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Dancing all over the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** COLORADO, USA: This couple have filmed themselves dancing the Shag in famous and unusual places all across America - from the Golden Gate Bridge to an abandoned school. The quirky video shows Kendall and Ronnie Roderick dancing the famous 20th century swing dance in unusual places including in a supermarket whilst shopping. Impressive photos show the couple dancing in the snow with Kendall wearing nothing but an off-the-shoulder green dress and a silhouette of them dancing in front of the twilight sky. Graphic designer, Kendall Roderick (30) from Colorado, USA, began her fascination with dancing in 2005. But it wasn’t until September 2016 that she discovered her speciality, which is the 1930s Collegiate Shag, a partner dance done primarily to uptempo swing and pre-swing jazz music which can go at the speeds of 250 to 300 beats per minute (BPM). However, she struggled to find a partner to dance with, so her husband, Ronnie (33), agreed to learn the dance with her. On top of being taught by Kendall, Ronnie took some private lessons to perfect the art. Over time, they have been taking their skills to various American states to encourage other dancers to take up the Collegiate Shag and have since visited towns from the 1800s and theme parks from the 1920s. With 47,000 followers on Instagram, Kendall and Ronnie are trying to bring the dance forward 90 years - and it’s working.

Woman paralysed after her mum fell asleep at the wheel becomes a catwalk model

***EXCLUSIVE*** WHANGAREI, NEW ZEALAND: Woman paralysed after her mum FELL ASLEEP at the WHEEL becomes a CATWALK MODEL - after her own doctor told her to consider ASSISTED SUICIDE. In November 1995, model and PhD student, Claire Freeman (41) from Whangarei, New Zealand, was in the car being driven by her mum, Barbara (70), with her sister, Beth (43) who was next to her mum in the front of the car on a two-hour drive to Auckland. The long journey caused her mum to fall asleep whilst driving causing the car to veer off the road and roll down a cliff crashing it on impact. Claire sustained a severe spinal cord injury at C5/6 level. She was flown to Auckland Base Hospital by helicopter, where she was placed in an induced coma for two weeks. She spent a year in and out of hospital and was given less than a 10 per cent chance of surviving. Despite doctors’ doubts, she made it through the three surgeries. She had an operation to stabilise her neck, a 14-hour surgery where a screw was placed into her spinal cord that caused further damage that caused paralysis in her wrist and triceps. She was declared quadriplegic (also known as tetraplegic), meaning she was paralysed from the neck down and has been using a wheelchair ever since. Growing up with a physical disability and using a wheelchair made Claire’s life difficult and she felt like a „freak”. In 2010, there was an earthquake where she was studying in Christchurch and again in 2011 which triggered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from remembering the accident. The trauma she felt caused her to attempt suicide four times within a five-year period, each time she fell into a coma. For 15 years she developed depression and she felt disconnected from the outside world, so she decided to create a page on Instagram, where she could talk to people. In February 2018, she was approached by an Italian modelling agency called lulia Barton, which set off her career and has since been on the catwalk in Milan for fashion week. She says that her mum has been her biggest supporter throughout her journey, despite being the one who was driving the car at the time of the accident and has been her rock through it all.

MEDICAL MIRACLE: British boy ‘beats incurable leukaemia’ with pioneering treatment in Singapore

***EXCLUSIVE*** A six-year-old boy who won the nation’s heart in his battle against leukaemia is coming home - six months after being declared cancer free. Oscar Saxelby-Lee was diagnosed with an aggressive blood cancer in December 2018 after his parents noticed unusual bruising on his legs. Doctors gave him months to find a stem cell match to save his life which led to parents Olivia Saxelby, 25, and Jamie Lee, 28, launching a UK-wide appeal for donors. Last March a record-breaking 4,855 volunteers queued in the freezing rain after Oscar’s Pitmaston Primary School in Worcester opened as a testing centre. In total more than 10,000 people were tested across the UK until a match was finally found. But months later, his family, of St Johns, Worcester, faced further anguish when the cancer returned. But after a crowdfunding campaign raised £600,000, his family flew him to Singapore for pioneering treatment not available on the NHS. Oscar became only the second child in the world to undergo CAR-T therapy before having a second bone marrow transplant using stem cells from dad Jamie.

