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Winners of ‘Water’ photo competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** An international photography competition focused on the theme of water has revealed its finalists. Striking images captured a mother whale as she slept alongside her baby, desperate people clambering onto submerged buses during a monsoon in Mumbai and a pair of bears that appeared to look blended into one as they sipped water in the Alaskan wilderness. The photos are finalists of the Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA), which is one of the most financially lucrative photography competitions worldwide. It aims to put Dubai, United Arab Emirates on the map for artistic and cultural excellence. Water was selected due to its universal appeal, after previous themes were on more photojournalistic subjects.

Woman has spoken of her „nightmare” after she was misdiagnosed with panic attacks - which were actually a brain tumour she had for over 20 YEARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Courageous Catherine Wilcockson, 37, was given the devastating news the panic attacks she’d been suffering on a daily basis were actually seizures caused by a tumour. The mum says she suffered her first severe panic attack in December 2018 - when she experienced second-long blackouts or absences, felt tired and panicked at her daughter‚Äôs nativity play. She saw her GP shortly after and was told she may be suffering with derealisation - a mental disorder that creates a sense of disconnection from the world - and was prescribed antidepressants.

Home quarantine photo contest

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: The winning entries from the Home Quarantine Photo Contest showcase some of the USA’s most creative families during lockdown. In Mike Ukstins? humorous work-from-home-themed photograph, Mike can be seen sat with his laptop whilst his children ride on skateboards, engage in lightsaber battles, and eat endless streams of chocolate around him. Dana Gonzalez’s entry celebrates her cancelled graduation ceremony as she is stood at the window in her mortarboard foregrounded by celebratory balloons left outside by her family. The Home Quarantine Photo Contest was set up by ISoldMyHouse.com as a way to bring some light and levity to households across the US amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The contest received over 400 entries as entrants sought to capture their lockdown experiences in a singular image. Mike Ukstins from Beverly, Massachusetts, was named the winner of the contest for a photograph which captures a concept many people are now all too familiar with - working from home. Sitting at his laptop, Mike is surrounded by chaos created by his children. Maribel Jimenez from Longmont, Colorado, took away the title of runner up. Her photograph, „Quarantine Birthday”, features Maribel holding a sign stating, „Quarantined on my 93rd birthday. No one is invited”. A particular stand-out entry is Dana Gonzalez’s „Graduation in the Window”. Dana is from Bakersfield, California, and was due to graduate this summer but like so many other events, the graduation ceremony was cancelled. Instead, Dana celebrated from home wearing her cap and gown with a matching face mask.

Magical underwater world illuminated by the sun's rays

***EXCLUSIVE*** MEXICO: Stunning pictures taken by a British cave adventurer reveal a magical world illuminated by the sun's rays. Beautiful pictures have captured solitary figures swimming amongst the deep abyss as rays of light from the sun casted a spotlight over them. The scenic pictures were taken by underwater photographer, Tom St George (49) from London, UK. He has shot images of a selection of caverns in the Riviera Maya, Mexico using an Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera and lenses.

Work is set to start on a project to restore a stunning 'secret garden' that was found after being hidden for decades

***EXCLUSIVE*** The stunning Italian Garden at Great Ambrook has been awarded a £48,900 grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund. This will enable restoration work to begin at the site which has been labelled the 'Lost Gardens of Devon.' The cash boost will help fund a two-year project to carry out essential conservation works and launch a programme of community engagement at the site near Ipplepen.

History of black Brits brought to life in artist’s stunning collection of images from last 100 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** The overlooked history of Black Britons has been brought to life in a series of colourised images depicting the highs and lows from the last one-hundred years. Eye-opening images show commonwealth citizens at various stages of their journey to a new life in Britain, aboard HMT Windrush, arriving at Customs Hall in Southampton and waiting in London’s iconic Victoria station. Other images show influential and successful Black Britons and commonwealth citizens, such as footballer and WW1-hero, Walter Tull, Francis Gqobo of the famous African Choir and Paul Stephenson, an Essex-born social worker who would go on to lead the successful Bristol Bus Boycott and eventually receive an OBE in 2009. The images were professionally colourised by Tom Marshall, 32, from Melton Mowbray, England, in response to the recent anti-racism protests in the US and all over the world. When the ex-troopship „Empire Windrush” docked in Southampton on June 22, 1948, it carried 482 people from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and other former colonies. The journey had cost each of them the equivalent of over Ł1000 in today’s money. These commonwealth citizens were the first of almost 600,000 who would travel to Britain over the next few decades to start new lives and help rebuild the country after the devastating effects of World War 2. In 2019, following a series of high-profile reports that members of the "Windrush Generation" who had been granted indefinite leave in Britain had in fact been wrongly deported, a Home Office inquiry into the matter prompted an apology from Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Missing your local during lockdown? You can hire an inflatable pub for your garden

Missing your local pub during lockdown? You can now hire an inflatable one for your garden. Irish firm Inflatable.Pub is hiring out inflatable pubs for anyone missing their regular trips for a pint. The pubs come in a selection of designs to suit the discerning barfly and can even be shipped worldwide. With additional options including tables, chairs, flooring, lighting and heating, in a matter of minutes you could be well on your way to recreating the long-lost pub experience. All you need to do is make sure you are fully stocked on beers, ciders and stouts. The pubs cost start from £1500 to the more pricey £4200 which holds up to 65 people.

