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Blue/Purple Rain - Guitar used by Prince is tipped to sell for £1m

***EXCLUSIVE*** An iconic guitar used by Prince is tipped to sell for £1m after it was rediscovered 22 years after mysteriously vanishing. The instrument is one of just four 'cloud' guitars the star had specially made and used throughout his career. While the whereabouts of the other three have long been known, his favourite 'Blue Angel' guitar has not been seen since the late 1990s.

Photograph of the 'iceberg that sank the Titanic' has surfaced 108 years after the disaster, and is set to fetch £12,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable photograph of the 'iceberg that sank the Titanic' has surfaced 108 years after the disaster. The black and white photo was taken by pure coincidence two days before the sinking by the captain of another passenger liner crossing the Atlantic. The seaman, a Captain Wood who served on board the SS Etonian, was interested in photography and captured the huge iceberg on his camera. His photo is now being sold at auction in Devizes, Wilts. Crucially, he made a note of the geographic coordinates which were almost the same for when the Titanic struck an iceberg 40 hours later and sank with the loss of 1,522 lives.

Girl knifed best friend in the back after fearing she would steal boyfriend

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eve Hewitson-Cross was just 17 when she was knifed in her back in Levensgarth Park in Fulwood, while waiting to meet her friends to go to a youth group. She suffered a punctured lung as the blade penetrated millimetres from her spine, and had to be helped by passers by as she bled profusely. The case has chilling parallels to the unprovoked stabbing of teenager Jodie Chesney, 17, in a park in east London on the same evening on March 1 last year.

Archive that belonged to the 'true hero of the Titanic

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning archive that belonged to the 'true hero of the Titanic' is being sold by his family 108 years after the disaster. Harold Lowe helped scores of women and children into four different lifeboats. He was the only officer to go back for survivors after the famous liner sank, saving four more people. In the 1997 blockbuster movie, one of those Lowe was portrayed as saving was Kate Winslett's character Rose.

Japanese flag that flew on the warship that masterminded the attack on Pearl Harbour

***EXCLUSIVE*** The emblem of the red sun hung on the Nagato, the flagship of the Japanese fleet from which the command 'Climb Mount Niitaka' was issued to signal the devastating attack. The same ship also received the famous signal of 'Torra, Torra, Torra' - the code word indicating that complete surprise had been attained. The 8ft by 13ft flag of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was captured by the Americans on August 30, 1945, marking the unconditional surrender of the Japanese navy. It sparked a bidding war when it went under the hammer with US-based Heritage Auctions, who also sold a Union Jack flag which flew on D-Day.

During the war... A war medal that Uncle Albert wore with pride throughout Only Fools & Horses

***EXCLUSIVE*** A war medal that Uncle Albert wore with pride throughout Only Fools & Horses has emerged for sale at auction for £2,000. The decoration was regularly seen pinned to Albert's chest on the legendary sitcom. It is one of a handful used during the comedy's production and was often seen hanging from the brown waistcoat of the much-loved white-whiskered character. Albert - played by the late Buster Merryfield - also wore it on his blazer during trips to the Nag's Head pub, including one notable occasion when he ended up having a fight over a game of dominoes.

Extraordinary letter by Vincent Van Gogh in which he predicts he will lead a 'renaissance of art' for sale for £220,000 (250,000 euros)

***EXCLUSIVE*** The great Dutch painter was still relatively unknown when he made the bold comments in a letter to French artist Emile Bernard in 1888. Writing in French, Van Gogh, who was living in Arles, southern France, states: "I, who have a feeling of a new world ... certainly believes in the possibility of an immense renaissance of art." The four page letter, dated November 1, 1888, is co-authored by Van Gogh's French colleague Paul Gauguin, who weeks later witnessed him cut off his left ear in a psychotic rage. Van Gogh also reveals how the pair frequented brothels for inspiration, disclosing that Gauguin was driven by 'blood and sex' over ambition. The letter is being sold with French auction house Druout, of Paris.

"Billionaire's Row" stunning palatial home in is on the market for almost £14m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning palatial home in "Billionaire's Row" is on the market for almost £14m. Windsor House is in north west London's Bishops Avenue, which is considered to be one of the wealthiest streets in the world and often referred to by its nickname Billionaire's Row. The impressive gated property has everything an affluent homebuyer could possibly want with both indoor and outdoor pools, spas, wine cellar, cinema and games room. The eight-bedroom, 10,000sq ft home is on the market with Knight Frank for £13,995,000.