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A plucky pensioner who almost died SIX times while battling coronavirus has defied doctors to make a full recovery

***EXCLUSIVE*** Robin Jones, 79, was struck down with the virus in March after complaining of abdominal pain. He tested positive for Covid-19 and then spent weeks fighting for life in Hereford County Hospital. Robin, nicknamed Ginger and Uncle Albert by pals, almost died three times and his daughter Polly was called by doctors on each occasion warning her he had 24 hours to live.

The jaw-dropping images that have wowed the judges in an annual photography contest

***EXCLUSIVE*** MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Incredible winning entries from the The Moscow International Foto Awards 2020 include a dangerous Russian landscape and a UK „Brummy” public bath. In a picture submitted by Isabella Tabacchi called „Kamchatka: to The Abyss of the Earth”, white-capped mountains appeared to hover in the sky above a foreboding volcanic foreground. Another image from Christine Eastwood called „Brummy Baths”, showed the once bustling Edwardian Moseley Road baths now empty of all activity. The Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) have announced the winners of their 2020 photography competition bringing together entries from over 104 countries. Now in its seventh year, the global competition aims to recognise and support emerging talent - welcoming them into the Russian creative community. Isabella Tabacchi from Bologna, Italy, has been crowned the 2020 „Photographer of the Year” for her stunning landscape work, „Kamchatka: to The Abyss of The Earth”. Isabella’s winning project captures the ever-changing landscape of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. Tomas Neuwirth, from Czech Republic, was given a gold prize for his standout work, „Road Between Seasons”. The striking photograph captures a road that runs through the Jesiniky Mountains, Czech Republic. On one side of the road, the forest is lush and green whilst on the other, it is more akin to a winter wonderland. Ekaterina Busygina, from the Russian Federation, was named „Architecture Photographer of the Year” and given a gold prize for her work, „Look Up, Galaxy Soho”. Ekaterina captured the unique Galaxy Soho Building in Beijing, China. Brit photographer, Christine Eastwood, was awarded a bronze prize for her work, „Brummy Baths”, in which she captured the Moseley Road Baths - an Edwardian swimming pool based in Birmingham, UK.

Forty rival tribes battle to outdo each other's terrifying appearance at Papua New Guinea festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** PAPUA NEW GUINEA: This photographer has shared pictures from a festival that brings rival tribes together - including one who dress up like skeletons to scare their enemies, and another that cover themselves in mud. Incredible images capture the Chimbu tribesmen covered in black and white skeleton paint ready to strike fear into the opposing tribes. Other photos depict the peculiar fashions of the Asaro tribe, also known as Mudmen, who dress up in mud and wear mud masks. The fascinating images were taken by travel photographer, Trevor Cole who lives in Donegal, Ireland, when he visited the Paiya village. The tribes were at a festival called Sing Sing, where they danced and sang together.

A morbidly obese woman can wear pants for the first time after she lost 500lb when doctors cut out her cancerous tongue - and then removed 15lb of skin from her legs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jen Costa, 35, had 100 stitches along her inner thighs after doctors removed a whopping 15lb of sagging skin from her legs - which "filled a whole trash bag". She was left with the drooping skin after losing a whopping 34 stone (476lb) when her tongue was removed in 2016, in an operation to rid her of stage 4 cancer. After cheating death she found herself unable to eat solid food, and had to move to a liquid diet, dropping the pounds over two years.

The wife of Oskar Schindler who felt ''cut out'' of history and Hollywood was sent a letter by Steven Spielberg - mistaking her for a Jew her husband saved, new recordings up for auction have revealed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emile Schindler was married to 'Schindler's List' Oskar - the man credited for keeping over 1,200 people out of death camps. She was later said to have felt ignored by the history books and the hit film ''in a very humiliating and offensive way''. Friends says she didn't get the credit she deserved for her ''50/50'' role in saving the Jews and was left in poverty - not benefiting from the movie or book it was based on.

Two-faced feline! Cat who's half grey and white wins a legion of fans with her naughty antics

***EXCLUSIVE*** THAILAND: This cat is constantly getting compared to Two-Face from Batman because of her two-toned face. An adorable photo shows the grey and white moggy aptly named Cat (1) relaxing after having just demolished a fresh roll of toilet paper. Another image captures the two-toned feline looking smug as she looked over a cockroach she had caught. The half-Persian, half-Scottish fold is owned by medical technologist, Eve Tice (27) from Isan, Thailand. The unique colouration is due to chimerism, where a cat’s cells contain two types of DNA, caused when two embryos fuse together. Eve opted to simply name her Cat.