Ever growing tumour

***EXCLUSIVE*** KANSAS, USA: When this boy was born with a condition that left his face covered in tumours that would NEVER stop growing, doctors warned he wouldn't see his first birthday - but ten years later he is proving them all wrong. In 2009, assistant, Jane Fergus (47) and her husband, Fred (50) from Kansas, USA, were excited to find out they were expecting a baby boy. Throughout her pregnancy, Jane had no idea that there was anything medically wrong with their son. So, they were shocked when shortly after her normal birth in August 2009, their new-born son, Frankie (10), was rushed to the intensive care unit (ICU) due to abnormal breathing. He spent six days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) before he was sent home. Despite expressing her concerns over his health to multiple physicians, Jane was told that his breathing was normal. During an eye test with an ophthalmologist, Frankie was diagnosed with glaucoma and he needed several surgeries to treat it. When he was one month old, after a routine eye surgery, his oxygen levels did not return to normal. He was rushed back to be re-intubated until his breathing could be stabilised. A few months later in December 2009, he was referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist, where the couple heard about neurofibromatosis for the first time. A short while later, he would be diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), a genetic condition that causes tumours to grow along the nerves. Doctors feared that he would never be able to talk or walk due to his condition and may not live to the age of one. The news devastated Jane and Fred but they were determined to give Frankie the best care they could to prolong his life.

Boston Dynamics' robot dog is now on sale for $74,500

***EXCLUSIVE*** American engineering and robotics design company, Boston Dynamics, is now selling its viral four-legged robot Spot. Following years of development, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology spinoff has made its machine to any US firm for 74 500 Dollars. Considered the most advanced mobile robot in the world, the Spot Explorer model, now available for limited sale.

Luxury island retreat

***EXCLUSIVE*** This luxury private island off the coast of Ibiza comes with a butler and private chef - and YOU could stay there for Ł1,500 a night. T Island, situated off the coast of the party island, Ibiza, is a luxury private island that comes fully staffed with 10 members of staff including a butler, maid and a private chef service. The immaculately designed villa has five double bedrooms each of which boast stunning coastal views, private access to the terrace and a private bathroom. Outside of the villa are deckchairs and Balinese beds which guests can soak up the sun on next to the huge 17m x 8m pool. There is a jacuzzi on the terrace which guarantees spectacular views. A jet ski is also provided for guests staying at T Island to explore the waters surrounding the private island. A 10-minute speedboat ride will take you directly to the infamous Ibiza island but if you don’t fancy travelling by water, Ibiza is only a 30-minute drive away. T Island is advertised by HostUnusual, a company dedicated to finding the world’s most extraordinary accommodation. One night at the luxury retreat is Ł15,615, or Ł1,561.50 a night if split between the maximum 10 people.

Slave factory houses

***EXCLUSIVE*** GEORGIA, USA: Eerie pictures of the slave plantation that Fanny Kemble lived in and inspired the British actress to write the book that led to Britain opposing slavery have been revealed. Amazing photos captured spooky plantation originally owned by a US founding father and former slave owner, which now features creepy corridors and a tired porch. One desolate photo shows the fertility of the overgrown gardens, which hint at the darker origins of the site of as a productive rice field worked on by over 500 slaves. Taken on the site of the Butler Island Plantation, just south of Darien, USA, the images are courtesy of the urbex photographer Leland Kent (35), from Florida, USA, who snaps under the moniker Abandoned Southeast. Slave owner and founding father Major Pierce Butler first owned the Georgia plantation in 1790. His grandson, who later owned the property, Captain Pierce Butler, wed famous British stage actress and beauty Fanny Kemble in 1838.

