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Britain's youngest entrepreneur has launched a garden and maintenance business aged SIX - and vowed to become a millionaire

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brave Alfie Bradley has battled a severe speech disorder to set up his own firm Alfred's Cutting Services during lockdown. He already has a string of regular clients and is re-investing all profits into growing the business. The socially conscious go-getter - who charges £10 a job - even offers a discount to NHS staff who employ his services.

A "miracle" newborn has beaten incredible odds to survive after both her lungs collapsed - because she was CRYING TOO HARD

***EXCLUSIVE*** Robyn Theaker was born five weeks premature on March 17 weighing just over 5lbs days before the nationwide coronavirus lockdown came into effect. However, the newborn's condition took a drastic downturn just hours later when x-rays revealed a small hole in both her lungs, according to distraught mum Kylie, 32. Kylie said doctors explained because Robyn was born early her lungs weren’t flexible, so her crying and screaming allowed too much air to get inside too fast. This resulted in both of her organs collapsing and a desperate fight for survival. Robyn and Kylie, who are from York, North Yorks., spent 11 agonising days in intensive care, where it was "touch and go" whether the little one would survive.

Adorable puppy has condition that causes him to wobble when he walks

***EXCLUSIVE*** The poor little pup has a condition known as Cerebellar Hypoplasia which effects the part of his brain that controls motor skills. Fortunately the happy little guy has never let his condition hold him back and can be seen running, playing and generally living his best life, all with his signature wobble. Owner Sadie Reid even has a special wheelchair to help Chip walk however his first attempt at using it didn‚Äôt quite go to plan as an adorable picture shows him flopping on his side with the wheelchair in toe. Biologist Sadie who lives with Chip in Maryland, USA said: „Chip is a 10 week old mixed breed. A DNA test showed he’s a surprising mix of Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Boxer, Collie, and St. Bernard. I fostered Chip’s entire litter from a hoarding situation in West Virginia.”

This incredible set of images shows an excited adolescent Cheetah swinging itself around the horns of an impala leading to a perfectly timed snap

***EXCLUSIVE*** The images show a well known female Cheetah known as Amani and her adolescent offspring tucking into their breakfast - an unlucky Impala. While enjoying the meal one of the excited Cheetahs begins to fling itself around the horns of the impala which results in a few humours frames where the cheetah appears to become a ‘cheetah skewer’ on the end of the horns. The once in a lifetime pictures were captured by Bella Londres who was on Safari in the Masai Mara, Kenya.

The world's largest collection of law enforcement badges is set to go up for auction - featuring over 10,000 pieces of police, fire service, and Sheriff insignia

***EXCLUSIVE*** The impressive haul includes sew-on police and fire service badges from both the UK and USA, helmet crests, and almost 200 metal pin badges representing police and Sheriffs from all over the USA. The largest selection is from the USA, covering all the major states including town and settlement police departments, NYPD 9/11 commemoratives, and even a tribal police collection.

Newly discovered 'sticky-back' portraits taken in Edwardian photobooth more than 100 years ago show working class people

***EXCLUSIVE*** This unique collection was purchased by Jon Symons, 54, who spotted them on eBay around five years ago.  They show the working class people in Penzance, Cornwall, around the time of the First World War.  Jon believes they give an 'emotional glimpse into the past', portraying the faces of everyday people of the time, struggling to get by on the low incomes typical of the area.

Three wild harvest mice climb a wheat stalk

***EXCLUSIVE***This is the adorable moment three wild harvest mice were snapped sharing a stalk of wheat - showing just how tiny they are. The cute picture is just one of a set captured by photographer Andy Davey, 54, showing the rodents in situ. His collection shows the animals feeding on stalks - which usually happens around dusk or dawn.