This photographer creates prints with algae

***EXCLUSIVE*** Graduate student Russell Marx is taking experimental photography to a whole new level. Marx, who is currently working on their PhD in neuroscience, has developed an unusual technique where they actually print their pictures onto algae. The results are a striking mix of art and science that demonstrate what a little ingenuity can do.

Meet the world's oldest TikTok user - a British lady who has just celebrated her 102 birthday

***EXCLUSIVE*** Betty Paddon is still learning new skills and willing to give new things a go despite her age. She lives at Abbeyfield Tamar House, a care home in Plymouth, Devon, and has turned to technology to keep in touch with her.

Fresh Pawz has launched its first-ever sneaker designed specifically for dogs

***EXCLUSIVE*** The shoe, called Beluga 544, protects dogs' paws from harmful surfaces, especially during the hot summer months. Ranging from 1.5 to 2.2 inches, the shoes are designed to fit smaller dogs like pugs and terriers, as well as larger ones like Golden Retrievers and Boxers. Additional updates by Fresh Pawz include bright orange tags reading “SPLY 544,” referencing the detailing on the adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Beluga. Price: 50 Dollars.

These fearless models have been snapped posing with venomous stingrays

***EXCLUSIVE*** FRENCH POLYNESIA: One photo captured the six-foot-long stingrays as they surrounded a bikini clad Tahitian model. Another image showed a model having a face-off with 40-pound stingray as it hovered above her. The stunning models were shot by underwater photographer and scuba instructor, Gregoire Fleurentin (40) from Nice, France. He used a Canon 5D MKII and MKIV for the shoots in Moorea, French Polynesia, where he snaps from just three feet away.

Meet the super cute rabbit who was born with NO EARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Leo the bunny was the only one of his eight siblings to enter the world without his trademark floppy lugs. Owner Kylie Clarke, 31, was worried he wouldn't survive or be able to hear but she said his shortage of ears hasn't affected him at all. And while she's going to give away the rest of the bunnies, she's decided to keep little Leo as a pet. Kylie, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, said: „I’ve never seen anything like it before. She’s just beautiful.  We called her Leo because she just looks like a wee mini lion.”

Swarovski launces Batman set for 869 dollars

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fans of the Tim Burton-era of Batman will not want to miss Swarovski’s latest collectible drop. This time around, the famous crystal manufacturer has chosen the late-'80s Dark Knight and his legendary Batmobile for a full-black crystal set. The figure sees an enormous amount of detail and facets in areas like the cape and mask, all done in jet-black and gray Swarovski crystals. The utility belt offers a bit of contrast on the suit with the use of canary crystals. The Batmobile is sized at approximately 6 inches in length while Batman comes in at a height of 5.5 inches. Those interested in this DC collectible set can find it over at Swarovski for a price of 869 Dollars.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR: The finalists in the Collection Fifteen competition for the best unstaged wedding pictures have been revealed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Candid pictures captured a British bride as she smoked a cheeky cigarette, a Canadian couple tucking into a McDonalds and a young boy layed flat out on the dancefloor after a tiring day of partying. Another picture showed a young girl as she gazed forlornly at a pig-shaped hog-roast. The award-winning shots were selected by wedding photography association This is Reportage for their Collection Fifteen contest. The organisation seeks to share the beauty of authentic, relatable and unstaged wedding photos. Many of the current crop of winners were British photographers. The competition was founded in 2017 by photographer, Alan Law (39) from Cornwall, UK.

Moment diver was photobombed and had an unexpected underwater cuddle -- from a SEAL

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a diver was photo-bombed and had an unexpected underwater cuddle -- from a SEAL. Ben Burville, 51, who has been diving with the animals or 20 years, was joined by the curious animal which was very interested in his head gear. Ben, from Morpeth, Northumberland, remained calm while the seal patted him on the head with its large flippers. But Ben patted the seal's flipper as it swam around, before giving its face a little rub. Ben, an NHS doctor and visiting marine science researcher at Newcastle University, said: "They're very clever animals family. She regularly uses Facetime to chat to her daughter, and has since developed an interest in TikTok - sharing videos with her followers.