Behind the mask

***EXCLUSIVE*** ABERGAVENNY, WALES: Emotional photographs have been revealed in a new book offering a raw glimpse into the lives of the NHS workers tackling COVID-19 on the frontline. One heart-warming photograph captured the moment a man was released from the intensive care unit as nurses lined the hallway to clap and celebrate his recovery. In another poignant image, a medical professional is seen holding the hand of a COVID-19 patient as she offered reassurance through eye contact due to the restraints of her personal protective equipment. Operating department practitioner, Glenn Dene, took the images featured in „Behind the Mask” at Nevill Hall district general hospital in the quiet market town of Abergavenny, Wales. ITU consultant, Dr Ami Jones MBE, provided accompanying words. The book celebrates the remarkable work of the hospital’s staff within their eight-bed intensive care unit. In addition to testimonies from the staff themselves, the book also features contributions from Welsh international rugby player, Dr. Jamie Roberts, and actor, Michael Sheen. The coronavirus was decreed to be a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on March 11, 2020, evidencing that the disease had spread worldwide. To date, there have been 7,820,000 confirmed cases of the disease and 432,000 deaths worldwide. Within the UK, there have been over 297,000 cases and over 41,000 deaths confirmed meaning that the UK has one of the highest death tolls in the world - second only to the USA and Brazil. Photographs by Glenn Dene from 'Behind the Mask' published by Graffeg (c) copyright 2020.

Backflip cheetah

***EXCLUSIVE*** MASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, KENYA: FLIP YOU FOR IT: Photographer captures a boisterous young cheetah performing a backflip as it chowed down on this poor impala's head, whilst his friends were left with the tail. One image captured the moment a three-foot-tall adolescent cheetah launched itself upside-down using an impala’s antlers, leading many to believe that the cub had been impaled. In another photograph, the same cheetah was caught twisting its body around an antler as it began to join the others in tucking into its meal. Photographer, Lucy Johnson (39) from London, UK, was in the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, when she came across this acrobatic display. Just 16-yards away, four cheetahs tucked in to their latest catch - the youngest of which was so excited that he did so upside down. As the world’s fastest land animal, cheetahs can run up to speeds of 71 miles-per-hour. Cheetahs stalk their prey using the cover of the Masai Mara’s vegetation - only giving chase when they feel confident enough. Despite their hunting prowess, cheetahs are also the prey of other predators. When a female cheetah is raising her cubs and teaching them to hunt, she will move every few days to keep away from lions and hyenas. Cheetahs do not scavenge so they need to hunt frequently.

Incredible images taken by photographers in lockdown show UK’s thriving countryside and wildlife

***EXCLUSIVE*** UK: BEST OF BRITAIN: Winning entries of the Life in Lockdown photography competition showcase the UK’s stunning countryside and wildlife. Katie Waddington’s winning image, „The Rise of the Red-Headed Cardinal Beetle”, captured a beetle perched atop a flower-bud in the countryside surrounding Katie?s home in Winchester. Another stand-out image taken by Ben Brearley is titled „Power and Peace”, and featured the silhouette of a stag as the sun?s early-morning rays broke through the dark cloud cover on the Isle of Skye. The Life in Lockdown competition was established by Explorers Against Extinction - a UK-based conservation charity. Entrants were tasked with capturing images that featured the „natural world” including local wildlife and wild spaces - all within the parameters of lockdown. Katie Waddington’s winning entry, „The Rise of the Red-Headed Cardinal Beetle”, was captured by Katie whilst on her daily walk in lockdown. The photograph won the competition with 10-percent of the public vote. Second place was awarded to Sam Pestell for his photo, „Bird’s Eye”, in which he captured a portrait of a Kestrel in his back garden in Norfolk. Carrie-Anne Goodchild took away third prize for her image, „Watching the Kids Fly the Nest”. Ben Brearley’s „Power and Peace”, features the silhouette of a stag and is a stand-out entry. The image was taken at Loch Tulla on the beautiful Isle of Skye in Scotland.Jason Parnell’s photo, „Discovering Home”, captures a sentiment many people across the country have recently experienced. The image was taken only a short drive away from Jason’s home in Somerset yet he had never stumbled across this picturesque lane.