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Celebrities who have been banned from other countries

Celebrities in the United States are revered for their fame, often having legions of fans willing to do anything to be in their presence. But not every country holds the same kind of reverence for celebs, and there are a few countries stars can't enter. Some countries have banned certain famous people, and they all have their own reasons for doing it. Celebrities banned from countries are often denied visas due to their political views or refused entry for their scandalous reputation. Some celebrities just have a knack for getting banned from things, whether it be social media sites like Instagram and Twitter or just random places like local donut shops. Some have had to apologize, while others have held their ground and claim they've done nothing wrong. Regardless of what it was that got them into trouble, these are some of the most high-profile celebrities who have been banned from other countries.

Martha Stewart was barred from the UK because of her criminal record

Martha Stewart, the woman most famous for being America's homemaker, is the last person you'd expect would stir up controversy. That all changed in 2004 when she was convicted of trying to cover her tracks during an insider trading investigation, and she ultimately served five months in prison for her crimes. Fast forward to 2008, when Stewart tried to gain entry to the United Kingdom for a business trip but was denied entry by the country's immigration services. The UK government reserves the right to bar anyone from entry if they have committed serious crimes, and it seems that they considered Stewart enough of a threat to invoke that power. There are no reports of Stewart attempting to enter the UK again since 2008.

Paris Hilton was denied entry to Japan because of a drug conviction

In 2010, Paris Hilton was sent back home after arriving in Japan and discovering that she wasn't allowed in the country. Japanese immigration laws can be very strict, especially when it comes to people who've been convicted of drug charges. Unfortunately for Hilton, she had just pled guilty in Nevada for cocaine possession only two days before her flight to Japan. She had hoped to push some of her brands in the country, but the country unexpectedly pushed back. She hasn't yet attempted to go back to Japan; the Rolling Stones were famously barred from entry for many years, but the government eventually relented despite the band's history of drug use.

Australia and the United Kingdom both banned Chris Brown for beating Rihanna

Chris Brown is no stranger to scandal. His name has popped up in plenty of negative headlines throughout the years, but none were so damaging as the fact that he pled guilty to  physically beating then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. The conviction would have international consequences for the pop star as he was barred entry to both the United Kingdom and Australia in 2015. He had planned to tour in both of the countries, but his visas were denied due to the incident with Rihanna. He hasn't since attempted to go back.

Miley Cyrus was banned from China and the Dominican Republican for racism and indecency

Miley Cyrus is another celebrity who seems to court controversy wherever she goes. This particular scandal is noteworthy: it involves an entire country banning the singer in 2009 after it was revealed that she had taken a racist photograph when she was younger. Cyrus can be seen in the photo pulling back her eyelids in a mocking impression of East Asians. The Chinese government was not amused by the photo, and Cyrus along with all of her products were banned from the country. One government minister stated: "Miss Cyrus has made it clear she is no friend of China or anyone of East Asian descent. We have no interest in further polluting our children’s minds with her American ignorance." China isn't the only country from which she's banned from performing, as the Dominican Republic also denied her permits to bring her Bangerz tour to the country in 2014. Government officials cited "acts that go against morals and customs" as the primary reason to prevent her entry. 

China banned Katy Perry right before the Victoria's Secret fashion show in Shanghai

Quite a few celebrities have been banned from China, not the least of whom is international pop superstar Katy Perry. She had previously performed in Taiwan, an autonomous territory that China claims is theirs, and showed support for Taiwanese independence by waving the national flag of Taiwan on stage. She also wore a dress that was covered in sunflowers, a protest symbol in Taiwan. Upon learning this, the Chinese government revoked her visa only days before she was set to appear at the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai. She wasn't alone, as four models were also denied entry into the country. 

Akon ticked off the country of Sri Lanka for dancing in front of a Buddha statue

R&B singer Akon was denied a visa by the Sri Lankan government after violent protests broke out in the capital in 2010. The reason? The singer was featured dancing in front of a Buddha statue in the video for David Guetta's "Sexy Chick." It wasn't even his music video, although he was the featured vocalist on the song. Although the statue is barely visible in the video, that didn't stop people from violently storming a Sri Lankan television station to demand the artist be banned from the country. Four people were injured during the protests, and Akon released a sober apology for the whole ordeal. He has not yet attempted to return.

Snoop Dogg was temporarily banned from Norway and the UK

Snoop Dogg has often been found in possession of copious amounts of marijuana. This may be unsurprising to most, but it was certainly not amusing to the staff of Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik, Norway, who stopped the rapper from bringing eight grams of weed into the country. He received a two-year ban from the country, although that was only after he left the airport and performed at a festival in the country. This wasn't the first time Snoop Dogg had been banned from a country due to airport shenanigans. The rapper was involved in an airport fight in the UK and was subsequently banned from the country for years. He was refused visas to enter the country from 2006 to 2008, and we also refused a travel visa to Australia after failing a "character test."

Alec Baldwin was officially designated as an 'undesirable alien' in The Philippines

Alec Baldwin has insulted quite a few people over the course of his career, but he definitely crossed a line when made light of sex trafficking in the Philippines by joking that he'd like to purchase a Filipino mail-order bride. This sparked outrage in the nation, including members of the country's senate. The actor was banned from the country in 2009 with an official statement declaring "Baldwin is forbidden from entering the country as he is deemed an undesirable alien."

Russia and China want nothing to do with Selena Gomez and her progressive views

Selena Gomez is a vocal activist for many issues, including LGBTQ rights. That particular issue was cited as the reason she was denied a visa to Russia in 2013, a country that is notorious for it's anti-gay laws. Gomez canceled her entire Eastern European tour as a response to the Russia's decision, and that's not the only tour she's canceled. She also came into conflict with the Chinese government in 2016 over a photo she took with the Dalai Lama in 2014. She ended up canceling the tour, and rumors circulated that China banned her from performing.

Justin Bieber was rejected by China for 'bad behavior'

"Justin Bieber is a gifted singer, but he is also a controversial young foreign singer." That's what the Chinese government had to say in response to questions of why the Canadian pop star was not including Chinese venues in his 2017 Asian tour. Beijing's Culture Bureau revealed that they had banned Bieber due to his history of "bad behaviour." While he did perform in Hong Kong, the rest of China is still off limits for the Beebs. 

Mike Tyson was refused entry to New Zealand for assault

Mike Tyson is an extremely controversial figure, and not just for biting off the occasional ear. He's known to have an explosive temper, but the former boxer also spent three years in prison after being convicted of rape in 1992. He was scheduled to arrive in New Zealand for a speaking tour in 2012, but officials made a decision to keep Tyson out of the country due to the perceived risks. The move inspired the Australian government to rethink their decision of allowing Tyson to continue his tour in the country. 

Beyonce Knowles isn't technically banned from Malaysia, but her aesthetic is

Queen Bey canceled a tour in Malaysia in 2007 after public clamor regarding her provacative dance moves, and again in 2009 after being informed her skimpy tour costumes would have to be replaced with shoulder-to-knee coverage with absolutely no cleavage. The Muslim-majority country called Beyoncé's aesthetic "immoral." The government had, in past years, banned its own Muslim citizens from attending acts like hip-hop phenomenon Black Eyed Peas, notably since musical acts are often sponsored in part by liquor brands. Her official position was also that there was unrest and protests in the area at the time, and that it would been a safety risk to perform.