Photographer spends ten-years living with monkeys to capture these pictures of cute baby orangutans

***EXCLUSIVE*** CENTRAL KALIMANTAN, INDONESIA: Hilarious photographs show one baby orangutan looking surprised as he raised his hands to his head, whilst another is caught scrunching up his face and clutching to his mum. The comical photos were taken by wildlife photographer, Brian Matthews (41) from Durham, UK, who, just like Disney’s Tarzan, spent a decade of his life living with the monkeys in a rainforest based in Tanjung Putting National Park, Indonesia, which helped him get to know the species up close. At times, Brian had to get as close as one to two metres from them to take the captivating shots.

A religious leader has called for a high-end fashion company to withdraw its £360 Jimi Hendrix swim shorts because they depict Hindu gods in an offensive way

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rajan Zed has described the use of Hindu deities on clothes worn around the groin as "highly inappropriate". The garments are based on a design used by The Jimi Hendrix Experience for their classic album cover on Axis: Bold As Love, which shows the legendary rocker with his bandmates dressed as the Hindu god Vishnu. Sold by the MatchesFashion store, which has a five-storey shop based in Mayfair and its HQ in The Shard, central London, the shorts also feature Hendrix with a row of arms behind him wearing traditional dress and Mehndi body art on his hands.

Fantastic Voyage-style lasers have been created that scan the human heart - from the inside

***EXCLUSIVE*** They are reminiscent of the surgical gun used inside a patient's brain to open a blocked vessel in the cult 1960's movie.  The devices act as microscopic probes - revealing the inner workings of the organ in unprecedented detail.  They could shed fresh light on heart failure and a host of other life-threatening cardiovascular conditions.

Seven year-old boy isn't letting lockdown stop him from achieving his gymnastics dreams

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRISTOL, UK: In a series of videos caught on tape by his mum Melissa, Aryton shows that the world around him can most certainly act as a viable alternative to the traditional indoor gym. The youngster is seen using everyday objects including a plastic crate as a pommel horse and then a set of DIY parallel bars to perform incredible acts of strength and control.
Starting gymnastics just two years ago at the age of five, it is clear to see why Ayrton has already achieved a place in the South West England squad as one of its youngest members. With his usual training regime of two and a half hours each day, four times a week on hold, Ayrton has shown that with determination you can overcome any obstacle, quite literally. And it is this determination that the seven year-old hopes will allow him to follow in the footsteps of his two gymnastics heroes, his coach, Paul, and gymnast, Nile Wilson, who won a Bronze medal in the horizontal bar at the 2016 Beijing Olympics. As both parents in Ayrton’s family are key workers, with his mum being a nurse on a ward that has had a number of COVID-19 patients and his dad being a mechanic, life over the past few months has been anything but settled. Despite this, training sessions via webcam and a great deal of determination has meant that Ayrton continues to impress.

Stay beside the seaside in this house on the beach for just £66 a night

***EXCLUSIVE*** SUSSEX, UK: The front of The Blue House Camber is glass-fronted, meaning guests get expansive views of the dunes of Camber Sands. Located in Camber, East Sussex, the haven has been in the family for nearly 70 years but has recently been given a modern renovation. With four bedrooms that can sleep up to eight people, the beach house is filled with high-end tech appliances including an Apple TV in the lounge room. The scenery to the exterior of this house is exquisite and can be seen from almost every room in the seaside home. Ideal for a coastal retreat, this accommodation is perfect for couples, families, big groups and even our furry friends. Sliding doors that open completely are the perfect finishing touch to the property and brings the beach straight to your doorstep.

A fitness-loving family are using the lockdown to learn gymnastics together

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aspiring gymnast Erica Deacons, eight, has been carrying on her rigorous training regime despite not being able to attend classes - and has got her parents and little brother involved as well. The closest parents Jude and Craig, both 38, had come to gymnastics was dropping their daughter off at classes - but along with their son, Campbell, aged six, they have found they had more time to try something new. Erica was putting in a gruelling nine hours of training a week before the lockdown, entirely out of self-motivation.

New Balenciaga velvet slipper for 535 Dollars!

***EXCLUSIVE*** Balenciaga has just released a new pair of luxurious house slippers that would make even the late Hugh Hefner proud. Available in both black or red velvet, the slippers are made from 49% polyamide, 35% viscose, 16% elastane, and feature a full black rubber outsole and insole. Those interested can find them now over at Balenciaga for a price of 535 Dollars.