Covid-19 survivor celebrates 100th birthday

June 16, 2020, Jackson, GA, USA: COVID-19 survivor Irma Gooden is showered with love, confetti and silly string by family, friends and staff as director of activities Brock Staples wheels her outside to celebrate her 100th birthday at Westbury Medical Care & Rehabilitation on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, in Jackson, Ga. Gooden is one of 84 residents at Westbury Medical Care and Rehab who tested positive for COVID-19 and has since recovered.

Grade I-listed manor house that was once home to polyamorous politician Sir William Cowper who had children with his wife and mistress is for sale for £2.2m

***EXCLUSIVE*** CANTERBURY, UK: This grade I listed manor was once home to the polyamorous politician Sir William Cowper who united Scotland and England - and it could be yours for Ł2.2m.Sir William Cowper was appointed Lord Keeper of the Great Seal and conducted the negotiations between the English and Scottish to unite England with Scotland.Ratling Court, located in Canterbury in Kent, UK, was the home of Cowper’s father who was also a member of parliament. It is alleged that William Cowper was polyamorous as he bore children to his wife and mistress who both knew of the other woman.The manor house comprises five bedrooms, two bathrooms, an entrance hall, drawing room, sitting room, snug, study, dining room, kitchen, cellar and pantry.The estate also features a donkey wheel house which is currently used as an entertainment space as well as stables, an oast house and a Kentish barn.The 14th century property, originally in possession of the de Ratling family, had additions in the 15th and 17th centuries. During the Cowper family’s time at the house, a king post roof was added to the old hall which is one of very few in existence in Kent.There is potential for the oast house above the garage to be turned into an annexe. The thatched-roof donkey wheel house was built to provide water for the manor house but has been used as an outdoor entertainment area by recent owners. With grounds that add up to nearly five acres, Ratling Court is currently on the market with Strutt and Parker for Ł2.2m.

Woman transforms garden into trendy chill out space for just £100 using bargains from Homebase

***EXCLUSIVE*** WORCESTERSHIRE, UK; This woman's patio is unrecognisable after a makeover using just a stencil and some paint - and it only cost £250. Receptionist and blogger, Ruth Cornford (25) from Worcestershire, UK, had been looking to transform her problematic garden for quite some time. Plagued with issues, the garden of her two-bedroom, semi-detached cottage was uneven and dominated by cracked and misshapen concrete slabs. Replacing the slabs could’ve cost Ruth over £1,000. Instead, she transformed the garden on a shoestring budget of £250 - using stencils and paint to give the patio the revamp it so desperately needed. Ruth’s purchases included masonry paint (£42), a reusable stencil (£38), and various plants (£20). Ruth also purchased an artificial lawn (£99) along with some pins to secure it (£20). She was able to use a pre-existing décor although Ruth did purchase some disco balls (£20) to complete the look.

Rare Titanic advertising poster for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare advertising poster for the Titanic that remains in remarkable condition 109 years after it was printed is tipped to sell for £30,000. The lithographic print promoted Transatlantic trips on the most luxurious ship in the world that could be booked through Thomas Cook. But after the disaster a year later the liner's owners, White Star Line, ordered all of the posters being destroyed. A few survived being pulped and now one of those is being sold at Henry Aldridge and Son of Devizes, Wilts.

Unique green glow spotted at Mars

ESA’s ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter has detected glowing green oxygen in Mars’ atmosphere - the first time that this emission has been seen around a planet other than Earth. On Earth, glowing oxygen is produced during polar auroras when energetic electrons from interplanetary space hit the upper atmosphere. This oxygen-driven emission of light gives polar auroras their beautiful and characteristic green hue. The aurora, however, is just one way in which planetary atmospheres light up. The atmospheres of planets including Earth and Mars glow constantly during both day and night as sunlight interacts with atoms and molecules within the atmosphere. Day and night glow are caused by slightly different mechanisms: night glow occurs as broken-apart molecules recombine, whereas day glow arises when the Sun’s light directly excites atoms and molecules such as nitrogen and oxygen. On Earth, green night glow is quite faint, and so is best seen by looking from an „edge on” perspective - as portrayed in many spectacular images taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). This faintness can be an issue when hunting for it around other planets, as their bright surfaces can drown it out. This green glow has now been detected for the first time at Mars by the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter.

Swarovski Snoopy figure for $798 dollars

***EXCLUSIVE*** Medicom Toy and LIGHTS STYLE have teamed up for a set of Swarovski-coated Snoopy figures. Besides a vintage-style Linus BE@RBRICK unveiled last month, this collaboration with LIGHTS STYLE is yet another bold addition to the Japanese toymaker's lineup of PEANUTS nostalgia &x2014; three versions of Snoopy that pay tribute to the classic series. Price: 798 Dollars.

LEGO Mickey and Minnie Mouse buildable characters announced for $200 dollars

***EXCLUSIVE*** LEGO will soon be releasing a new collectible set celebrating two Disney icons in Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. The large-scale buildable characters are for the ultimate Disney fan, allowing for the recreation of memorable moments. Price: 199.99 Dollars.