***EXCLUSIVE*** This six week old owlet was so happy to see its dad return with food it danced with joy. The burrowing owl spotted its dad returning, following a hunt before the pair shared a 'kiss' which was the moment the adult fed the chick. The pair were spotted in Diessen, Holland by landscape architect Albert Beukhof, 44. Albert from Arnhem, Holland said, "The adult was feeding small pieces of mouse to the juvinille, but it looked like the pair were kissing."

Loving bond between mother and cubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family of cheetahs display their loving bond as the young cubs play with their mother. Heartwarming photographs show four of the two month old cubs sticking by their mother's side. The patient adult remained attentive to their needs at the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, and looked after them by licking them clean. Amateur photographer Fabrizio Bignotti, 56, from Novara, Italy, said: "It was beautiful to watch them. The mother took so much care with them in providing food and milk.

Storks build their nests blocking service ladders of an electric pylon

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of storks make their nests in an unusual spot - high up a pylon. Nine of the nests can be seen scattered 80ft up the electricity pylon, blocking off ladders used by maintenance workers. In total, 18 white storks have made their homes on the pylon in the Dutch village of Hurwenen and the birds typically lay three to five eggs per nest. Amateur photographer and architect Albert Beukhof, who took the images, said: "It was a very special sight to see so many storks building their nests together.

Fishermen at sunrise

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fishermen use huge nets to catch fish as the sun rises behind them. The fishermen have developed a special technique which allows them to catch shrimp and other sea creatures in shallow water. Photographs capture them standing above the water on bamboo heels as they hold their net which is attached to two longer bamboo sticks. Amateur photographer Thong Nguyen took these shots at Quang Lang beach in Thai Binh province, Vietnam.

Cheetah yawns as it walks past a heard of wildebeest

***EXCLUSIVE*** This disgruntled cheetah walks past a herd of wildebeest and yawns in dismay as he is robbed of his dinner by a pride of stalking lions. The astonishing scene was captured by Australian native Renee Doyle.  The 55 year old said “The cheetah had been creeping up closer to the wildebeest for a while before a pride of lions arrived. The cheetah realised there was no point in exerting all its energy on a hunt only to have the lions steal their catch, so walk away empty pawed!”  “Wildebeest are funny creatures, they stand together and were watching the cheetah walk past. Though if one runs they all go!”